Candela Monsoon: Hello everyone! So, this is like, another collab season, (Similar to Total Drama Act I and Act II but this is different) pretty much a reboot of Game of Wits. I mean, don't know what happened with that, sadly. I haven't heard from Obikinoah in a while, and I still hope to continue to that. But in this collab, I'll be working with... SinWriter7! If you guys read Total Drama Time Warp, Total Drama Fire, or Total Drama Wars, yep, that's him.

SinWriter7: Hello everyone, it's me SinWriter7, so I hope you guys enjoyed our story!

Candela Monsoon: And with that, EnJoY!

Chris was sitting on an armchair, sipping on a cup of coffee.

"Alright, we're rolling on 3... 2... 1...ACTION!" yelled the cameraman.

"Hello, viewers of Total Drama!" Chris grinned and placed his coffee on his table but missed miserably. His cup fell on the floor and it shattered into a million pieces. Chris grinned like nothing happened, but forgot what he was about to say.

"Uhh... Take 2!" said the cameraman.


Take 2:

"Hello, watchers of Total Drama!" Chris said.

"Viewers!" said the cameraman.

"You know what, Dela Rosa?" Chris turned to the camera man, the same cameraman from Musical Impact. "You're fired!"


Take 3:

Chris was shown in the camera. It was obvious that he was the one holding it.

"Ahem... Hello viewers of Total Drama!" he waved. "I'm Chris McLean, hosting this season of Total Drama: Welcome To The Musical Parade!"

He then turned the camera to the other side, showing the city from outside the window.

"Our contestants will be competing here, in the different cities of Australia, such as Newcastle and Sydney." he starts. "Where they will be competing in a musical-ish themed competition!"

He then stopped.

"I should've filmed this outside." he said.


Take 4:

Chris was now inside the Sydney Opera House's main stage.

"So, this is where we'll be starting our season!" Chris exclaimed. "But there's a twist! Or... twists!"

Some creepy background music begins playing.

"There will be side challenges!" says a background voice.

A sound effect of lightning and thunder began playing.

"These side challenges will give random rewards and curses. If a player wins a side challenge, they get random advantages like doubling their votes or choosing who to eliminate on the spot! If they lose, they'll get cursed and may end up getting additional votes against them!"

"There will be different events!" says the same background voice.

The same sound effect played from earlier.

"Different events will happen, because they'll not only be spending the summer here." he said. "Besides, who doesn't like having a winter challenge?"

"And there'll be... some other stuff!"

"Seriously, Chef? You couldn't think of anything else to say?" Chris raised an eyebrow.

"What, you don't want me spilling every single bean in the world!" Chef stepped out of the curtain, revealing himself making the weird background voice.

"So... uh... send in those apps!" Chris says and ends the commercial.

Candela: And as of May 8th,

SinWriter7: Or May 7th...

Both: The cast is complete!

Candela: If you guys think it's obvious, we didn't reject any app.

SinWriter7: Because applications are kinda slow. But there's one thing we like in each character.

Candela: They're all unique! Next chapter, we'll be revealing the audition tapes and then it's Episode 1! Don't know when will it be released though.

SinWriter7: And before we leave, here's the full cast! But if that's not enough, then I've got two words for ya!

Both: PEACE OUT and EnJoY the viewing of the cast list! XD

Candela: It's more than 2 words...


1. Mikael Elias Hakalainen (Mikael The War Cougar) (Returning from Game of Wits)

2. Dustin Newton-Obsidian (Obsidian Champion) (Returning from Game of Wits)

3. Rival "Drama" Survival (SinWriter7)

4. Edward Amberden (AmyAmyNight)

5. Jude Wilis (GirlPower54)

6. William Backbat (xtremexavier15)

7. Matthew "Matt" Baxter (Annoyingalarmclock)

8. Alexei "Alex" Rivera (Writer8543)

9. Wolfgang Blaustein (SpaceZodiac)

10. Vince Esposito (WhatIsThisHeat)

11. James "Jay" Alvera (Solaris321)


1. Iris Haywood (PurpleShadowManipulator) (Returning from Game of Wits)

2. Renata "Rena" Lee (Candela Monsoon)

3. Isabella "Bella" Reynolds (JG243)

4. Relia "Rei" Jean (SerpentFeather)

5. Mariposa Ramos (TurnipTheBeets)

6. Becky Styles (SinWriter7) (Returning from Game of Wits)

7. Cynthia Snowpoint (Epifanio Therion)

8. Kirsten Rea Laverre (ThatSmashBrosFan)

9. Aakira "Kira" Jeung (SpaceZodiac) (Returning from Game of Wits)

10. Ekwefi Laurent (BunniesAreNotCookies)

11. June "Summer" Hoffman (RFtheGreat)