The punch was God awful. It tasted like somebody got every single liquor bottle off the shelf and just dumped it into the punch bowl. I have had five paper cups of the toxic waste and was taking a sixth. Man, my barf is going to burn coming up tomorrow. I took a shot as the ambulance came by to take the pregnant lady to the hospital. I guess she was who this party was for. I couldn't have cared less: there was a curvy brunette starting to strip. She wasn't my type as far as I could tell, but when I get drunk as hell, I become horny as hell.

"Get it, girl!" I yelled from across the room.

"Yeah!" Some other dude agreed.

I didn't stick around because I had to pee. I could tell I was wasted by how I stumbled in there. I thought of that brunette as I rubbed one off while relieving myself. I moaned out loud and got dizzy. I didn't even flush the toilet before I climbed into the tub to lay down. Fuck me…

"Are you okay?" I heard a woman ask.

I opened up my eyes and realized I was in a totally different place. It was a party setting but it was not the same one and there was nobody there except for the brunette woman standing in front of me. She was a familiar looking brunette with her hair down to her shoulders, a pink flower behind her ear, and a white dress that covered everything but her lower legs. She was holding a glass of what looked to be champagne.

"You're going to spill your drink," she warned. I looked down and sure enough I realized I had a glass of champagne, too. I laughed out loud as I clinked glasses with her in a toast that was never made.

"What's all this?" I finally asked. She laughed and had a seat next to me.

"Well, I'm married now," she explained.

"Why, of course!" I laughed. "I should have known by your dress. You look very nice."

"Well, thank you," she blushed.

"You know," I said as I touched the flower in her hair. "I'm surprised this isn't blue for your 'something blue'."

"I got something better," she said with a mischievous grin. I could have died when she rolled her dress all the way up to her underwear to reveal a frilly Robin's Egg garter belt. God, her thighs were pleasantly thick. She blushed again as she put her dress back down.


"Don't be."

"I'm married now," she repeated.

"To me?"

Water seemed to burst out of nowhere and the image of the bride had flooded away as I realized this had all been a dream. Too bad, she was a sweet thing. I could no longer avoid the reality of waking up as my face submerged into running bathwater. Shit, I'm beginning to remember what happened last night. I turn around and the first thing I see is a brunette looking at me, scared to death. Well, I was scared too: she was the lady from my dream and I could tell that wherever my future lead, she was going to be with me through it.