The Rangley Theater was packed with people for the March production of, "Promised Lands" and this was the first time the theater has ever done a play adaptation of the Australian Book. Mr. Burnett was going around in circles because he was waiting for someone. By the backstage door, Spencer let Donna in. She was holding hands with Socorro and Ella, who were in their pajamas, "I'm glad you came at the last minute, Miss. Solo" said Mr. Burnett, "The narrator was suppose to come tonight, but she had to go to a family reunion this weekend, so I need you to fill in her shoes for the night."

"I would do anything to help friends in need." smiled Donna, "Plus Benjamin gets to be in the show."

Then Mr. Burnett saw Ella and Socorro in their PJs, "Why are Ella Love and Socorro Rivera in pajamas" he asked.

"I thought I could spice things up with a little bedtime story for a little bit," Donna answered.

Onstage, Mr. Burnett nervously made his announcement, "Good evening everyone," he said, "And welcome to the premiere of Promised Lands, an LGBT fairytale. I just want you to know that one of the actors is out of town for a family reunion, so town sweetheart Donna Solo will be taking over."

"Woohoo" Shou shouted, "Go Donna"

"Shou," said Jamie, "Stay quiet."

"Sorry Mom" replied Shou.

"Anyway," Mr. Burnett said, "Enjoy the show."

Everyone applauded, "Okay girls," Donna said to the little girls, "It's time for a bedtime story."

"Storytime" shouted Socorro, "What story are you going to read?"

"Yeah, tell us," said Ella.

Donna got out the Promised Lands book.

Promised Lands by Adam Reynolds

Once upon a time in a land not far away,

Where no one cared if you were straight or you were gay.

A Prince and a farm boy both long to be free

One day they met, what happens next

Turn the pages and you'll see.


Simon Spier- Older Jack

Bram Harris- Older Prince Leo

Helen Harris- Queen Elena.

Ali DiLaurentis- Carol

Albertalli the Dog- Older Milo

Milo-Younger Milo

Norman Babcock-Young Jack

Benjamin Rook-Younger Leo.

Rory Lahela-Captain of the guard

Spencer Hastings-Lord Gideon

Nora Spier-Eve the Tree Spirit.