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Universe: Kuroko no Basket

Main characters: Generation of Miracles + Phantom 6th Man x Kagome, Nijimura Shuzo

"Yo Kagome-chan! You should come to practice after school today since your archery club canceled. See what a real sport looks like."

"Don't even start with me now. I'm busy!" Kagome was frantically finishing up her math homework before her homeroom ended.

"How are you ever going to learn math if you keep on copying mine?"

"I didn't have time to do it last night! Now shut up!" Nijimura Shuzo sighed at his seat neighbor and twirled his pen. He waited impatiently for the girl to finish so he could pester her some more.

Finally, Kagome dropped her mechanical pencil and flexed her fingers. "Ow...hand cramp." She passed Nijimura's worksheets back to him. "Thanks, Cousin. But I can do without the commentary next time."

"You're only hurting yourself." The boy scolded.

"I've already accepted that math is a lost cause. I've brought up all my other grades!" With the exception of mathematics, Kagome performed exemplary in academics. She had to if she desired to get into any decent high school after her appalling performance at her last junior high. She had really tried. But the journey to the past and her ridiculously excused absences were too much to recover from. After the well barred her from the feudal era and her friends, the time traveling miko Kagome decided to (more like was forced to) repeat her last year at Teiko Junior High in a neighboring town.

Honestly though, she threw herself into her schoolwork for more than just appearances. The girl needed something to keep her mind off what she was missing. When she first returned and discovered there was no going back, life became so...dull. There was no sign of youkai or hanyou. Occasionally, she'd let her reiki loose in a gentle, nonthreatening wave to scan her surroundings but never had she found the familiar spark of youki in her modern world. Sometimes, she thought her adventure was but a long, vivid dream. But her school records, the scar on her side, and the sacred longbow of Mt. Azusa laying in a box in her shed proved otherwise.

"And take that back about archery! It's a beautiful and ancient sport! Way more useful to civilization than basketball!"

"Yeah. So useful for the average Japanese citizen. At least playing and watching basketball brings joy and excitement to the masses. Your archery competitions are only interesting to other archers."

"We are not going to have this debate again. I like archery way more than basketball. Even if club is canceled today, I'll still go to clean up the shed a little."

"Fine. But that can't take long. After you're done, stop by the courts. This year's regulars are really something! Then we can go to my house together since your family is coming over for dinner anyway."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Fine. I'll stop by and check out the basketball team you keep gushing about."

"I do not gush! We're that good!" The former captain sat back and adapted a contemplative look. "I think he'll lead us to victory."

Kagome tilted her head. "You could've led them to victory too Shuzo-kun."

"I know I could." Kagome rolled her eyes but her cousin continued, "But Akashi is the one who can unlock their potential better."

Kagome entered the gymnasium and made herself comfortable on the bleachers above. She glanced at her watch. There was still about half an hour left of practice. She got up and leaned against the railing, watching the team do a practice game. Shuzo, noticing her entrance, waved briefly before yelling at some kouhai. A small blue haired boy sat on the bench next to him, watching the game intently.

'Such colorful hair on some of these guys... I'm pretty sure that's against school policy,' Kagome mused. Her reiki aura casually washed over the gym before returning to her after finding nothing yet again. She locked eyes with a redhead that was staring at her. She held his gaze for two seconds before becoming uncomfortable and moving on.

Practice ended so Kagome decided to go down to the gym floor to wait for her cousin. He was currently talking to the aforementioned redhead. A few of the rainbow colored regulars were goofing around and a few were helping out the rest of the first years put away equipment and clean up.

"Excuse me."

Kagome jumped a little as she snapped her head towards an aqua haired boy. "H-hai?"

"May I grab that mop behind you?"

"Oh! Of course!" Kagome examined his back curiously and without meaning too, her aura reached out to examine him, wondering how a boy with such odd hair could be so... unobtrusive while so close. From up in the bleachers, he was noticeable to her.

Kuroko Tetsuya tensed up with a little gasp, almost yelping as he felt a little shock.

Kagome gasped. For a second there, there was a spark. Just the barest bit of youki that stirred at her deep prodding. She stared intensely at Kuroko while her aura wrapped around him in excitement.

"Ummm...miss?" Kuroko fidgeted and his normally default apathetic eyes darted around nervously.

Somewhere, a basketball dropped.

"Yo." Kagome turned towards a tall dark blue haired boy. "What up?" His friend looked uncomfortable and that didn't sit well with Aomine.

"Does Kurokocchi have an admirer?" A blonde haired boy threw an arm around Kuroko's shoulder.

A green haired boy scolded the others. "What are you doing standing around? Hurry up and finish cleaning." He pushed up his glasses as he examined Kagome suspiciously.

"I'm tired. And hungry. Let's get popsicles."

Kagome flinched a little as a shadow cast over her form. She looked up and behind her and stiffened at the boy's height. 'Oh my! He's going to be a monster when he finishes puberty!'

"Excuse me, Miss. I must ask you to leave the gym if you are not part of the basketball team nor a manager," the redheaded captain's eyes pierced the female.

Kagome took a step back and her aura erratically lashed out at being surrounded by so many attentive and seemingly on edge males, most of which dwarfed her figure. She abruptly pulled her aura back and into her body as five sparks stung her. If she was in the feudal era, Kagome wouldn't have batted an eye at the static she felt. The youki buried deep within these teenagers didn't even come close to that of an average hanyou's level. The blood that they held was probably thoroughly diluted. Kagome only felt it since she was evaluating them so closely. She wouldn't have been surprised if these boys knew nothing of their heritage. But being deprived of the yang to her yin for so long, she felt longing.

Nijimura broke the tension. "Oi! Why are you all gathered around my cousin!"

They all exchanged short introductions with eyes that held equal parts caution and curiosity. All evening and all weekend, Kagome thought about the encounter. She groaned at herself for leaving such a bad impression towards the most interesting people she's met since the well closed.

'Well, I did want more excitement in my life…'

But then Monday came around and she found herself cornered at school.

"Grandparents like to tell tales. Mine used to repeatedly tell me how my family descended from noble demons. Long ago. But our blood is so diluted now that we lost all the features that came with that lineage. However, I should never forget that I was above all other humans."

Kagome shifted in the lonely hallway.

"Of course, I thought all those stories were just fairytales to amuse a child's mind. However, I did take one thing from those stories: I am above all others."

Kagome moved from being discomforted to a bit irritated at his high and mighty attitude. The short redhead would've given young Sesshomaru some competition in a match of egos.

"I've always noticed details quicker and more thoroughly than others. It's what has allowed me to put together the perfect team. I've noticed something about you. Something I have never encountered before." Akashi stood just shy of Kagome's personal space. "It puts me on edge. But I do not dislike it. I'll be watching you, Kagome."

'... Maybe I should've eased into the excitement…,' Kagome thought as Akashi's eyes flashed heterochromatic.

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