A/n: Recently rewatched season 1 and 2 of Haikyuu! and was inspired

Universe: Haikyuu!

Characters: Oikawa Tooru, Kagome, Kageyama Tobio



Oikawa's nephew abandoned Aoba Johsai's captain to run up to a stranger (in Tooru's eyes). "Nee-san?" he questioned as he tilted his head before strolling up to a girl with long, raven colored hair.

"Who's your lovely nee-san, Takeru?" Oikawa charmingly smiled towards his nephew's aquarintance.

"Ah! I'm Higurashi Kagome! I'm a friend of Takeru-kun's mom. Pleased to meet you." Kagome bowed slightly to the young male.

"Kagome nee-san, what are you doing here?"

OIkawa scowled slightly at his nephew. "Hey! Let me introduce myself first."

Takeru glanced at his uncle. "Oh. Sorry. This is my useless uncle."

"Shut up!" Tooru's scowl turned into an electrifying glare before he reverted back to his playboy character. "I'm Oikawa Tooru. Pleased to meet such a beautiful lady such as yourself."

Kagome, used to flirtations from Koga and Miroku on a nearly daily basis, just smiled and nodded before turning her attention back to the younger boy. "I was in the neighborhood because I'm meeting people for brunch. I texted your mom and she said you were practicing nearby and I wanted to say hi."

"How long is nee-san going to be around? You should come over for dinner!"

"Maybe, if I can coordinate with your parents. I go back to Tokyo in a few days."

As the little boy and young lady talked, Tooru was taken aback at being essentially ignored by a pretty woman. It was like Karasuno's manager all over again! He inserted himself between his nephew and Kagome. She raised one eyebrow.

"You're from Tokyo? Wow! That's so cool! How'd you meet Takeru's parents?"

"Haha. It's kind of embarrassing. Takeru-kun's mom was visiting her old university campus to say hi to some professors and I ran into her while lost and running late for the college's entrance exams. I was pretty much in tears at that point but she grabbed my hand and guided me to the right building. Then I saw her while passing the campus cafe and was on the ground bowing to her in thanks. Then I joined her for lunch. Now she's kinda my older friend/mentor, I'd like to think." Kagome looked at Oikawa's gym bag. "So are you just as obsessed at volleyball as Takeru-kun?"

The nephew cut in, "He's worse. His last girlfriend dumped him because he spent all his time on volleyball."

"Will you stop bringing that up?!" The elder Oikawa grit his teeth.

"I think having a passion and working hard at it is really attractive." Kagome praised and Tooru's eyes brightened as he imagined sparkles and hearts around the older girl.

Finally having something good to say about his kin, Takeru added, "Nee-san should see him play some time! He's probably the best setter in the prefecture and he has this killer serve!"

Tooru slapped Takeru on the shoulder good naturedly. "Ha ha! Oh you're too much Takeru! I'm sure there are maybe some other high school setters in the world that are mayyybee better than me."

"Kagome." A dark haired high school boy joined them.

'Speaking of skilled setters…,' an annoyed tick mark formed on Oikawa's head. "Tobio-chan?"

Seeming to notice Oikawa for the first time (which had to be a lie), Kageyama acknowledged his old teammate before turning back to Kagome. "We're going to be late for our reservation."

"Ah! I lost track of time!"

Oikawa's eyes widened. "You're having brunch together?!" He jabbed a finger in Kageyama's direction. "Did my adorable kouhai get himself an older girlfriend?! Before I could?! HOW?!" He didn't think his jealousy could burn hotter. Tooru never thought it'd be over anything that wasn't volleyball either.

Kagome broke out into giggles before pulling Kageyama close. She patted his head. "Oh! As truly adorable he is, I'm not Tobio-chan's girlfriend," Kageyama blushed deeply. "I'm his new step sister." Kagome gave the red-faced high school student a tight hug and Oikawa tilted his head as he could almost see the embarrassed steam coming from his kouhai's head. Tooru's jealousy lessened (only slightly. He'd love a hug from Kagome) and he felt just the most miniscule bit of pity for Kageyama's flustered state.

Oikawa pasted on a grin. "Oh man! Tobio-chan! You're so lucky to have such a beautiful woman added to your family! And she's nice! Maybe your new nee-san can teach you to be less grumpy."

"You're Tobio's senpai?" Kagome asked curiously. She still had an arm around Kageyama's shoulders, and since he was taller than her, he had to crouch.

"Oh yes! We were on the same junior high volleyball team for a bit. He was so adorable! Always asking for my help."

"But you never helped me!"

"I was going through a phase but look at you now. Turned out just fine." 'annoyingly…' Oikawa made a 'tch' sound in his head.

"I'd love to catch up with you more Takeru-kun, but Tobio is right. We're meeting the rest of the family for brunch and we're definitely going to be late." She patted the small boy on the head. "Nice meeting you Tooru-san." Kagome was surprised when her hand was taken and soft lips brushed the back of it.

"Although we didn't talk much, it was a pleasure meeting you Kagome-san."

Kagome felt a spark on contact, and she blushed despite not having reacted to his compliments prior. "Uh yeah…"

Kageyama bristled and started pulling Kagome away.

"Bye bye, Tobio-chan! Looking forward to our next match where I'll beat you again!" Oikawa enthusiastically waved.

Kageyama grit his teeth. Kagome observed her step brother's tense form.

"Do you not like Tooru-san? Want me to go break his heart." She grinned when Kageyama's grumpy face turned confused.

"Kagome, I didn't know you were so evil."

"Haha I'm not. You're right. I wouldn't do that. On purpose... It's nice that I can put a face to the guy Takeru-kun's mom has been low key trying to set me up with though."

Kageyama froze. "Absolutely not."


"No. You're not allowed to even think about OIkawa that way."

Kagome raised her brow. "Excuse me?"

"Anyone but him." Kageyama stormed past Kagome.

"Wow. He really rubs you the wrong way." Kagome lips turned up in amusement as she followed the boy at a leisurely pace. It was refreshing to have the younger boy talk so much. Usually, Tobio was either pretty quiet around her or spoke in really short answers that didn't make for ongoing conversation. They got along fine but the young Kageyama talked more with the rest of the Higurashi family than her.

"He's too immature for you anyway." Kageyama added.

"What is he? A third year? I"m like two years older than him. Three max."

Kageyama spent the rest of the walk trying to convince Kagome to not date Oikawa while Kagome pretended to consider giving it a shot just to rile Tobio up for her amusement.