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Do you ever wonder if your life is real or just one big dream?

I wondered this for a rather long hour one night before I went to bed. Then I died. Don't know how the last thing I remember is falling asleep then waking up in a white void that stretched for miles. Lovely place if you have plenty of free thoughts.

I spent a rather long amount of time there before I just blacked out and woke up in the body of a baby. Still not quite sure if I was reborn or just got so bored I made up some dream world in that white void. Still remember my birth, unfortunately. It was squishy, cramped, and smelled horrible. At least my new parents were happy.

So now I'm named Bishop Vern. Apparently, my new dad is a big fan of chess. Speaking of new parents, I am now convinced that something tragic is going to happen soon to me considering how ….um…. Supportive they are. Gave off a too good to be true vibe. The kind you feel in a story before a tragedy struck.

"How my little genius doing." Said a woman that looks like a poster child for old-style housewives, with a nice blue dress on, an apron on front, perfect coiled hair, and a near inhuman wide smile.

That would be my new mom, Alice Vern. Between her and my new dad, named Derek Vern, they were the nicest parents anybody could ask for and more. A bit too much if you ask me.

I look up from some books I was looking over, moving some light brown hair from my view. "Still looking for magic," I say with a sour expression. I try to ignore how high pitch my voice.

I should probably mention that I'm a 5 years old boy at the moment. Rather glad that my gender stayed the same. I had also decided not to hide my adult-like intelligence and my new parents were quite surprised and happy to find that their new kid was a genius. Felt that trying to hide my intelligence would be too hard and something I would just mess up in the end.

Also turns out that I got reborn in the world of Fairy Tail. It did not take long to realize this considering that the word magic is used in every other sentence here. I had just assumed I had been reborn in my old would until then. A little more digging and questions and the rest of the puzzle piece fell together on where I was reborn. A nice little town in Fiore called Kingston.

The second that I learned what world I was in I set out to learn magic buuuuuut.

I sigh as I look down at all the books I had on the table within my parent's little library. All of them were on basic magic that most common mages used. At first, I tried for some rare and interesting magic, but I soon figured out that I was kind of screwed.

Apparently, my magic core was as developed and deep as an average mage. The magic core is where magic is stored and processed in the body. Very important to mages obviously.

If I had to guess since my soul was that of an adult my core was just as developed as one. The doctor that checked me astonished at this and proclaimed me to be a magic genius on top of being a regular genius. No pressure…

I was ecstatic at first but after spending a few days looking for amazing magic to learn and after finding a few good ones a rather large downside showed itself. I found that no matter what type of magic I tried none of it would work.

After my parents got concerned they got the same doctor to look at me again and this time he provided some bad news. My channels were not developed like my core.

The magic here worked by having a core where magic is stored and sent out and then there are channels throughout most of your body that carried the magic for use. My core was very developed, but my channels were not.

As mages train in magic, their core and channels developed to handle magic, the more they've used the more magic you can pump through them and at high quality too. My channels were not developed enough for the more potent magic I possessed in my core.

In other words, my magic had both helped and crippled me at the same time. Lovely….

The doctor suggested that I try very simple and basic magic but even that I couldn't quite do. I could feel my magic move slightly when I try the simpler magic but it was still not enough to do anything.

That leads me to my current situation of sitting in my family library trying to find any magic I could use.

My mother's smile dropped a bit before it picks back up. "Well, I'm sure my little genius can figure this out." She said, "Here are some cookies I made and some milk, don't push yourself too hard now ok." She lays some cookies and milk on my table before heading off while humming a song to herself.

Without any hesitation, I dove into the plate of cookies. While my mother chose to not work and instead to stay home to take care of me and the house she was not short any job offers. It seems like anything she touches just tasted of heaven itself and every single restaurant in town knew this.

She turns down offers all the time because dad works as the head manager of the fanciest hotel in town and earns more than enough money for mom not to work. Sadly, it meant that I got to rarely see my dad but considering I was already being drowned in affection with just mom maybe that's a good thing.

Soon the small pile of cookies and glass of milk was gone and for a split moment, I forgot all my problems as I laid back and let out a sigh of contempt.

Sadly, it did not last long as my mind once again turned to my magic problem, and I was once again shifting through book after book. Once a couple of hours had passed I had all but just given up for the day and was lazily just flipping through the pages.

I was just about to call it a night and head to the kitchen to see what mom would be cooking for dinner when I saw something. Most magic in the books was usually a couple of paragraphs long if not a few pages long. Even basic magic was a good few paragraphs.

With all that said I just stared at one type of magic that barely had a paragraph worth of text to use it, Illusions. In hindsight it made sense, illusions were very simple. Just imagine what you want either an image, sound, or both, and then let your magic create it.

I had almost missed it in the sea of other words and paragraphs. With a shrug, I read the paragraph and start to try it out.

'Let's see." I mumble. "See an image or sound in your mind and place it. Let your magic flow towards it and guide it with your thoughts." Sounds simple enough and there was no harm in trying.

I closed my mind and half-heartedly imagined a dancing frog with a top hat like in those looney tunes cartoons I watched in my previous life. I open my eyes expecting to see just the wooden floor only for those eyes to widen as a frog in a top hat silently dances on said floor.

I was so startled that I lost my concentration and the frog vanished. I quickly imaged the frog again but this time with sound.

I was meet with a dancing frog blinking into existence with a top hat while it is singing hello my baby. I could only stare as the illusion fade without my mind to guide it.

A small smile broke onto my face before widening to near inhuman levels as the realization of what I had just done popped into my head.

Magic. I had just performed magic. My teeth strained against each other as my smile forced them together. I had found a type of magic I could use.

That smile soon faded as it dawned upon me the only type of magic I could perform was illusion magic. Something that most mages considered a party trick.

In a world where if your magic did not have the word slayer in it or if you weren't some amazing badass, you were near useless.

I am now convinced that this is not some dream I made up in that white void but rather a joke made by some cruel almighty god that is currently looking down upon me laughing.

Fuck my new life.

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Edit: After a bunch of reviews talking about it I decided to make an edit here. Illusions are a joke in Fiore in this story because Fiore doesn't have an Itachi or Aizen to show the power of illusions. Most mages prefer big and flashy magic and Bishop knows this and is annoyed for that reason. I'm not saying Illusions are bad in fact I hope to show the opposite of that within this story. Sorry if I came off wrong with this first chapter.

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