~Opening Theme Song Plays~

To the tune of: Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

Someone was seen playing the beginning notes of the intro of the song on a piano.

"When I was a young boy"

James is seen with a Nintendo Switch which he plays on, then a giant word appears, "GAME!"

"My father, took me into the city, to see a marching band"

Someone is seen putting shades on before they held a Double Barrel Shotgun and smirks as they got onto a motorcycle, it was Vince who was grinning as he looked like The Terminator.

"He said "Son when, you grow up, would you be?"

A chess board is seen being played by Dustin before he took a long pause and slowly and dramatically moves a Pawn ONE...STEP...FORWARD!

"The savior of the broken? The beaten and the damned?"

Cynthia was seen smiling as she sings with a microphone as Mari was ice skating around her.

"He said "Will you defeat them, your demons? and all the non-believers?""

A hill is seen without a Castle or Ed Sheeran nearby as Alex is seen walking up it. He had a smile on his face

"The plans that they have made made"

Next thing seen is Rena reading a book called "The Outsiders" as she sighs.

"Because one day, I'll leave you, a phantom, to lead you in the summer"

Mikael is seen leaning against a tree, remaining silent.

"To join the Musical Parade!"

The person then stops playing the piano then wildly plays the guitar as they skipped most of the song.

"We'll carry on! You'll carry ooon~!"

Now, Becky is seen practicing fighting by rapidly punching the air only for Rei to boop her nose. Becky immediately jumps away as Rei chuckled.

"And though you're broken and defeated, your weary widow marches on!"

Edward was seen playing his clarinet peacefully while Wolfgang was rocking out with a guitar.

"Do or die? You'll never make me!"

Then, Bella is now seen sprinting around before sitting down by James and plays with him on the Nintendo Switch.

"Because the world, Will never take my heart!"

Paper is seen being written on by Jude. However, it was unknown what he was writing about.

"You can try! You'll never break me!"

Kirsten steals the paper Jude is writing on and rips in in half as she smirked. Jude was left stunned by her action.

"We wanna know! We wanna play this part"

Kira was seen singing a song which was clearly DDU-DU DDU-DU by BLACKPINK. June on the other hand was seen trying hard to mimic Kira.

"(We'll carry on!) Do or die? (We'll carry on!) You'll never make me."

A guitar randomly shocks June as she falls down and William is seen smirking, knowing that his prank worked.

"(We'll carry on!) Because the world, (We'll carry on!) Will never take my heart!"

Ekwefi is seen writing this down as she grins while Matt is seen trying to relax despite him sweating a bit.

"You can try! (We'll carry-!) You'll never break me!"

Rival is then seen chuckling as he was playing the guitar. He now sings along to the song

"We wanna know!"

Iris is seen painting a few words on an easel and they were-

"We wanna play this part! WE'LL CARRY ON!"

"Total Drama: Welcome To The Musical Parade!"

~Opening Theme Song Ends~

Total Drama: Welcome To The Musical Parade

Episode 4: A Day of Dodge and Throw

Day 3, Hotel Garden, 7:30 AM

"Ahem… previously on Welcome To The Musical Para- wait…" Chris stopped himself as he unprofessionally took a gander on his script. "Has the theme song played?"

"Yes sir." Answered one of his cameraman.

"What?! You dolts! You were supposed to play the opening theme song AFTER I do my recap!" The raven haired host facepalmed. "How am I supposed to do my recap now!?"

"Just do it. Your recap is still a recap." Candela snarked from the side, off-camera.

Chris sighed overdramatically. "Fine then. So, last time on Total Drama: Welcome To The Musical Parade, our contestants have gone through a rather… ballroom-ish dance type of challenge where they had to guess their dance partners while being blindfolded! Our former contestant Rena came back as the DJ of the challenge and we also had some… awkward interaction between both of the writers of this season… let's see how they do now…" he chuckled. "But anyway, the Exploding Treble Clefs faced elimination by voting off Wolfgang, with votes being sent to Vince, Dustin, and Ekwefi as well. Now we only have twenty contestants, so let's see who loses next in Total Drama: Welcome To The Musical Parade!"

"God, that paragraph is so long-" Sin comments from the side before the screen abruptly turns black.

ETC Room

(Iris, Edward, Rei, Ekwefi, Vince, Mari, Dustin, Bella, Rival, Cynthia)

It was now three days since the teens have first stepped into the game of Total Drama. The teens of the Exploding Treble Clefs team had just awaken from their peaceful slumber last night.

"Ugh, I wonder what mayhem does that bimbo Chris have in store for us." Bella rolled her eyes as she brished her hair in front of the mirror.

"You better pray that it doesn't have to do with dancing." Mari added, putting away some stuff from her bag.

All of a sudden, Dustin, Vince, and Iris came into the room, with some boxes of food with them.

"Hello guys, we have some for you!" Iris cheerfully responded, setting a box by a nearby table.

"Yeah, the line was as long as hell, but we managed to grab in a few plates for you guys." Dustin added.

"...I'll go get the silverware." Vince declared, dashing his way back downstairs.

Ewefi approached a nearby water container where the teens have been getting their drinks. She filled up about ten cups and placed them on a tray before heading back to the table. "Here are your drinks guys."

"Aw, no hot cocoa or something?" Rival complained before Cynthia nudged him with her elbow (as a sign to not complain with anything). "I mean… thanks guys."

"W-we should wait until Vince gets back." Cynthia suggested quietly to everyone.

"Yeah, I agree." Edward nodded. "I hate to start breakfast without him."

After a few minutes, Vince came back up to their room and handed everyone some silverware.

"I'm wondering what are the others doing by now." Rei stated.

"Probably the same." Iris answered as she began to slowly eat.

DBC Room

(James, June, Kira, Matt, Kirsten, Mikael, William, Alex, Becky, Jude)

Iris was indeed correct. The teens of the Detonating Bass team were eating as well, sitting by a table similar to the one with the other team.

"At least the food doesn't suck." June commented as she stabbed a fork right on her eggs.

Mikael let out a chuckle. "We're in a hotel. Of course it won't suck like what people comment about Chef's cooking."

"How do you guys think Chris had the budget for all this, though?" Alex asked.

Kira decided to answer her friend before anyone else could. "Maybe Chris is filthy rich, he just doesn't show it ever since Total Drama Island happened."

"I hate to say this, but somehow, I think of the same thing." Kirsten commented as she finished up her plate.

"Hey James, why don't you come over here and eat with us?" Matt asked (which almost sound more like of a concerned tone rather than a persuasive one) "We have… uh… bacon…"

"No thanks, guys." James replied as he was playing with his game controller.

Jude: "Look, he's been playing that thing for almost 1am last night, and yet I woke up and he was still playing the same thing. Something's… up."

"Mybe you need the helping hand of Wild Willy?" William asked innocently.

As James didn't respond, Becky turned to William instead.

"M-maybe you should just leave him be for now…" she squeaked.


Hotel Lobby

Meanwhile, both Chris and Chef were standing by the lobby, most likely waiting for the teens to finish up with their breakfast.

Standing by them were two interns, a male and a female presumably.

The female intern was sporting a pear-shaped body with pale skin. Her hair is mid-back length. Half of it was natural blonde and the other half was dyed pink. Her eyes were almost yellowish-green in color. Her clothing consists of a thick and incredibly long yellow scarf (that was dragging along the floor wherever she goes), a black t-shirt with realistic-looking scars and blood patterns on it, a short red skirt, and massive, almost knee-height black combat boots.

The male intern had a skinny build, standing around 5'8 ft. He was Korean, judging by his looks, his black almond eyes and fluffy black hair that covers both of his eyebrows. For clothing, he just wore the reguler intern uniform.

"Casey, Kage, go ahead and get the staff to round up everyone to the city gym." Chris commanded. "Chef and I will be… waiting for them there."

"Uh… yeah, o-okay…" Kage shyly stammered, twiddling his fingers.

"Yes, beans." Casey saluted obediently and sautered off with Kage following closely behind.

"Let's go." Chef said and both he and Chris quickly head out.

City Gym

The cast all looked around the gym. There were loads of carts of balls in one side, large windows on the other side, with lots of benches for the audience. The sidelines were also located there, and the floors looked as if they hadn't been cleaned for days.

"What a… gym." Bella grimaced at the sight, and plucked her nose after a few seconds. "Not to mention, it smells like sweaty socks in here!"

"That's what a gym would smell like, deal with it." Mari retorted towards her. "Besides, how hard can the challenge be anyway?"

"Very hard." Chris cackled from the sidelines, startling some of the others (most especially Becky). "You lot are going to be playing… dodgeball!"

"...Seriously?" June ranted. "That's so… I don't know, tacky?"

"Yeah, I know what are you all going to say. Boring, old-fashioned, not even musically related, but hey, it makes up for good views." Chris laughed. "But instead of having five members per team play in each round, all of you are going to be playing at the same time!"

Bella: "You are not kidding me-"

"If you got hit, you are out of the game and cannot play for the rest of the game." Chris continues. "This game will have… five rounds." He then turned to both Casey and Kage who were just at the sides. "And you two… will play along. Everyone, our interns for this season are Casey and Kage and they will be playing with you for today's episode.

"W-what!?" Kage widened his eyes.

"Ooh!" Casey grinned maliciously.

"You are kidding me? Really?" Kirsten fumed. "Why are we having… interns play with us?!"

"Ooh, can Kage be in our team!?" Kira asked, excited about the fact that she gets to play with her twin brother.

"Hell to the no!" Chris immediately declined. "Casey, you'll be on the Bass. Kage, you'll be with the Trebles."

"O-okay." Kage stammered as he went to the teens of the Treble team.

Kira: She had her eyes open wide. Like, really wide.

"You have…" Chris randomly checked his wristwatch. "Five minutes to come up with a dodgeball strategy to beat the memmbers of your opposing team. So five minutes start… Now"

The teens, including the interns, all scurried to their respective teams and huddled up with each other on the sidelines.

(Explosive Treble Clefs: Iris, Edward, Rei, Ekwefi, Vince, Mari, Dustin, Bella, Rival, Cynthia, [Intern: Kage])

The camera panned over to the Treble team who were all huddled up… but no one was actually saying a words.

"So… uhh… ahem… what should we talk about?" Rei cleared her throat as to get the conversation started on the team.

"Maybe we should have the more physically athletic and stronger members positioned on the front?" Dustin suggested.

Mari nodded in agreement to what the soccer player had just said. "Not a bad idea actually. I'm volunteering up front. What about you, Bella?"

"Ew, there's no way I'm going to be in the front only to get smashed by some Bass." Bella grimaced. "I will stay at the back, thank you very much."

"I'll try and go up front as well." Dustin volunteered himself. "Who else? Ekwefi?"

The photographer sighed. "How about we put it this way: boys on the front and girls on the back?"

"But I already decided that I was going up front." Mari countered.

"Then just revoke it." Edward chimed in. "Mari can be in the front in the next turn as well as the other girls."

Kage peeped out. "Uh… I don't think-"

"You'll be fine, Kage. That's what your sister wants you to think. At least." Iris encourages the intern as she wasn't taking her eyes off of Kira, whow as in the other team. Even though Kage didn't really respond, the girl in the raincoat just nodded.

"So that means…" Rival glanced towards his teammates. "Me, Dustin, Edward, Kage, and Vince will be up front?"

"Yeah… I-I think so…" Cynthia meekly spoke from behind him.

"Wait, at the front of what?" Vince was about to ask, but no one paid attention as their team got into position (with Edward dragging towards to where he was supposed to be).

(Detonating Bass Clefs: June, Kira, Matt, Mikael, Alex, Becky, Jude, William, James, Kirsten [Intern: Casey])

With the other team, everyone was in a bit of a… pickle.

"I should be in front. You guys wouldn't even know how to play dodgeball properly anyway." Kirsten snarked and was about to turn away from her team when June interrupted her.

"Whoa whoa whoa. Who the hell died and made you captain? We all know that everyone athletic here should be up front." She countered.

"So you're saying that I'm not athletic?" Kirsten sneered towards the redhead.

"Listen Kirsten, I think what June was trying to say here is that you probably work best if you were in the back." Kira told her. "I mean, we can have athletic people both front and back to make things equal."

"Says who?" Kirsten shot. "I'm going to be up in the front and no one is going to stop me, mark my words." She said one last time before grumpily marching her way to the front

"Yeah, there she goes." Mikael let out a huge disappointed sigh. "You know what, I will probably just high tail it and stay at the back."

"So… you're not playing?" Alex asked, suspiciously raising an eyebrow. "That's gonna cost us, you know."

Mikael facepalmed as no one got his point. "What I mean is that I will be playing dodgeball from the back. Gosh, what were you guys thinking, me throwing off the challenge? No siree."

Matt: "Mikael is acting… awfully weird now. I'm… kind of worried about him. Should I be worried for him? Then again, I'm a worried wart for almost everything in the world."

Becky shyly raised a hand. "I-I'll go up front!"

"You sure?" James asked, not really too much concern. "Man, I can't believe I'm actually gonna miss the tournament today-"

"What tournament?" William asked, giddily holding up his whoopee cushion as if he were planning to do some more mischief.

"Gaming tournament."

William slowly nodded. "Ah, I see."

"Ooh, bargaby bludiddle?" Casey asked him, which left both James and William confused as hell. Jude facepalmed himself hard from behind them.

Jude: "Sometimes, I think that I am going to die."

Chris blew a whistle from the middle, causing everyone to stop at their tracks. "Alright, that is enough planning. You guys already took about, more than seven minutes, I don't know. Anyway, just get into your places."

The Trebles were already settled on their places while the Bass were scurrying about until everyone finally reached their positions. Chef came by with a large sack and untied it, releasing every single dodge ball that came out of it. No one grabbed a ball however, as there wasn't any permission from Chris to do so.

"Interns, please grab one ball and stay on the front of your team." Chris ordered.

Both Kage and Casey grabbed a ball and stood in front of their respective teams, with Casey having an excited smile plastered on her face compared to Kage's shaky fingers.

"I only signed up to be an intern, not this." He sighed quietly.

"Interns, when I blow the whistle, you will both throw your balls at each other as hard as you can. Once both interns throw their balls, that's when everyone will follow. Once you are hit, you are out!" Chris announces. "However, if an intern gets hit, it's GAME OVER for your whole team, and you will be seeing me in the elimination ceremony!"

Everyone had mixed emotions at this point.

Alex: "When Chris said that, the game just got ten times harder."

The whistle suddenly sounded out. Kage quickly (and well… weakly) threw his ball towards Casey, barely touching her feet. The female intern then stood back, getting ready to throw her ball.

"Therefore, I hereby condemn you," she states. "BY THE BEANY POWER OF BARGABY BLUDIDDLE! ARRRRGGGHH!" She shouted loudly, throwing her ball towards Kage. The male intern quickly ducked from it, commencing the game.

Matt: "Casey is like, a hundred Williams smashed into one brain, not gonna lie."

Balls were being thrown all over the place as Kage dashed his way behind Mari, seeking for protection.

Bella was about to throw her ball, when she felt a ball hit her right on the head. She clutched her head in pain, and growled towards…

"Wild Willy gains a point!" William cheered childishly, only causing Bella to fume out even more.

"WHY AM I ALWAYS THE FIRST ONE OUT!?" She shrieked before heading back on the sidelines.

The camera panned to William, who was still cheering like a kid until Mari swiftly hit him on his feet, causing the kid to cry out.

"Hey, who dares hit Wild Willy?"

"I do." Mari flashed a smirk before heading off to hit someone else.

With James, he quickly ducked under a ball thrown by Rei, which barely passed his head. He gasped in surprised.

"Whoa, that was too close, it was almost as if-"


A ball that was thrown by Edward hit him right on his leg, which caused to him to be out of the game.

"HEY BASS, GET A LOAD OF THIS!" Ekwefi yelled and tossed three balls at once, causing them to hit Jude on the cheek, Matt on his arm, and Mikael on his back respectively. All three boys groaned in pain as they limped towards the sidelines.

"Uh, WE ARE LOSING HERE, FOLKS!" June yelled, tossing two balls, with one successfully taking out Cynthia (who gasped in shock) while the other one bounced off the gym. (Even Chef had to run and get it before it hit the road)

Rival grew slightly angry at the fact June hit Cynthia. "Ugh, you guys are going to get THIS!" He shouted, and was about to toss his dodgeball towards the red-haired hothead until Chris blew his whistle.

"ROUND 1 IS OFFICIALLY OVER!" He declared. "The trebles still have eight people left, plus Kage. While the Bass have only five people left, plus Casey. Jeez Bass. Will they be able to keep up? Find out when we return!"


Explosive Treble Clefs: Iris, Edward, Rei, Ekwefi, Vince, Mari, Dustin, Rival (Intern: Kage)

Detonating Bass Clefs: June, Kira, Alex, Becky, Kirsten, (Intern: Casey)

OUT: Bella, William, James, Jude, Matt, Mikael, Cynthia

After the quick break, we now cut to the Treble team who were currently strategizing again.

"We did good so far, guys." Mari declared. "We've only lost Bella and Cynthia. It's a shame that we can't have them back on the match, but we have to keep moving." The skater glanced towards an angry Rival. "Especially you, Rival."

The red-haired boy sighed in defeat. "Oh well, I guess you're right."

"So what's the plan?" Dustin asked. "Are you guys going up front now, Mari?"

"Yes." Mari nodded, turning towards Ekwefi. "We're gonna be needing you in the front, Ekwefi. That triple shot was insane."

"Oh, thanks!" Ekwefi laughed. "Too bad I didn't caught it on camera. Or did it…?"

"Yeah…" Rei nodded. "And… are we just going to have Kage dash behind us instead of helping us taking them out?"

"You're right. Hell, even Casey was throwing some balls at us." Vince noted, finally not coming up of a movie reference (much to Iris' relief). "You should help."

"O...okay." Kage meekly nodded.

Iris thought of a suggestion, once again, not taking her eyes off of the other team. "How about… everyone in the back aims for the Bass while everyone in the front aims for Casey? That way, we'll have a slight chance of catching her."

"Sounds like a brilliant idea!" Edward cheered. "Let's do it!"

Everyone agreed to do what Iris had suggested. Mari also turned to both Bella and Cynthia, who were sitting on he bleachers. "How can you guys help us?"

Cynthia was unsure. "Umm…"

"Moral support?" Bella shrugged.

Mari just nodded, the others going into their positions at this point. "Yeah… sounds good."

The Bass on the other hand were also strategizing, but they more disappointed at the fact that only a few members of their team (plus Casey) remained.

"So… Alex is the only guy left we have?" June sighed. "How do you guys think we're supposed to win this?"

"Send Kirsten in the back?" Alex suggested.

This caused Kirsten to lose her cool yet again, shooting up a glare towards them. "Listen guys, we wouldn't lose some of the other boys if it wasn't for that wench Ekwefi."

"I hate to say it but… she's right." Kira sighed, not really liking the fact that she had to agree to. "But… let me make a suggestion. Why don't we have Casey be in the middle? Like, as soon as she throws her ball from the front, she'll just take a few steps back and we'll be the ones on the front."

"T-that sounds like a great idea, Kira." Becky nodded in agreement.

"So that just means I'll be taking a few steps back once the game starts again?" Casey clarified, to which the remaining Bass reponded with a nod. "Sounds easy to me!"

"I swear Casey, if you mess this up, I'll have the hosts fire you in due time." Kirsten snarked, walking towards her position from earlier, but stumbled back due to getting hit by a ball on her head.

"Ugh, William!" Matt's voice was heard from the sidelines as he scolded the younger competitor.

"Oops!" William sheepishly said, hiding a slingshot behind him.

Jude: "If we lose, I think I know who I'm going to vote for…"

As the Bass got into their positions, Mikael called out from the sidelines. "Good luck to you guys left in the game."

"Yeah, same." James shrugged, not really interested in the game at all.

"Well it looks like both of our teams have put all their pieces of strategy together, so let's start!" Chris declared, gesturing to Chef who was right next to him. "Throw the balls now, Chef."

Chef had another large sack and zipped it open, with even more balls landing on the floors. Both Kage and Casey got their own balls as they stayed in front of the other teams.

Casey let out a growl as she threw her own ball. Kage on the other hand was so surprised but he managed to roll off just in time, with his ball falling out of his hand in the process.

"Uh, does this mean we start?" Rei asked.

"Yes." Chris announced. Both teams glanced at each other, before throwing a crapload of balls at each other.

"AAAUUUUUGGGHHH!" Ekwefi shouted, performing her triple dodgeball shot once more but failed as all three balls went in different places, unsuccessfully hitting elsewhere. Suddenly, a ball was thrown at her, right on her foot as she tripped and fell on her side.

"That's for the rest of my team!" Alex shouted from the other side as he was the one who threw it.

"That was stupid." Edward facepalmed towards the photographer for the failed move.

"Watermelon shot!" Casey shouted out of nowhere as she threw a green dodgeball. It almost hit Kage, but it took out Rei instead, causing the girl to groan.

Kage panted as he ran up to Iris, who was staring calmly towards the window as she held her yellow dodgeball. "Uhm… Iris? Please do something!" The male intern pleaded.

"Oh! Why don't we-" Iris' phrase was caught off as a red dodgeball hit her arm. "Ow!"

"Yes!" Becky squeaked to herself, until she noticed the frown on Iris' face.

"BECKY, DUCK!" Kira shouted from hbehind the fighter. However, there was almost little to know time to react as Becky got hit in the back by Vince, who whispered… another movie reference that wasn't caught on camera. Loads of cheers were also heard from both sidelines, primarily coming from the teens who have been out of the game.

Before anyone else could react, another whistle was heard, and it obviously came from Chris.

"And that folks, was Round 2! Seriously, you guys aren't really good at this." He pouted as the teens went back to their sides.


Explosive Treble Clefs: Edward, Vince, Mari, Dustin, Rival (Intern: Kage)

Detonating Bass Clefs: June, Kira, Alex, Kirsten, (Intern: Casey)

OUT: Bella, William, James, Jude, Matt, Mikael, Cynthia, Ekwefi, Rei, Iris, Becky

The camera cuts to the Trebles, who were not satisfied with their recent performance.

"We just lost three of our teammates." Mari sighed in disappointment.

"Well, at least we're kind of equal." Edward pointed out. "You're the only girl left on this team and on the other team, Alex is the only guy."

"They've been catching up though, considering that they have only lost Becky." Dustin noted. "So how are we supposed to outlast them now?"

"How about… we all aim for Casey while keeping Kage at the back?" Rival suggested.

"That is not gonna come out good, bruh." Vince countered, prompting weird glances from the other teens but they shook them off anyway. "You stay in the back, huh."

"O-okay." Kage just nodded yet again.

The Bass were quickly coming up of a plan that would hopefully bring them to success.

"Maybe we should just quickly aim for Kage." Alex suggested. "And disregard everyone else."

"Kage moves really fast though." June countered. "He literally ran all pver the place and we still haven't manage to get him."

"Gosh, is he always working out, Kira?" Kirsten sighed in pure annoyance.

"Um… not really. Not at the least I could remember." Kira shrugged, even unsure if her brother really was working out due to his speed.

"So… I'll just aim for him too, right?" Casey quickly asked. "It's more logical that way."

"Um, yes." Alex shrugged.

As all the teens gathered up for the next round, Chris couldn't help but raise an eyebrow due to how quick they had been planning.

"That was… fast, not gonna lie." Chris pointed out. "It almost seems like as if you guys were rushing, wait, WERE you guys trying to rush this whole time?"

"Maybe," June rolled her eyes.

"Okay then. Interns, just pick whatever ball you can see right now and throw it already so that you could already start with the third round since some people wanted to rush." The host stated all in one breath.

Both Casey and Kage were staring at each other intently… with none of them making the first move.

"Oh great, you know what, everyone start!" Chris shouted at the top of his lungs as balls were now being thrown everywhere.

"TAKE COVEEEEEEER!" Edward shouted like an idiot, grabbed a random ball and threw it. Sadly, it went over to the sidelines and knocked down William (who was already out) in the process. "Oops, sor-"

His apology was cut off by a ball landing just on his foot, causing him to slightly rage but quickly cooled down before anyone else could see him.

"WAUGH!" Kira yelled as she tripped on a ball just behind her. As she tried to get up, she only went back down again as Mari successfully hit the thespian.

"Ooh, double kill…" Chris hissed as some of the Trebles from the sidelines started cheering.

"Oh no, Kira!" Kage shouted, genuinely worried for his sister. A ball was about to hit him, but Rival quickly went in the way so he got hit instead.

"Guys, we have to keep our guard up!" Dustin called out, throwing a ball and successfully hitting June, causing her to groan.

Chef nudged Chris. "I don't think we'll be able to mqke it to Round 5. Everyone's getting hit much quicker than I expected them to be."

"Let's just see what happens." Chris folded his arms with a smirk forming on his face; it was official, he was clearly enjoying the game.

Mari shouted to her team. "On the count of three, we aim for Casey."

"Uh…" Kage was worried now.

"What do we do!?" Alex asked frantically.

"I don't know, you think of something!" Kirsten shouted back.

"THREE!" Mari shouted, throwing two balls at once. Both Dustin and Vince had three balls with them. Casey quickly ran towards Kirsten for cover.

"Hide me!" Casey pleaded but it was too late as she was met with several balls. She stumbled backwards into Kirsten, who stumbled right outside the door and… fell off the stairs to the entrance, followed by several cracks.

"Ugh…" Kirsten groaned from outside.

"Are you guys okay?" Alex rushed up to both of them.

Casey grinned. "I'm a-okay."

Dustin facepalmed. "Looks like we went WAY too far on that one."

"We are so dead." Vince gulped.

Chris looked over at the door where Kirsten fell. "Chef, go check on her." He commanded.

Everyone stayed silent for what seemed like a couple of minutes before the medic rushed over.

"Well anyway," Chris cleared his throat, almost as if nothing happened. "Trebles, you guys win. Bass, I will see you on elimination, and we'll find out later if we're going to medically evacuate someone. Interns, come with me."

The teens all obliged as they head back for the hotel, with the staff staying behind.

DBC Room - One hour before elimination

Mikael quickly pulled Matt and Becky towards a corner.

"So our plan of voting off Kirsten is… not gonna happen." Mikael declared. "So who do you guys think we should go for?"

"Someone who went out early." Matt stated. "Maybe James, Jude, or William."

"Ekwefi t-took them all out… i-if I remember correctly." Becky whispered.

"Let's just go with James." Mikael told them. "He kinda seems… a bit off lately. Did you se how he lost interest in the challenge earlier?"

"Kinda?" Matt shrugged.

"O-okay." Becky sighed.

The camera panned to Kira, who seems to be in a panic.

"Hey June, who are you voting for later?"

"William, no doubt." June nonchalantly answered. "Why'd you even ask?"

"I don't know, I just don't know who to vote for." Kira panicked. "What about you, Alex?"

"I was thinking James honestly." Alex shrugged, which only made Kira even more frustrated.

"Uh… Jude?"

"If you're asking me, I might go for William." The writer answered. "I don't hate him, it's just that I find him quite annoying."

Kira sighed. "I guess I think I know who to vote for now."

James: "I have a bad feeling about this…"

William: "No one is going to vote for Wild Willy… right?"

Detonating Bass Clefs - Elimination #3

"Well… welcome back to the elimination grounds, Bass." Chirs said in a serious tone, but almost broke into laughter as soon as he said Bass. "Sorry, you guys really are like the Killer Bass from Island."

"Chris, say that one more time and I'm sure that you're the next one injured here." Kirsten threatened, her voice sounded muffled because of the pressure on her broken nose, and it didn't really sound threatenting to the others since she was now in a wheelchair covered with gauze.

"Oh yeah, forgot." Chris snapped his fingers. "You gonna go home now, or are you still gonna vote then go home?"

"Home! Home! Home!" Kirsten answered, but again, her voice was muffled so of course to Chris, it sounded like, "Vote! Vote! Vote!"

"Vote it is!" Chris declared, prompting facepalms from the majority of the cast, but he ignored them all. "Alright then, line yourselves up by the ballot and start voting."

Alex: "I'm voting James. Don't get me wrong, he's a good friend and all… it's just that, I'm not really fond of the fact that he seems… a bit more interested on online games than this."

Becky: "S-sorry James… I'm just not sure...'"

James: "I feel like I'm the one being voted out. Then… I have to play safe somehow…"

Jude: "William, you're… alright, you're just… I don't know… annoying?"

June: "William. Why are little kids even on this show, I don't know."

Kira: "I'm going with some of the others and say William. His pranks are just pulling us down."

Kirsten: The subtitles said: "I SAID HOME NOT VOTE! WHAT THE FOCK!" since the camera wasn't really able to pick up properly almost any word she says.

Matt: "Welp… sorry James, I guess."

Mikael: "Our alliance is… voting on James if you must know. Because there is no doubt that Kirsten will leave after the vote so we had to vote for someone else besides her."

William: "Wild Willy is not leaving! What are they all talking about?"

"Alright, since you people have finished voting," Chris cleared his throat and called Chef. "Chef, us all a favor and escort Kirsten on her way out of the building. Oh, and make sure she doesn't fall."

"...yeah." was all Chef could say as he pushed Kirsten's wheelchair out of there, without anyone saying goodbye to her. (And Mikael is cheering inside right now) Soon after a few seconds, a shrill scream was heard as Chef went back in the room. (And Mikael's smile disappeared right after that)

"What did you do?" Chris asked.

Chef chuckled. "I made her go on the ramp. So that means, she's going down and nothing's gonna stop her."

"Ah, she'll probably enjoy the ride, don't worry about her." Chris laughs. Afterwards, several sick cracks were heard, followed by more screams, and the sound of an ambulance approaching. "You guys hear that? She's having a fun time already."

"Chris, that is so sick of you to do that." Alex spat. "Kirsten may be a bad person, but that doesn't mean you could just leave her out injured like that."

"Well Alex, I can because I'm Chris McLean." Chris spat back, causing Alex to sulk back into his seat. "Now be quiet and let me read the votes."

The teens all suddenly forgot that there was the real elimination, and so they waited anxiously for the results.

"Safe with zero votes are…" Chris began to read the results. "...Alex…"

The hiker sighed in relief as he caught his marshmallow.


The fighter smiled as she recieved her own marshmallow.


The writer didn't react much, but successfully, he caught his marshmallow.


Mikael smirked, but was too late to catch his own sweet treat as it flew past him.


"Good." June gave off a short laugh before the marshmallow hit her face.


The worried perfectionist hung his mouth open in surprise, and so the marshmallow went straight for it.

"...and Kira."

The thespian smiled joyfully, effortlessly ctaching her marshmallow as it was thrown at her.

"James and William… you rwo have… recieved majority of the votes from the cast." Chris cleared this throat (as if he were some professional). "Any words before either of you two are potentially eliminated?"

James stood up, straightening up his shirt. "Well… sorry for losing my focus earlier guys. And well… I don't really blame you guys if I were to be the one eliminated. I will just say that this has been a great show and all of you guys are pretty awesome dudes… except for maybe Kirsten, but yeah. No hard feelings, I promise."

Everyone smiled at his kind words, even though they felt bad for voting him, it still warmed their hearts that his game will end on a high note.

However, Wiliam looks as if he was… not really having it.

"Why? Why me?" He whined like a little kid… well he is a kid after all. "I… I don't understand?"

Chris just merely chuckled on the corner. "Maybe they thought that you were too young for the show."

"Well how did I got accepted then?" William got onto his knees. "Please spare my game-"

"Whoa whoa whoa, kid." Chris stopped him. "We have no idea whether you are going to be eliminated or not."

"...Oh." William sighed, the prankster stood up, and went back to his seat with a disappointed look.

"Well… Chris' smirk intensifies as the cast continued to wait for the result. "I hate to break it to you all but, it's a tie."

James and William widened both of their eyes.

"What do we need to do then?" James asked, willing to do anything to get him in the game still.

"...Nothing!" Chris answered gleefully. "Because… both of you are… eliminated."

"WHAT!" June stood up in front of everyone, obviously not having it. "You can't do that to us, McLean. We just lost Kirsten, and now we're losing BOTH William AND James? That's like… a triple fucking elimination right there!"

"Exactly!" Mikael got into the team's defense. "Isn't that a bit too unfair?"

"Well, not for me." Chris huffed as he whistled using his fingers. As soon as the whistle was heard, Casey, Kage, and a bunch of other staff marched in and grabbed both the youngest competitors off the game.


"The staff will bring your stuff to you don't worry!" Casey cheered optimistically. William was about to run back, but both Casey and Kage held him back. "Hey, no wandering!"


"Uhh, isn't that a bit too harsh?" Kage asked.

"We can't just let him run along you know." Casey whispered to him.

Kage sighed. "Fine."

"Don't I get a say in this?" James asked the two interns as they were being escorted.

The rest of the Bass Clefs still weren't having it.

"This is so unfair." Kira pouted. "The other team only lost one person, so why do we get to lose three at the same time?"

"Blame the tiebreaker." Matt shrugged.

"Well, but-"

Jude was interrupted by Chris, who cleared his throat in annoyance. "You lot can go now."

"Um… thanks." Becky shrugged, as she was the first team member to leave, with the others following suit.

Chris was now left alone for the outro.

"So… lots of mayhem happened today with our cast, including an injury, a double elimination, well technically triple, and also, weird interns! Could this season get any weirder?"

"Yes." The cameraman answered.

"Shut it." The host huffed. "Because we'll you next time on, Total Drama: Welcome To The Musical Parade!"

End of episode.

Explosive Treble Clefs

: Iris, Edward, Rei, Ekwefi, Vince, Mari, Dustin, Bella, Rival, Cynthia

Detonating Bass Clefs: June, Kira, Matt, Mikael, Alex, Becky, Jude

Candela: Our first TRIPLE (and probably only) elimination for this season, and there goes our two youngest contestants. / But hey, at least Kirsten's gone. XD Don't get me wrong, I love everyone lol. XD Also, not gonna lie, I had a severe case of writer's block while I was doing this, lol.

Sin: Relateable. So… we hope you guys like this episode! Sorry it took so long for us to update.

Candela: I don't know who will write next honestly, but we'll find out soon, lol. Gonna admit, this was really the weakest episode on the season. Writers block really got me lol XD

Sin: And since Candela's probably tired, i will be saying the two magic words, and those are always… PEACE OUT!

Votes: Detonating Bass Clefs

Alex: James

Becky: James

James: William

Jude: William

June: William

Kira: William

Matt: James

Mikael: James

William: James

James - 5 votes

William - 5 votes

TIEBREAKER - James William (Eliminated)

Also eliminated in this episode: Kirsten (Injury)

Elimination Table:

22nd - Renata Misaki Lee, The Serious Misfit

21st - Wolfgang Blaustein, The Popular Rocker

20th - Kirsten Rea Laverre, The Aggressive Waltzer (Injury)

19th - James Alvera, The Gamer (Tiebreaker)

18th - William Backbat, The Wild Prankster (Tiebreaker)