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I grimaced a bit as I finished the book I was currently reading. It had started out well but the author had been so intent on pulling so many plot twists that they just started to lose meaning. Really I wanted to stop reading a few chapters back but I was already close to finishing it and had nothing better to do on this train ride.

With the book done I promptly put it back into my hammerspace and reached for another only to pause as I realized that had been the last book, I haven't read that was in my pocket dimension. I let out a sigh as I leaned back in my seat and looked at everyone else in the mage-only train compartment.

Across from me and down a few chairs sat Lucy and Gray. Currently, the Celestial mage's head was laying on the Ice-Make mage's shoulder as they both relaxed in their shared chair. It seemed like they were doing little more than resting together at the moment.

On the other side of the compartment sat Natsu and Cana at one of the few booth seats. It looked like they were playing a card game of some kind and judging by the scowl on Cana's face and the grin on Natsu's it was pretty clear who was currently winning. I kept the little game in mind in case they started arguing and I needed to take the illusion down that would prevent the Dragon Slayer's motion sickness.

And the closest to me, only one seat to my left, sat Erza. My redheaded little sister seemed to do little more than just looking down at her feet at the moment. I frowned slightly at the sight, she was practically radiation uncertainty and nervousness. I found the entire thing to be odd considering that we just got done putting down her past demons so I decided to make my presence known.

"What's wrong?"

Erza jumped a little at my question, clearly too distracted to remember that I was next to her. Her startled eyes turned to me and after a second calmed down as she let out a sigh and turned her face down once more to stare at her feet. "Nothing really. I was just...thinking about what could have been I suppose."

I let out a little hum at her words. There were a lot of things that I could get from those words. Like her friends coming to join us in Fairy Tail instead of exploring Fiore or Jellal not going insane and all of them getting off the island when they were kids. I thought about asking what she was thinking about specifically for a moment before pushing down the question. In the end, it wasn't one I needed to know.

We spent the next few seconds in silence as I contemplated what to say next. I suppose something to get off the sore topic would be best. But before I could say anything Erza beat me to it. "Hey, Bish...I got a question.

I felt one of my eyebrows raise a bit at what she said. From her tone, it seemed less like she was nervous and more like she just wanted confirmation for something. My words came quickly and loosely, "Of course, since when have you never been able to ask me a question?"

My words seemed to lift her mood a little judging by the chuckle she let out. She took a moment to pull on some of her hair and to my slight confusion stared at it for a bit before letting it go and turning to me. "How do you think Mom will react if I ask to officially change my last name to Vern?"

I couldn't help the little laugh that escaped my lips. We both knew it was a rhetorical question because we very much knew what Mom's reaction would be. I didn't even provide a verbal answer and just provided a 'what do you think' type of look'.

A little laugh escaped her lips too before she let out a sigh and leaned back into her seat and against me. "She would probably hug me to death."

"Probably" I answered and after a moment I hand started to move as the old habit of petting my sisters' heads started up once more. Erza and I just sat in peace as the train sped along.

Said peace only lasted about a minute.

"Why does she get head pats!"

"For the last time Cana, I'm not patting your head," I said in the calmest voice I could muster.

"You said me and Erza were too old for head pats but you were patting her head! Why not me?!" Said a pouting Cana as we got off the train.

Apparently, despite it having been a good few months since I had given my little sister her other addiction she was still very much craving it. Really it was my own mistake for falling into old habits with Erza. All of this resulted in the last hour of the train ride basically being Cana begging for me to play with her hair and me saying no.

Cana's eyes narrowed as she and the others got their stuff from the train. While Lucy was a bit weirded out by Cana every one else was more than used to their sister doing this. Despite my words, I saw that my little sister wasn't going to let up, and just as she opened her mouth to once more speak she found no sounds coming out.

She freaked out for a second before pausing and glaring at me. I just let out a sigh as I started to walk out of the Magnolia train station and along the road to the guild. "You'll get your voice back when you stop acting like a kid."

Despite my best hopes of her acting her age, she responded by glaring more at me and pouting while crossing her arms. At this point in time, She and I along with everyone else were walking through the very busy streets of Magnolia. I was slightly confused at all the decorations that were being put up around town before remembering what time of year it was.

"The Harvest Festival is soon, isn't it?" I stated as I watched a man put up premade mage light along the edges of his roof.

"Harvest Festival?" Asked Lucy with a bit of a confused look on her face.

Erza ended up being the one to answer her first, "Right you haven't been in Magnolia long have you Lucy? The Harvest Festival is an event usually held on October the 15th. It's to celebrate the harvest for the year with all the farms that surround the town."

I noticed some sparkles in the Celestial mage's eyes at Erza's words before she spoke up. "Really!? I haven't taken part in a festival before! What do they do?"

Gray was the one to answer his girlfriend's question. "Besides families getting together to celebrate privately? Usually, the streets are full of little shops and games that people can go around and visit. But once it gets dark they hold the Fantasia Parade. The guild usually holds a few events for guild members only but we typically take part in the parade. Show off some of our magic and stuff."

"Don't remind me," I grumbled out a bit. As an Illusionist my magic was perfect for large and spectacular displays and the guild was well aware of that. Every year when the festival was soon I would constantly get begged by fellow guild members to be part of the parade.

My annoyance increased slightly when I saw Natsu grin at my expression and speak up. "Sorry to say Bro but after finally getting you to be a part of the parade last year the entire guild is going to try and make sure your part of it this year too."

I couldn't help the groan that escaped my lips as I thought back to last year's parade. I had finally broken down and agreed to be part of the damn parade. I should have just half-assed it but I decided if I was going to work I was going to at the very least try. The results were what everyone called the best parade they had in years and several looks of expectations for next year.

Already I saw the looks that the citizens of the town were giving me and I knew that I would most likely be forced to be part of the parade again this year. My annoyed attitude seemed to speed up my feet as the guild building was soon in front of me. Without a second's delay, I opened the doors and headed inside with my family behind me.

And not a second after I saw the inside did I freeze.

There was a definite tension in the air and upon seeing who was inside it became obvious what was causing it. A large portion of the guild was glaring at a table near the bar where three people sat. The first two didn't surprise me. Juvia and Gajeel I had at some point expected to somehow join the guild and seeing them sitting at one of our tables wasn't surprising.

Seeing Aria was.

"What the hell are you bastards doing here!?" Apparently, in my shock, I had lost concentration on the illusion that had been keeping Cana quiet.

Instantly everyone in my group was battle-ready. Erza had her standard longsword out, Natsu's fist were flaming, Gray had ice forming in his hands, Cana had her cards out, and even Lucy was getting her whip and keys out. Gajeel seemed more than ready to meet them halfway as he stood up with a grin on his face only for him to be stopped by Aria who put a hand on his shoulder.

"Now now Gajeel. It would be most sad and sorrowful to fight our new guildmates." The Air mage's words caused everyone, including me, to pause as we all processed what he just said. I couldn't help but stare in slight disbelief. While I was used to small changes to the story I had watched years upon years ago this wasn't something I ever expected.

Cana was once more the first to speak up, "Could you repeat that!? I'm pretty sure I misheard you!?"

Despite Cana's angry words and threatening cards Aria simply smiled at her before answering in a far too dramatic fashion. "Well if you must now, My dearest friend Juiva was offered a place here at the guild. But she declined it due to her most heartfelt concern for her friends whom she was living with at the time. But Makarov in his sweetest kindness upon hearing her concern extended the other to me, Gajeel, and the rest of the old S-class ex-members of Phantom Lord."

His words once more sent my family into shock but I had gotten over mine and in truth wasn't surprised by the Guild Master's actions. In fact, it sounded very much like a Makarov thing to do, offering homes for those who found themselves lost.

Instead of Cana, Natsu was the first to come out of this shock as he pointed a flaming finger at Gajeel. "You think I'm going to let that bastard be a part of the guild!? After what he did to my Big Brother! HELL NO! I'm going to-"

"It's fine Natsu." I interrupted my brother as I went to the bar.

And for the fourth time today, the rest of my team froze in shock as they stared at me while I picked up today's newspaper from the bar and sat down. Mira didn't even ask as she set a glass of some kind of fruit juice to the right of me. I also couldn't help but notice Gajeel's shocked face as he stared at me in disbelief as well.

This time it was Gray who spoke up, "But Bish he damn nearly killed you! How can you not care about that?!"

"Simple," I said before taking a sip from my glass which was apparently raspberry juice, "He didn't kill me."

I rolled my eyes as for the fifth time they over dramatically froze. I wasn't lying either. I'm sure most people wouldn't forgive someone for beating them within an inch of their life but I just really didn't care. I had been beaten near death by all kinds of people, it was just another day as a mage as far as I was concerned. I'm sure that knowing Gajeel was going to join in the future had added a little but only just a little.

Now if a member of my family had been beaten then it would be a different story.

After they still hadn't unpaused for a good ten seconds I decided to speak up again. "Fighting people and getting hurt is a standard part of being in a mage guild. I'm fine with Gajeel and the other two being here because I separate the job from personal stuff. Unless the man has plans to attack me again I really don't care."

I decided to punctuate the statement by turning to a stunned Gajeel and raising my eyebrow in a silent question. It took him a good second but he shook himself out of his state and spoke. "Naaaa I'm not going to attack you unless I got a good reason. I'd do the same to any of my old guildmates if they gave me a reason too."

I nodded my head and went back to reading my newspaper as my family finally seemed to unpause themselves. Erza was professional enough to simply nod her head and go off towards the guild master to report the incident. Cana grumbled a bit before heading off towards a table that was playing poker. Gray and Natsu glared at Gajeel for a good minute before heading off and Lucy after a moment of uncertainty went off towards Cana.

Glad to be down with the drama I took a sip of my juice and went back to reading. This didn't last long before Mira spoke to me. "Well, you guys handled that better than I thought. You're a true big brother aren't you Bish."

I rolled my eyes at her teasing tone as I turned the page. After a moment of thinking I decided to respond to her. "It's better to end conflicts like those before they grow out of control. I do mean what I said but it's just easier to forgive and forget for me. How did they end up joining by the way?"

The white-haired girl grinned at me as she spoke. "That would be because of me. Got tired of my little brother not noticing the 'fair maiden' that was watching him. Told him and he went to talk to her. He's aware of her feelings for him but he asked for a bit of time to decide if he wants to enter a relationship with her or not. Apparently, the guild master came to them near the end of this conversation and ended up offering her a place at the guild. How the other two got here you already know."

I hummed as I took in the information. In a way, it was kinda annoying to see that something just doesn't change. I actually thought for a good bit that Juvia and Gajeel would be joining the guild but fate had other plans. Aria was a true sunrise though. "So the other two former S-class mages didn't join?"

Mira shrugged as she whipped down the area next to me before she answered. "The fire guy turned down the offer, not sure why though. But the earth one is in town right now. According to mister cryalot, he's unsure if he wants to join or not."

I paused at learning that another one of Phantom Lord's ex-mages might join us but it didn't last long as I hummed a second later at her words. Mira ended up talking to me for a good ten minutes about a few topics like the vacation and other stuff before heading off to do her job. As I finished a page of the newspaper and turned to the next I felt my eye wander over to the three new members.

Juvia and Aria seemed happy as they smiled and talked. Gajeel was trying his best to act annoyed and grouchy but I noticed a slight smile on his face when the three seemed to talk about something that I couldn't hear. I couldn't help but look towards Aria for a few seconds and thought about what his presence might change but gave up and returned my attention to my paper.

No point in wondering what might come to pass. If things change then I would just deal with them.

(Lucy's POV)

I couldn't help but gap at seeing Cana all but throw her money away as she lost round after round in the poker game. Gray and I had agreed to meet up later so I had decided to be with Cana for a bit. The result was watching my friend lose far too much money.

"Dammit! Why'd I had to run out now?! A losing streak like that always leads to a huge winning streak! Luce, please give me some money!" Cana all but begged me as I pulled her away from the table to an empty one.

I couldn't help but sigh at my friend's gambling addiction. It was like watching a car crash, I couldn't take my eyes away as it happened. And according to Gray, it was worse back when she started gambling.

Eventually, I was able to get a pouting Cana in a seat as I sat across from her and let out a sigh of relief at finally being off my feet. I was about to say something when Erza promptly came from Makarov's office and all but beelined towards us and sat down.

"The Master has been informed of what happened. He didn't have much to say other than he's happy that we're alright and that my friends are welcome to join the guild when they get done." Stated Erza with a relieved look on her face. Knowing her she probably expected the guild master to punish us for technically fighting a dark guild.

"It's a shame that they left but if they want to see the world a little before joining then power to them. Probably was hell to be locked up for years even if they weren't slaves anymore. That said they had some impressive magic power considering they didn't have much experience, probably put them around a high B-Class." Said Cana as she took a sip of the drinks that Mira had just dropped off before she went back to the bar.

When Erza nodded her head in agreement I decided to speak up. "How can you tell? I know that we have the ranking system but no one really explained it to me."

Erza and Cana looked at me in surprise and I found myself blushing in embarrassment at the attention. I suppose I should really know this stuff by now. It was Erza who ended up speaking, "Well first off Ranks and Classes are for different things. Ranks are given to jobs and magic objects while Classes are given to mages and magical creatures."

I tilted my head in confusion as I resounded. "What's the difference? Why have two different labels?"

Erza paused and seemed to think on something but before she could speak up again Cana started explaining. "Really there isn't much of a difference between the two other than that Classes only go as low as C-Class while Ranks go down to D-Rank. I think the idea is that D is something even a non-mage can handle so if you're a mage then you're at the very least a C-Class. That said calling someone a D-Class is a common insult between mages."

As Cana finished I took a moment to absorb what she said. I had another question but Cana started speaking once more before I could ask it. "Really the only other difference between the two is that Ranks are just the letter while Classes tend to be separated into three sections. Low, Mid, and High. Like a Low C-Class, a Mid C-Class, and a High C-Class."

Cana paused to take a drink from the cup and Erza almost instantly jumped in and started explaining more. "The higher you get in Class the harder it is to jump between the Classes and section. C-Class mages are usually beginner mages or non-combatant mages. B-Class is where most combat mages are placed, I would say at this point Lucy that you're a High B-Class and making good headway into getting into A-Class."

I felt myself blushing at the praise from my friend. I knew from Gray that I was making some great strides in my magic but hearing it from another who was one of the strongest mages in the guild really was an ego boost. "Really! Thanks Erza, that means a lot. What about A and S though?"

Not a second after I asked the question did Erza start explaining, having gone into a bit of what I would call a teacher mode. "A-Class is where most of the well-trained and experienced mage ends up and is usually where most stay until retirement. Gray and Natsu are both considered a High A-Class which is rare for how young they are."

I nodded at the information before I realized that she left someone out. I pointed over at Bishop who was still at the bar reading a newspaper. "What about Bishop?"

Erza paused at this and just like before Cana jumped in and started talking. "Bish is officially considered a High A-Class like Gray and Flame Brain. But he is also what many people would refer to as an honorary S-Class. Due to needing to take a test to be considered an S-Class there's a small number of mages that are kinda stuck at High A-Class for one reason or another. Considering that Bish can defeat me a good number of the time and even give Erza a run for her money at times he would definitely be a Low S-Class if not for needing that dumb test."

Cana paused for a moment and it looked like Erza was about to pick up the impromptu education before Cana continued to speak. "As for S-class...it's a league of its own. The Best and most powerful mages are S-Class. The power gap between a Low to Mid to High S-class mage is also huge and practically their own Classes. I'm a Low S-class while miss prodigy over there is Mid S-Class and probably one of the youngest too."

Erza blushed at the naked praise as I nodded my head. "So High S-Class is the highest one can go right? Does Fairy Tail have any? Like Laxus?"

Cana immediately started laughing at my questions much to my confusion until Erza started talking once more. "For as strong as Laxus is, he is considered a Mid S-Class like me. While the Master's grandson likes to talk about power he is in fact only the second most powerful mage in the guild if you don't include the Master."

"Who's the most powerful?" I couldn't help but ask.

Erza opened her mouth to talk but Cana hissed out a name before she could say anything. "Gildarts…"

I was taken back by the bitterness I heard in Cana tones and was about to ask if something was wrong before the women sighed and got up. "Erz you can finish up this little class I'm heading home."

Erza and I watched Cana walk out of the guild before I turned to her with a questioning look which she responded to with a confused shrug. We ended up staying silent for about a minute before Erza spoke up. "Anyway... Gildarts is considered a High S-Class mage and the most powerful mage in the guild besides for the Master. You haven't seen him since he went on a long-term job a few years ago. None of us know when he'll be back."

I nodded my head before I noticed the time in the magic clock above the bar. "Thanks Erza. I got to be going though Gray and I have some plans for a date this evening. Have a good day."

I saw Erza nod her head as I ran off to my date. Feeling just a bit more prepared for the job of being a mage.

(Bishop's POV)

I steadied my breathing as I finished the illusion I was working on. After getting done with all the stuff at the guild I went off to the secret little area behind the house that I trained in. I wanted to get a little training in before since I knew that the Harvest Festival tomorrow would take up most of my time.

I couldn't stop thinking about the pain I felt back at the tower when I attempted the Life's Illusion spell. It wasn't even very painful, just… blinding mentally. I needed to train my mind more if I wanted to be able to ever handle the strain of that type of illusion. Of course, that would involve somehow getting the magic required for it again.

Besides, that I was thinking of working more on my swordplay. I had neglected it in recent years to focus more on my illusions but after the fight with that female assassin, I was starting to think about working more on it. Besides just generally improving my handling and form I was planning to look for specific techniques and strikes that hit the tendons like on the wrist or ankle. I wouldn't have much time to work on it now but I should hopefully get a bit of work done before the mess of the Oración Seis.

My memory of the show has faded away over the twenty-three years I had lived here. If I hadn't eventually gotten around to writing things down I probably wouldn't remember any of the stories at all. At the moment I had a basic outline of things but it got rather spotty around the middle.

In the end, though I had long since come to terms with this. Whatever happened I would be there to help my family.

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