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It was a rather moist day out. Rather cloudy and dim day. The kind where it seems like it could rain any minute. I always enjoy those days, it just feels nice to be outside during them.

They were also very appropriate for funerals. Unfortunately.

I found myself sitting on an old metal fold-out chair in a rather nice black tux. Said tux was getting a tab bit wet around the left shoulder. That would probably be due to my mom crying on it while holding me for support as she sat beside me.

We were currently in a very nice little graveyard behind the local church. There were a good dozen or so rows of metals chairs with their being about seven chairs per row. Every one of those chairs were full, apparently, dad was very popular among the small community of Kingston. Both me and mom were seated on the front row as the priest said some words.

I wasn't paying attention to anything the old priest had to say about the afterlife. I had been there long enough to know what Dad would be experiencing and it was no paradise like this guy was describing. That White Void still gives me nightmares.

I choose to spend my time staring at the casket that contained the body of my Dad.

According to what I and my mom were told some shady looking guy came in the hotel and demanded a room. The guy had the money for a room but there was a rather large group of people that had rented out the entire hotel, so he was told that they had no rooms. That was a mistake.

The shady guy started to rant at the staff and insult them. Even went as far as to throw things in the lobby around. Eventually, my Dad came up to try to convince the guy to go to another hotel in town. In response to my dad talking the shady guy snapped his fingers and caused an explosion. Dad got thrown across the room where he slammed into the hotel wall and snapped his neck.

Everyone was surprised even the shady guy who I guess didn't meant to kill him but ruff him up. The guy ran out of the hotel and town before anyone could catch him. It had been on his last day until he got his cut to his hours to spend more time at home.

I just stared and stared and the coffin. Tears were coming down from my eyes but that was from keeping my eyes open for too long. I had never shaded tears in sadness. Not in my new life or my old life.

No matter how much I stared I couldn't feel it. Sadness was there sure but not pure and raw sadness like everyone around me was feeling. Rather a dimmed down and filtered version that would best be described as what one feels when they drop food on the floor. Sad but not broken up.

That was the problem. It had always been my problem even in my old life. It had followed me past my death. I had thought that my brain wasn't right somewhere in there but now I had come to a different conclusion soon after I was reborn. I had a twisted soul.

I waited and waited but the flood of sadness never came. I tried to be angry at myself for it. My Dad had just died. A man that had put in hours upon hours every day to make sure that we had the money to live. The man that had always supported me and what I wanted to do. The man that had loved me more than anything.

All I felt was annoyance now.

I had this problem ever since the beginning of my old life. So many taunts were said at me about it. Pointed and laughed at. I learned to hide it with a mask. The Comedian. Jokes were my response to everything even if they were untimely shallow and fake.

I was currently hating that mask as all I could think while watching my Dad be lowered into his grave were jokes. Stupid and horrible jokes.

Has Mom continued to cry on my shoulder all I found myself able to do was stare at the coffin. With blank and emotionless eyes.

Those emotionless eyes were currently staring back at me.

It was the next day and all I could do since waking up was stare at myself in the full-length mirror in my room. Stare into two blank and emotionless eyes.

Sadness and anger still eluded me as I just sat on my bed. I believe mom had called me down for breakfast an hour ago. How she could find the strength to get up and make food also eluded me. She had gone to bed crying and now was probably downstairs smiling and humming to herself. How? Where did she find the strength?

Ultimately it mattered little to me as right now strength wasn't my problem. Those blank eyes were the problem.

I focused my magic for a bit as an illusion of my dad appeared in front of me. It was nowhere perfect as the edges slightly shifted and it was a little blurry. One eye bigger than the other and his mouth far too small. I heard it say, "Genius child or not you still my son and I wanted to be there for you." It sounds slightly off tone and it didn't match up with his lip movement.

The illusion stood there for a bit more, replying the message a few times before it fades from existence. Once it was gone I found myself staring at my eyes again. Eyes that still did not shine with any emotion.

I stood up and walked over towards the mirror. I stopped about a foot away from it and continued to stare. Why was this getting to me so bad? I had come to terms with my problem years ago. Why now was my mind taking issue with it?

Maybe it was the fact that I had never suffered the tragedy of death before? In my old life, I had never had a family member die beside myself. This was the first time I had come face to face with a death that wasn't me but for someone, I enjoyed being around.

Apparently, the death of someone else could hurt more than your own death. Then again hurt wouldn't be the word I use for that White Void. No word would fit for that.

As I stared at myself I felt my teeth grind into themselves as I tried to feel anger. Feel anything really. Nothing came.

I raised my hand and pulled it back a little then. *CRASH*

Mirror shards now surround me on the floor as I just stood in front of the newly broken mirror. The only shards that weren't on the ground were in my hand. As I felt blood slowly flow from my hand I felt the pain startup.

A smile found its way on to my face as I finally felt something. Was this how everyone at the funeral felt? The sensation of pain spread throughout my arms as I ignored the sound of someone rapidly running up the stairs.

All that mattered was that I could feel something now. Something for the Man that I would never interact with ever again.

If I could still see myself I would have seen an inhumanly wide smile on my face. It was just as shallow and emotionless as my eyes.

I was having a nice time in the library as I read an interesting novel about a world with no magic. It was disturbing like my old world. The main character lived in a country called The Unified Sectors of Armisca for Pete's sake. I'm currently not sure if I am the only reborn soul in this world now after reading this.

As I flip the page to read on I ignore the pain coming from my bandaged hand. Mom had been rather unhappy with that. Gave me a long lecture about taking care of myself and not giving in to the pain.

I just stared at her with a small smile on my face.

As I sat in the comfy chair we had in the library my mind started to wonder about my family's current situation. After putting a bookmark in the novel, I leaned back in the chair and sipped some tea that mom had made. It tasted just like every else she made, like Heaven.

Without a moneymaker in the house mom would need to pick up a job. Considering the number of offers she got before she needed to work I doubt that she would need to look long or far.

There might be a chance that mom would die, and I would be forced to go into the woods and find a dragon. Who would raise me as their own and teach me magic to kill them for some reason and then it disappears and leave me all on my own.

Considering my luck if I did find a dragon it would look at me for approximately five seconds before eating me and continuing with its day.

Other than what mom will be doing I also need to think about what I would be doing. With a sigh, I lean forward and got into a thinking man pose as I thought of all I would need to do to survive. Working on my magic would be most important. I should work towards being able to trick all five senses with my illusions.

Most illusions were only currently used for sight and hearing, but I bet with a little patience and hard work I could get it to work for touch, smell, and taste as well.

Other than magic I would need to continue my workout routine. 'It might be hell to do but you can't argue with the result.' I thought as I looked down at my slightly more toned and muscular body.

I would also have to work on swordplay. I have a few books on it but having a teacher would be far better. Doesn't help that the training sword I have isn't very well made and off-balance.

"I really should invest in getting a real sword," I mumble to myself. Just as I was about to continue my thought process Mom came into the room.

"Bishop sweetie, there's someone to see you at the door." She says with her usual happy inhuman smile. Still not sure how to feel about me inheriting that particle gene trait.

"Ok" I mumble to her before standing up and heading towards the front door. Just as I was about to exit the library I heard she speak. "Dinner is almost done so be ready for that and…." She pauses for a second. "Take care of yourself ok." With that, she heads back to the kitchen.

My eyes linger on her fading figure for a second before lightly shaking my head and putting back on a little smile. I wondered for a bit on why someone would want to see me considering I don't have any friends but just shrug it off as I get to the front door.

I see someone I did not expect to see this soon. The Blacksmith. He's standing awkwardly just outside the door carrying a small but long wooden box that had some wrapping around it. He's staring off into space before noticing me and turning his attention onto me.

"Hey Kid" his voice is just as gruff as I remember it. "I got something for ya." With that said he shoves the wooden chest into my hands and begins to walk off. After a few steps he stops, and turns is head to me. "Your Pop was a good man, remember that." With that said he walks off our yard before disappearing down the sidewalk.

I raise an eyebrow at the whole thing before just letting out a sigh and headed back inside. I made sure to ignore that slit cold feeling I had at the word Pop.

I was soon up the stairs with the weird long wooden container in hand. As I got into my room I closed the door and laid the box onto my bed. Mom had done a really good job cleaning up the shattered glass. Not sure she's ever going to let me have a full-length mirror in my room again though.

I make quick work of the warping around the box chest thing. Not sure what to call it. I had never seen a box, chest, thing like this before. I unlatched the two latches place at the two ends of the container before flipping open the top. I froze.

Inside was a sword. I slowly pick the blade up and look at it. It was a saber. The exact same saber that Da- He had seen me looking at. It was a very high-quality sword, finely balance and nicely made too.

I look down at the case it was being carried in and notice a note within. With one hand still on the saber, I pick up the note before flipping it open. It was a message. One that I would never forget.

"Hey there Son, Happy Birthday! Or at least I think I might give you this on your birthday. Not sure yet. I wasn't going to get you any real dangerous swords but after I show that intense stare you were giving this thing I knew I at least had to reserve it for you for later. I hope you like it! Remember that I will always love and support you. Same for your mother too so remember that. Anyways try not to cut yourself with this ok. Don't want me and your mother worried right!"

There was a little smile at the bottom of the note. It had round glasses and a handlebar mustache.

I slowly and deliberately set the note down. Then I put my free hand on the sheath and slowly pull the saber out halfway. I look down at the shining metal of the blade. It looked strong and sharp. As I continue to stare at the metal I see a light reflection in it.

I see two eyes staring. Cold and Emotionless.

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