"Hi, Touka. Miss me?"

As she heard the voice familiar to her, Touka opened her eyes to see a familiar figure standing in front of her. She couldn't believe who it is.

It's Yoriko, her best friend. The best friend she never thought of seeing again after being separated for a long time, let alone refusing to come to her aid when she's about to get executed for her association with her due to it being a trap.

However, something is different about her. First, she sprouted massive blades from her shoulders. Not just any blades; they're Yoshimura's blades. Along with that, her right eye has become ghoul-like.

She has become a one-eyed ghoul, and her kagune is an ukaku, but in a form of massive blades instead of wings.

"Yoriko? Is that really you?" Touka asked.

"Yes, Touka, it's me," Yoriko admitted with her ghoul eye facing her. Despite what she has become, she is still able to put up the same smile on her face whenever they're together.

Just then, two enemies charged on them, but she is able to intercept them by slicing them apart with her blades. She does the same to the other two enemies. When a group of them charges, she fires a large number of spikes to incapacitate them.

Touka is amazed on how her friend is able to fend off this large number of enemies, let alone not having any training after her transformation. Yoriko helps her stand up from the ground.

"Thanks..." she said.

"No problem. What are friends for?" the newly-created artificial one-eyed ghoul said in a smile. Of course, Touka smiled at her in return.

Suddenly, the enemies surrounded them, and they went back-to-back. Touka intercepts one with a punch and shooting him down with her kagune which is a ukaku but in a form of wings, while Yoriko cuts down the other with her blade.

"You're beautiful with those wings. You know that?" Yoriko complimented.

"Um, thank you for saying. I never thought I'd hear that from you," the blue-haired ghoul blushed with both of her eyes becoming ghoul-like before asking the obvious question. "One question: how did you become a half-ghoul?"

"Well, since I've come this far just to see you again, I might as well tell you," Yoriko responds. "Of course I wouldn't be like this if I didn't mention a certain someone along the way."

"A certain someone?"

Author's Note: What do you think? My first time trying out a multi-chapter story in Tokyo Ghoul, and it's not a crossover. This is the second fanfic I made where Yoriko becomes a half-ghoul, and this one took place in :re. The next chapter is going to be about how did she become a half-ghoul.