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If she was a little younger and naive, Sakura would be horrified of the idea that she had in her mind. If she was still weak and useless, she wouldn't even have this idea at all. If only they treat her a little better, she wouldn't feel so lonely and unwanted. If only she had one person who believed in her, she wouldn't even do this.

But none of them did.

Not her Shisou. Not the Rookie 9. Not her former teachers and most of all not her team! Not one of them believed her. Even Naruto. Naruto who looked pass all the reasons and only seek the truth in a person. They did not even gave her a chance to speak her side. Instead, they turned their backs on her.

Sakura smiled bitterly. There's no time for crying over things that do not matter now. All of them can do whatever they want with their lives. No longer will she serve a village who turned their backs at you over a mistake you did not even do. The only investigation they did was not even fair, it was consist of evidences that were all pointing to her. She knew she was staged and by whom, she do not know. All Sakura wanted to do right now was let that forsaken village to mull over what they lost. She was their best medic, second only to Tsunade. By being the Hokage's apprentice, she has a huge amount of information in her and that alone would send Konoha's higher ups on panic.

She chuckled. 'Their fault' she told herself. They branded her as a spy when she was not and now they had to suffer something she was sure had them shaking their heads. Konoha never thought that she will ever consider fleeing. They might have expected her to succumb to their wishes and wait like a fool for her 'beloved' village to finally see that she was innocent. Well, surprise bitches.

Sakura landed on the clearing and immediately kneeled in front of the strong prescence that was lurking in the shadows of the forest.

"I did not know you'll be the one meeting me...," Sakura lifted her head and stared at those powerful eyes "...Pein-sama."

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The next chapters will be longer. I promise.