Mr. Burnett bit his nails in worry, because the show was getting a little out of hand.

Jack raced around as quickly as he should, then he found his mother deep within the woods. Warned about Gideon's what evil he's done since, and professed his love for prince. Carol summoned Eve with all of her magic, but she assured that nothing is tragic.

Eve told him, "If you care for the land, the land will care for you. Have no fear, help is here, and I know what to do."

During the night, with the fright. Elena gazed at the army down below, then she start Eve's light in a whimsical glow. In the distance, Eve showed the evil that she was blind too. By the lights in white and blue. She showed that she married to steal the land, and locked her brother in a dungeon that is grand. The emerald in her crown turned back into green, Elena turned back into a regular queen.

Margery and Winifred were amazed on what they see, for the queen is now spell free.

In the dungeon, brother locked behind bars. She saw her brother's eyes that shine like stars. Leo warned her about Gideon's plan, where he's going to take Eve and destroy every woman and man. With a breath as sharp as a tack, Leo professed his romantic feelings for Jack. Without hesitation they strategize a plan, to put an end to that awful man.

In the forest by the ice-cold river, Gawain and Percival were fishing with a shiver. In a glimpse they saw the army looking for Eve, then Percival got a plan that they can deceive. They grabbed a net filled with trouts and tossed them at some guards who began to pout. Gideon's army barged through the woods through a snap. But Eve's Trees and roots sent them to a trap. However, Gideon the cruel made his escape.

"I'm starting to get sleepy.," admitted Ella as she fell asleep.

"Me too." replied Socorro.

Reaching the farm, which Carol didn't want to loose, Gideon threatened her to give it, but she refused. Margery, Percival, Winifred and Gawaian arrived as the help for hire. Gideon took a torch, lift on fire.

Surviving guards didn't know what to do, so they got some water to bit the fire adieu. Leo was afraid Jack would be trapped like a mouse. So, he sprung away to the burning house.

"The suspense is killing me.," whispered Ben.

"Quiet, Dear." whispered Lea.