Six years later...

Humans and ghouls are living in co-existence. Among them is Yoriko, now a half-ghoul, spending time with Takeomi and their newborn son Michio. To none of their surprise, the doctors told them that he is born a half-ghoul. Guess that's what he gets for having a half-ghoul for a mother. In no time, they would raise him to use his powers for good like what she did and Kaneki, the other half-ghoul.

While they went outside for another normal day, Mayuhara approached them.

"What is it, Mayuhara?" Yoriko asked with concern of her new friend as she catches her breath from running.

"Kirishima wants us to see Kaneki and the others," the pink-haired girl replied. "To introduce us to them, as well as your baby."

"Oh, okay," Yoriko smiled in agreement for the event.

They went to the address where they will meet Touka. How she looked beautiful as the years gone by, and there are the people they're going to meet. Besides Kaneki, his friends are also there such as Hide, Nishiki, Kimi, and Hinami. Yoriko got along well with Hinami, even thanking for helping Touka through the years. The brown-haired ghoul even accepted Mayuhara's hand in friendship, happy that she is able to make amends with Touka and Yoriko for her bullying towards them since high school.

Out of them, there are three humans in the house: Takeomi, Mayuhara, and Hide. What does it matter?

Them getting along with ghouls, full or half, is all that matters to them. It's the perfect co-existence.

Author's Note: The end.