Shedding The Layers

Disclaimer: Mildly inspired by the Jackie/Hyde relationship from 'That 70's Show.' I've also chosen to make a new 'Possibilities' fic since I don't necessarily see my interest in 'Smallville' dying anytime soon. And this seems as good a start to it as any.

Summary: She's the Princess In Pink but not really. He's the All-American Farm Boy in Plaid but not really.

"You know, its getting really tiring with the whole 'Pink Princess' thing." Sighed Lana Lang as her boyfriend held her in his arms.

Her clothing a stark contrast with its darker colors as opposed to the brighter ones she usually had in public with her clothing. Like pink for example. "As with a lot of things between us, I can definitely relate." Replied one Clark Kent.

Who, like Lana, was wearing darker colored clothing. Both had spent years hiding who they really were and what they really felt from pretty much everyone in their lives aside from a small select few. The two even had had certain notions of the other thanks to their public images until one night in his Loft, a fairly revealing conversation had happened. Lana merely acted like the happy and perfect Princess in Mostly Pink as it was expected of her by her Aunt Nell and everyone else because of said Aunt. When in reality, she was an angry kid and later, teenager. All because of the loss of her parents at a young age and Nell's unfair expectations of her. It had been expected of her to date Whitney Fordman as well.

Only, he was quick to discover who she truly was and the two became rather good friends that just acted as if they were in a relationship. Whitney currently was off serving with the Marines and had been doing so since near the end of her's and Clark's Freshmen year of High School. And of course, with those expectations Nell and others had, it was expected for the Pink Princess and the Qaurterback turned War Hero to marry once he came back. And my was that going to be a huge surprise to everyone when that just wasn't going to happen when the time came. Especially as Lana planned to get the Hell out of Smallville once graduation came and went. Clark, like Lana, had been expected to act as normal as possible in order to blend in. All because he wasn't from Earth and had abilities because of it.

And part of blending in had meant he had to be a wallflower that didn't get involved in things much to his growing irritation over the years. Causing him to secretly rebel by doing things his parents, his dad especially, had yet to find out about. Such as telling Pete Ross about his true self early on in life and the boy acting completely surprised when the time came to 'officially' tell him after 'discovering' certain things. Lex Luthor was another Clark had chosen to rebelliously tell as he could see the bald billionaire was a kindred spirit. Something Lana had come to realize later on herself once she and Clark had had their reveal all talk in his Loft. Lex honestly hated his rich life and his father in particular for being such a bastard. And when Lucas had shown up, Lex had used the opportunity to say 'screw it' and go his own path.

One with out his father's influence and money that couldn't get him true happiness. He and Helen Bryce were also currently backpacking somewhere in South America for the fun of it. Clark wasn't a fan of the Farming life and like Lana, intended to get the Hell out of Smallville once Graduation came and went. And while he wasn't certain of what he intended to do, he knew he didn't want much to do with reporting. As while he liked doing it to a point at the school paper, it ultimately just wasn't him. The heroic save the day routine also wasn't something he wanted to do full time either. Clark didn't know what exactly he wanted aside from having Lana in his life and vice versa, but he knew what he didn't want. Luckily, Lana, Pete, and Lex supported this.

"Our final year of high school starts in a few days, Kal. I think with that being a thing, doing away with our public faces and showing who and what we really are would be a good idea." She stated while using his real name.

Something the two of them only did in private between themselves and with those who knew the truth of things. Clark, or rather, Kal, was silent for a few minutes. "Are you sure about this? It could cause one Hell of a headache."

Of course, he wasn't exactly adverse to causing a headache or two himself if need be. Lana just nodded, absolutely sure and even said as much. "Alright, you know I'm with you all the way no matter what."

Smiling, Lana turned around with his arms still around her and kissed him in a pleased matter. "This will be our year, Kal."

"Damn straight."

The two shared another kiss and when the time came for their final year of school to begin, preconceptions would be turned upside down for everyone who thought they knew the supposed Princess in Pink and the All-American Farm Boy. Forever altering many a relationship and not just at school but at home as well. And when the time for graduation came and went, the two packed what they wanted into Lana's ride and as well as a U-Haul and took off for New York to begin their futures together and no longer deal with people who couldn't let things go. Having figured New York to be as far from Smallville and Kansas as you could get and with no chance of running into anyone who was against their 'awakening' as it were.

Author's Notes: Took me awhile to finish this one but I think it came out alright.