Prologue Part 2

J.J. McAllen's POV-

Age 7

It's been 7 years since the others and I were born on Remnant, and I finally got to meet my own mother, Catherine, and get to see my dad again, James. They know I'm their son from the past life, and while they were saddened by my death in the wasteland, they were now happy to have me again, and this time, in a much safer world. Well, safe as in a better living environment. As of right now, my parents are holding onto my Pipboy until I've become of age where I can actually use it and the gear I have stored in it.

Both my mother and father are Scientists and Doctors, but my mother is also a fully fledged Huntress as well. Both of them actually re-invented the medical advances from our Earth, like Stimpaks, Med-X, and such. The only thing they didn't recreate was RadAway and Rad-X, since there's no Radiation on Remnant, which is good. My parents' inventions of Advance Medical Science is a large boost for Remnant, saving more lives than ever.

My family is living on Patch Island, a place unlike any other, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's off the coast of the Kingdom of Vale, which resides on the continent of Sanus. I was also born with Silver Eyes, and the reason why that's big news for me is because the Original Maidens told us four Americans that Silver Eyed Warriors are immensely powerful, especially against the Creatures of Grimm. My mother also have them, and two other individuals that are actually our neighbors.

Arthur and his parents are also are neighbors as well and we became instant friends, for obvious reasons. We also have two other friends who are sisters. Though only half-sisters, they still are sisters, and their names are Yang Xiao Long and Ruby Rose. Yang was the same age as us but Ruby was two years younger.

Yang became close friends with Arthur while Ruby became close friends to me. It's also worth noting that Ruby and his mother, Summer Rose, have Silver Eyes as well. Yang also seemed to be an equivalent to Goldilocks and Ruby as Little Red Riding Hood, which was interesting.

"Jonny! Arthur!" two voices spoke out. Speak of the devils.

We both turned to see Yang and Ruby. Yang wore her hair in twin pigtails, wearing a yellow t-shirt, tan cargo shorts, and brown shoes. Ruby had short brunette hair with red fading tips, and was wearing a white t-shirt under a sleeveless red zip-up hoodie, a black skirt, a small red cape, and black shoes.

Arthur was the one who spoke up, "Hey Yang! Hey Ruby! How are you two doing?"

Yang answered, "We're great Arthur! Thank you for asking! We were wondering if you two would like hang out with us?"

I responded, "Sure, why not? I think our parents wouldn't mind."

Ruby ran over and hugged me, cheering, "YAY!"

Yang then asked, "Wanna play hide 'n' seek?"

I turned towards Arthur and asked, "Well?"

Arthur just shrugs and replied, "Yeah, sure."

Yang and Ruby grinned, with the latter said, "Alright! Jonny, you start the countdown as we hide, alright?"

I nodded, "Sure!"

I then started counting down from 20 as the three of them hide. You know, getting to be a kid again is… great. I mean, I get to have a childhood with both my mother and father and it's not in an underground bunker in a wasteland. Better than my last childhood by far. True, I may miss my old friend, Amata, and the fact that being a kid also has its cons and all, but I now am able to have more friends and out in a world of green. Even Arthur agrees with me. I wonder how is Joseph and Connor? I hope they are well.

"...5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Ready or not, here I come!" I ended, now beginning to look for them.

As I was looking for them, I heard something rustling in a nearby bush. Of course, I'm still cautious. It could be a Grimm for all I know, waiting to pounce on me and tear me to pieces. I guess those instincts from the wasteland will never leave. I cautiously walked up to the bush, and with I looked, there it was Yang with her back turned towards me, not knowing I was there.

I internally sighed in relief. 'Thank God' I thought.

"Found you, Yang!" I said, startling her.

"Ah!" she looked towards at me, then calmed down and smiled, "Ya got me."

Then I continued my search for the other two with Yang following. Then we heard Arthur's chuckling, and we looked to see Arthur up in a tree.

"Looks like we found you, Arthur!" Yang said.

"I guess you did!" Arthur replied as he climbed down.

Then I stated, "Guess now all we have to do is to fin-"

I was cut off with a roar and a girl screaming. My heart skipped a beat, and I quickly stated, "Arthur, Yang find any of our parents, quickly!"

Arthur nodded while Yang was scared. Probably for her little sister. Arthur quickly pulled Yang with him as they ran and quickly left, and I started to run towards the source.

'Hang on, Ruby! I'm coming!' I thought.

Ruby's POV-

'Oh no! No, no, no, no, no!' I thought as I ran with a Beowolf chased me through the forest. I then became cornered with no way out. The Beowolf started to creep forward, but stopped as another figure popped in front of me. It was Jonny!

"Hey, back off!" Jonny yelled, making the Beowolf growled.

Then I noticed something. Jonny was now encase in a light blue aura…

My eyes widened as I just figured out what it was. Aura… HIS Aura! Jonny unlocked his Aura! It feels so powerful, too!

Then as the Beowolf was ready to pounce, a large figure made of light blue formed, and into some sort of large lizard creature, standing in the way of the Beowolf.

My eyes widened even more. He also unlocked his Semblance! This is so cool!

J.J. McAllen's POV-

Oh my Golly Holly! I just unlocked not just my Aura, but my Semblance as well! And I can summon allies now!

Before Ruby and I was an Alpha Deathclaw, and it looks like it's getting ready to fight the Beowolf! Though before the fight started, the rest of the Beowolf's pack showed up, including the Alpha Beowolf. The Alpha Deathclaw looked around, staring at all of the hostile pack. Then with roar, the Alpha Deathclaw charged in. The Alpha Beowolf stood there as the rest of the pack charged in, only for them to be shredded up by the Deathclaw's razor-sharp claws.

After the Alpha Deathclaw finished off the Beowolf pack, it turns its attention towards the Alpha Beowolf and they both began to circle each other. Then all of a sudden…



Both Ruby and I turned towards to see both our mothers as they ran to us.

My mother came to me as Mrs. Rose came to Ruby, and asked, "Are you alright?!"

I nodded, "Yes, Mom. I'm alright. In fact…"

I then pointed out the field of decaying Grimm corpses and noticed the Alpha Deathclaw circling the Alpha Beowolf. Mrs. Rose also took noticed of the scene.

Mrs. Rose asked, "What is that thing? And why is it glowing light blue?"

My mother answered, "That creature is called an Alpha Deathclaw, and it's seems to be part of my son's newly aquired Semblance."

Mrs. Rose turned towards me to see my Aura still flaring up in the same color as the Deathclaw.

Then we all began to watch as the Alphas began their attack.

The Alpha Beowolf charged first as with the Alpha Deathclaw following suit. They clashing, slashing, ripping, and tearing each other apart. But it was a short fight, as the A. Deathclaw flung a pound of dirt with its claws, paralyzing the A. Beowolf, and the A. Deathclaw took the chance and upper-cutting it, impaling it. Then the A. Deathclaw used its other claw and impaled it through the A. Beowolf, then it ripped it in half, killing it. With a final victory roar, it faded away to non-existence as my Aura began to calm itself.

Then I see Ruby running towards me, smiling, and tackled me with a hug.

"Thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" Ruby shouted.

I hugged back, replying, "I'm just glad you're okay, Ruby."

I looked over to see both our mothers smiling with joy in their eyes, and with that, we all went to the Rose/Xiao Long Residence.

As we were walking there, my mother asked me, "So, what will you name your Semblance, son?"

I thought for a moment, then answered, "Spiritual Companion."

Arthur Morgan's POV-

Age 7

It's been a month and a half since that damn incident with poor Ruby almost being lunch for a Beowolf. It was thanks to my buddy, Jonathan, who prevented that, by unlocking both his Aura and Semblance. Lucky bastard.

There was an accident that involve Mrs. Rose almost dying while on mission, but luckily Mrs. McAllen was there to help her. If anything, that was luck, right there. As of right now, Mrs. Rose was in the hospital in the Kingdom of Vale, waiting to get better so she can be released.

Though right now, I'm questioning my decisions right now, as Yang stubbornly tried to look for her real mother. We even have Ruby napping in a red pull wagon. Ever since Yang found out that her father mentioned he didn't want to lose another wife, she would ask anyone, given the chance, about her. Then all of a sudden, found a photo that may potentially lead to her mother. Now we're out here, looking for her.

Unfortunately, Jonathan and his parents are also out in town as of this moment. Which means I have to keep an eye on them. But one problem...

The thing is that we are still children, and I tried to tell Yang it was too dangerous, but she's stubborn as I am. We were walking through the forest until we came across a ruined shack. It was dark inside… until we started to see pairs of red glowing eyes…

'That ain't good…' I thought to myself

And then… everything slowed to a crawl. I see Yang so scared, yet too tired to even scream for help. The anger grew within me, a red aura engulfed me. I then realized that I just unlocked both my Aura and Semblance just like Jonathan did, except mine is more with rage than anything

I ended up roaring in full-on fury as started to bash away at the Beowolves left and right. After the last Beowolf fell, I stood there as for a moment to calm myself, deactivating my Semblance.

I went to see if Yang was alright and I was surprised when she hugged me.

"You were right, Arthur. This was dangerous." she spoke, sounding slightly sad.

She let go of me and continued, "I… guess I'll never find out who my real mother is…"

I began, "Yang… you don't have to give up on looking for your mother. You just have to wait until you get old enough for you to find her properly. Also, don't let it control your life, Yang. Afterall, your sister and friends will need you."

Yang smiled and hugged me again, replying, "Thanks, Arthur. You're the best."

"There you kids are."

We turned to see Yang's and Ruby's uncle, Qrow Branwen walking towards us.

"Now why are you ki-" he stopped at mid-sentence as he saw littered decaying Beowolf corpses near us.

"What happened here?" Qrow asked.

Yang was the one who answered, "Arthur unlocked his Aura and Semblance!"

Qrow looked towards me and asked, "Really? What did it do, Arthur?"

I shrugged, "Full-on rage, I guess. I also felt stronger than usual, too."

Qrow slightly chuckled, replying, "Well, that explains the carnage. Though you two know you might get grounded for being out here on your own, right?"

Yang slumped down and groaned at that, while I only sighed, stating, "I figured as much. Better be grounded than dead, though, am I right?"

Qrow chuckled again, then replied, "Right. Come on, let's get you kids home."

And so, we went back. Along the way, Qrow asked me, "So, Arthur, what are you going to call you Semblance?"

Yang also looked towards me, also wanting to know the answer.

I simply answered, "Bull's Rage, of course."

Joseph Turner's POV-

Age 8

The Kingdom of Atlas, located in the snowy continent of Solitas. It's where most of the rich folks and military individuals live. Though like most any rich folk, they're very snobbish and think themselves high and mighty. Also that they're racists here, which I really hate. Most of the time, I prefered to be living in my previous home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, or maybe Vale, but I'll just have to deal with this instead.

Apparently, my parents set up their own company, Turner Weapons Manufacturing, they called it. They helped by re-inventing most of the weapons of Earth, some like that were used in the war I fought in, but more… modernized and or futuristic, along with melee weapons, like machetes, rapiers, axes, and other sorted weapons. We also produce weapon parts and such for those who build their own weapons, like Huntsmen and Huntresses, both fully-fledged and in-training.

We're also known to treat our employees more fairly than anyone, both Human and Faunus. I was thankful that my parents remained open-minded toward the Faunus as they were being mistreated everywhere not just in Atlas, but the entire world. The only place they weren't mistreated was Menagerie, a whole island where most of it was inhabitable land given to the Faunus by the Four Kingdoms.

I was accompanying my father, Ronald Turner, to have a meeting with the newly-appointed General James Ironwood for a shipment for our newly made weapon, the Buzzsaw, which is replicated from a weapon from my world, known as the MG42. Like Earth's counterpart, the Buzzsaw fired at a fast rate but is slightly slower, lighter in weight, have a box-fed belt like the M2 Browning had. Speaking of the M2 Browning, that was our next project known as the Ma Deuce and we were perfecting it as we speak.

While also there, to my father's ire, was an ass of a man named Jacques Schnee, who leads the Schnee Dust Company. To me, he was a asshole, a racist, and someone I really don't trust. In-fact, two of his family members, who are his daughters, hate him as well.

The oldest is Winter Schnee. She wants to join Atlas Academy just to get away from her father and become a Huntress. Then there's Weiss Schnee, the youngest member of the family currently, and who's also a good friend if you can ignore the snobbish side of her. Can't really blame her for that, since her father is such an ass and her mother, Willow, is drowning her sorrows, probably for making the mistake of marrying the man, and the overall rich people attitude.

Weiss, when you get to know her, is actually nice. When I first met her and learned of her name, I had to hold in my laughter since the name, 'Weiss Schnee' was German for 'White Snow' and it reminded me about that movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, that came out in 1938. I haven't seen it since around that time, I just graduated from U.S. Military Academy at West Point and was now a fully-fledged military officer back in my previous life, but I knew about it.

I was waiting in a separate room as my father was in the meeting, then I heard someone call out…

"Oh, hello Joseph."

I looked towards the voice to see Weiss herself along with Winter. Weiss was wearing a white short-sleeve blouse, light blue skirt, long white socks, and clack leather uniform shoes while Winter was wearing white long-sleeved blouse, long black skirt, black stockings, and black mid-heeled leather ankle boots.

"Hello Weiss."

Weiss smiled as I looked towards Winter, saying, "Hello Winter."

Winter nodded and replied, "Hello Joseph. How are you this evening?"

"I'm alright, thank you for asking." I responded.

Weiss then asked, "So… why is your father here for?"

"My father is filing for a shipment of our new weapon, known as the Buzzsaw."

Winter cocked a brow and asked, "The Buzzsaw?"

I started to explain, "A light machine gun that fires multiple 7.62x51mms from a box-fed ammo belt at a rate of 1,000 to 1,300 rpm. The reason why we call it the Buzzsaw is because when firing, it sounds somewhat like an operating industrial buzzsaw we use in construction. Just one Atlas soldier can carry it on the field and can either rip through Aura, if necessary, or rip apart hordes of low tier to medium tier Grimm in seconds, no matter what armor they have. But it has to be in the range of 200 to 1,200 meters. The only thing we have to worry about when using it is if it gets overheated, but we solved that with an interchangeable barrels that can be swapped out with another in 7 seconds."

Winter seemed impressed while Weiss was somewhat shocked. She never get used to the fact that I became an expert in weaponry of all kinds, especially at my age.

Winter replied, "That's impressive. That could definitely help Atlas soldiers in the field."

I nodded, replying, "That's the point. Just new ways and new inventions on killing Grimm."

Then Winter and Weiss seemed to look at each other, nodding, and the Winter asked, "Hey, Joseph, can we ask you something?"

I cocked a brow, responding, "Yes? What is it?"

"Is there a possibility for you to help Weiss build her rapier like you did mine? She wants to follow the path of a Huntress." Winter asked.

I looked towards Weiss, her eyes practically begging me to say yes. Who am I to say no to her?

"Sure, I'll ask my father for the parts so we can began… AFTER the meeting, of course." I responded.

Weiss basically jumped for joy and hugged me while Winter smiled.

After Weiss stopped hugging, I saw my father, General Ironwood, and Jacques Schnee exited the meeting room. I then asked both of them, "Let's go talk to my father, shall we?"

They both nodded and we went to see our fathers and the good general.

Connor Kenway's POV-

Age 8

Menagerie. The home of the Faunus. The said race built it themselves when the Four Kingdoms 'kindly' gave it to us. The emphasis on 'kindly'.

Most of this large island is inhabitable by any means with only a small portion of it being habitable. I know the other three I arrived here with hated the idea of racism and discrimination, afterall, while the Maidens were describing this world, the mention that the Faunus are being highly discriminated… well, let's just say I could feel my newly acquainted friends' presence tensed up, and not in a good way. I was born a Wolf Faunus like my mother.

As of right now, my mother, Kani, and I were at the newly Belladonna Residence, a gift from the citizens of Menagerie, as the Belladonna Family have invited us for dinner, considering my mother is a good friend with Kali Belladonna when they were kids themselves. She's a Cat Faunus.

There was also Ghira Belladonna, a big brute of a man but with a kind heart, who's also the husband. As of right now, he's leading the White Fang, a group of Faunus protestors, demanding equality and freedom without violence. I respect him alot for it. Then there's Blake Belladonna, a Cat Faunus who is the daughter of both Kali and Ghira, and is the same age as me.

"Hi Connor." speaking of who…

I turned to see Blake herself coming up, book in hand, and sit next to me on the couch. She wears a grey t-shirt, black skirt, black boots, and a black bandanna around her neck.

"Hello Blake. What are you reading this time?" I asked. Blake was also known to love books.

"It's about a warrior from ancient Mistral, wielding a magic sword, going on a journey around the world, learning different styles of fighting, techniques, and such in order to slay a dreaded demon that has enslaved his home and that can only be killed by magical means." she responded.

"That's interesting. Do you mind if I borrow it when you're done?" I asked.

She smiled, nodding, "Sure."

Then my mother and Blake's mother showed up with the latter saying, "Alright kids, time to eat!"

We then went to the dining room for dinner, then we spent the rest of the evening hanging out, talking, and the such. Life, as of right now, seems normal. But who's to say it will stay that way in the future. Only time will tell.

'To be Continued…'

A/N: This took me a while, but so while the next Prologue Parts since I'm just writing from scratch as I go. That is, until I get to the beginning of Season 1. Also, things are going to change since you probably noticed that Summer Rose survived! I hope you all enjoyed this!