Gone Until Now

Disclaimer: Been thinking up this one for a bit now and I had the option of either placing it around season 2 or season 4 and I decided to place it as being set sometime after Alicia's death in season 4. Clark also quickly got the Stones situation taken care of because of Alicia dying.

Summary: He's been gone for years now and no one's seen or heard from Clark Kent since then. At least until he got himself on the news anyway.

"Look alive, people, we're on live television." Declared a blue and gold clad figure eagerly with a big smile on his face as he rubbed his gloved hands in an even more eager fashion.

This man is known as Booster Gold and he and the others present with him had just finished dealing with a rather hairy invasion that managed to get on the news. On opposite sides of him were two men who looked at one another. "You want to do it, or should I?" Asked one Clark Kent to the other man.

Whom is Oliver 'Green Arrow' Queen, not that many knew who he really is under the green clad suit of course. "Hey, I did it last time, Boy Scout." He replied.

"No, that was the Black Canary who did it." Clark told him.

Clark himself was dressed in boots, black jeans, a blue t-shirt that was covered up by a red and blue leather jacket with a yellow 'S' on the chest. He was also currently sporting a goatee and his hair was slicked back and those who knew him were rather shocked by the sight of him. Especially as they hadn't seen or heard from him in years! Mostly as he had chosen to leave after the murder of Alicia Baker, his wife, with only a letter being left behind to explain why he had left. Namely that he was tired of all the responsibilities and the weight of it all that he had to live with thanks to his secrets. That Alicia's death and the hypocrisy around that had essentially been the last straw for him. Oliver looked at Clark. "No, I'm pretty sure that was me."

"No, it wasn't. Because I remember how annoyed she was the last time it happened."

"I think you've been getting a little too much Sun there, Boy Scout. 'Cause that is so not what happened."

Clark scowled at him but his attention wasn't on his friend for long thanks to the fact Jefferson 'Black Lightning' Pierce decided to slap Booster Gold on the back of his head. "Hey! What was that for!?"

"Because, Gold, we don't do this for fame and fortune. We do this because we have the power to help, because its the right thing to do." Declared the African American man firmly.

"Yeah, I know all that. But think about the merchandising rights! All the money we could make!"

"Dudes, we could seriously be rollin' in Burritos if we do do it right." Added one Bart 'Impulse' Allen and getting a thumbs up from Gold in the process.

"See!? He gets it!"

"Impulse, don't encourage him." Sighed Clark tiredly.

"Stretch, Bro, you know me."

"Unfortunately." Mock lamented the Last Son.

"Boys." Called out Diana 'Wonder Woman' Prince sternly.

Which was enough to make them all quiet down considering she's the oldest of them all and has on occasion, kicked all of their asses for one reason or another. None of them realizing that with the live broadcast going on, that Clark was about to be in for a Hell of a time in the form of some very angry adoptive parents a little while later.

Author's Notes: Glad I got that out of my system!