Can You

Hear Our Cries?

Disclaimer: This takes place after season 3's 'Whisper' episode.

Summary: In an effort to distract himself from causing Lana pain yet again, Clark decides to use his new gift to hear other things.

Guilt, shame, and a sense of hate welled up in Clark as he listened to Lana's crying as she left the farm. Crying because of him once again and he hated that and his damned need to keep his secret from her and a vast majority of everyone else. Sighing to himself, Clark forced himself to stop listening to Lana's crying and instead, focused his hearing elsewhere. He winced a little when he began to hear everything in Smallville but pressed onwards as nothing really bad seemed to be going on in town. He winced again as the volume in his head steadily grew louder as his hearing began to pick up on the sounds and voices of the outskirts of Metropolis. "Ugh…" Muttered the teenager.

Seconds later saw him falling to one knee as it felt like everything Metropolis was now slamming into his head. Making him clench his eyes shut tightly and unable to stop as he was still something of a novice with his new gift. Tears were starting to fall down his face from the pain he was feeling and as well as because of some of the more heart breaking things Clark was hearing in the city. A loud cry of pain escaped him as he doubled over, his head touching the wood floor, unaware that his ears were beginning to bleed. Soon afterwards, Clark passed out from the pain just as his hearing was beginning to pick up on things beyond Metropolis.

Author's Notes: Well, that went well.