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Part 1

It had been over six months since Hiro and GoGo started dating. Aside from periodic teasing from the rest of the team and unwelcome yet innocent questions from Baymax and Aunt Cass, things were going perfectly for them. GoGo was left with a lot of concern, however, when she got a phone call from her mother saying that she and GoGo's father would be visiting San Fransokyo and wanted to meet Hiro.

That night, after she spoke with her mother, GoGo made a mad dash for the Lucky Cat Café to talk to Hiro. They were sitting at a table near the window and, while GoGo wouldn't go into a lot of details as to why, Hiro could tell this was bothering her.

Hiro held her hands, "You know I don't mind meeting them, right?"

"Yeah." GoGo sighed. "You sure you want to, though?"

"Are you sure, is the better question. You don't look like you're really happy about this."

"Just… it's my family," GoGo said, not being able to find a better way to put it.

"You've been around Aunt Cass," Hiro replied. "What's worse than that?"

"Okay, first off, Aunt Cass is ah-mazing!"

"Thank you!" Cass shouted from the counter.

Hiro chuckled and shook his head.

GoGo smiled for a brief second before the smile faded. "Second, you have no idea what my parents can be like. They're nothing like me."

Hiro smiled her, affectionately. "No one is."

"Are you flirting with me? Really? Right now?"

He shrugged.

She shook her head but started blushing, "Okay, okay. It works."

"I thought it would."

"You don't get them, Hiro," she said. "They're smart. But… not like me."

"And like I said, no one is," he replied.

"And… they may not think too highly of me. Or my choices. Or even my friends, sometimes. They didn't really think that much of my old friends. The couple that I had. Just… anything about me, in general. I mean, they'll probably love you, but, me…"

Hiro had never seen GoGo react like this. She was bordering on rambling. She never rambled. He rubbed her knuckles, "GoGo. It's gonna be fine. I've got you, whatever you need."

"I'm gonna be honest: I need you to have a lot of patience with me." She sighed. "Dealing with them won't be easy for me. It's why I moved from home."

"I've got you."

"Thank you."

"And it's just your parents. How bad can it be?"

She stared at him, slowly narrowing her eyes. "Did you really just say that?"

"Regret it already," he admitted. "So, instead, I'll say it's gonna be okay."

She scoffed. She looked down then back at him, "You know… we've… I've never told you why I moved from home."

"I know," he replied. "You can tell me when you want."

"Thanks, Hiro," she said. She stood up, leaned over the table, and kissed him. "You really are smart enough to be my boyfriend."

"Praise from the queen of speed," he smiled. "High praise, indeed."

"Shut up," she laughed.

One week later.

Hiro, GoGo, and the rest of the team were at the airport waiting for GoGo's family to arrive.

"Think your family will wanna check out a movie, GoGo?" Fred asked. "Space Sliders 8 just came out."

"There's an eighth one?" Wasabi asked.

"Oh, yeah!"

"My folks won't wanna see that, Fred," GoGo said. "Not their kinda movie."

"Oh." Fred looked around. "Well, can we go?"

"Fred!" Wasabi and Honey Lemon shouted.

"What?" Fred asked.

Honey Lemon rolled her eyes. "So, what airline are they arriving on, GoGo?"

"No airline," GoGo admitted. "Private plane."

"Private?" Wasabi asked.

"Fred's family isn't the only one that's rich."

"You barely ever pay for anything!" Fred shouted.

"They're rich," GoGo declared. "Never said I was."

Hiro rubbed GoGo's arm but, unfortunately, it didn't seem to help. He looked at his robotic companion, "Baymax, how long until their plane lands?"

Baymax calculated, "The plane will be landing in approximately 18 minutes on private runway 3."

"Let's go," GoGo ordered, walking off without the others.

"I've never seen her like this," Wasabi said, concerned.

"I have," Honey Lemon admitted.

Hiro looked at her, confused. "You have?"

"I'll tell you about it later."

They waited by the private runway as a small G-7 plane made its landing. GoGo stood ahead of the team with her hands together in front of her in a perfect posture. Hiro couldn't help but notice how uncomfortable she looked standing there.

A few minutes after the plane landed, the door to the plane opened, complete with a staircase, and Jeong Tomago, GoGo's father, stepped out, wearing a dark blue business suit. He walked down the steps followed by Leslie Tomago, GoGo's mother, who was wearing a light blue dress and white gloves.

Jeong and Leslie walked up to GoGo with Leslie hugging her, immediately.

"Ethel!" Leslie exclaimed.

"Hey, Mom," GoGo replied, somewhat blandly as she hugged her back.

"I, literally, forgot that was her name," Fred whispered.

"Shut up, Fred!" Wasabi ordered.

After the hug, GoGo looked at Jeong and bowed, "Father."

"Ethel," Jeong nodded.

"We have a surprise for you!" Leslie said as she motioned toward the plane.

One more occupant stepped into view; a young woman who seemed to be about the same age as GoGo. She was wearing a green dress with gold designs imprinted on it.

GoGo's eyes widened and whispered, "Emily?"

"Uh-oh," Hiro whispered.

"Not good," Honey whispered.

"That's her sister, right?" Wasabi whispered to them.

"Yep. Emily."

"Do they get along?"

"Nope," Hiro and Honey answered.

Emily walked up to GoGo and hugged her, "Big sister!"

GoGo gave her a one-handed hug. "Uh. Hey, Em. What are you doing here?"

"Mom and Dad told me they were coming to see you and I decided to come along!"

GoGo forced a half-smile. "Great!"

Emily looked at the rest of the team, "Are these your friends?"

"Yeah." GoGo introduced everyone before coming to Hiro, "And this is Hiro. My boyfriend."

"Oooh!" Emily said, walking up to Hiro. "The boyfriend! You're a lot cuter than I was expecting."

Hiro leaned back a bit, uncomfortably. "Uhhh, thank you."

Jeong walked up to Hiro next, "So you are Hiro Hamada?"

"Yes, sir," Hiro replied. He offered his hand. "Pleased to meet you."

Silently, Jeong shook Hiro's hand, mildly impressed by the firmness of Hiro's grip.

"Well," Leslie said, "will all you be joining us for dinner?"

"If that's alright," Honey Lemon said.

"Of course." Leslie looked at GoGo, "Ethel, why don't you come with us to the hotel and your friends can meet us later."

GoGo shrugged, "If you want, Mom." She looked at Hiro, "Mind… catching up later?"

Hiro couldn't quite hide that it seemed like she didn't want him to go with her, but nodded, nonetheless. "Sure. Whatever you want."

GoGo walked away without a hug or a kiss. Hiro imagined that was to keep up appearances in front of her family but it still hurt a little bit.

Emily smiled and winked, "See you later, Hiro."

Hiro forced a nervous smile. "Uh, sure."

The Tomago family walked toward a waiting limousine.

"Did you have to do that?" GoGo asked.

"What?" Emily asked.

"Wink at my boyfriend."

"I'm just being friendly, Ethel. You should try it sometime. You'd have a lot more friends."

With that, GoGo was again reminded why she moved away from home. She exhaled, harshly. "Great."

The team, sans GoGo, of course, went back to the Lucky Cat Café and, while they all sat a table, Hiro was staring out of the window. The rest of the team didn't know what to say, growing concerned about Hiro and GoGo and their relationship. Cass was with sitting with them, as well, having been told the whole story by the others.

"Even for her usual quiet-self, GoGo really doesn't seem like herself," Honey Lemon declared.

"Yeah," Hiro said. "I mean… she never talks about her family. We're always talking about mine. I wish she would just tell me what's up." He looked at the team, "Has she talked to any of you about them?"

"A little," Honey admitted. "But… not much."

"Barely anything," Wasabi said. He looked at Fred, "Did you know anything?"

"Honestly, I thought she was born a mechanic," Fred replied. "Like, seriously. Like… she was born and started working on motorcycles."

"Huh. Usually, I'd question your sanity on that but that actually makes a lot of sense. It doesn't like she really… hates Emily or her parents."

"It's not like a… hate thing," Hiro said. "The problem is I don't what it is. I wish she would just tell me what's going on."

"I'm sure she'll tell you everything, Hiro," Honey said to him. "Eventually."

"But she knows all about me," Hiro replied. "I mean… everything with Tadashi. I… it just… I dunno. It kinda hurts that she's keeping so much from me."

"People have their reasons, Hiro," Cass said. "Especially GoGo. I know her and you do too. If there's something she hasn't told you, she has a good reason. She probably has very good reasons."

"Yeah, okay. Just bugs me, that's all."

"I know."

Honey started to fidget, anxiously, "Just… give her a chance before you… give up on her."

Hiro chuckled a bit. "I'll never give up on her, Honey. I know she's not the most open person in the world. But I don't mind. She's strong. It's why I lo…" He stopped and his eyes widened.

Everyone stared at him, blankly.

Hiro looked around, nervously. "Why I… care about her so much."

Honey smiled. "Uh-huh. Sure. You meant… care."

"Oh, dear," Cass said, hiding a smile.

"I meant 'care'!" Hiro said, blushing.

"Hiro, your heartrate has increased," Baymax noted. "Is there a problem?"

"No! And I meant 'care'!"

"Sure ya did," Wasabi smiled.

Hiro opened his mouth and started to stutter, "O-o-o-o-oh! Look at the time! We should probably get ready to meet up with GoGo and her family!" He jumped to his feet, "I'll go get ready!" He rushed upstairs without looking at anyone.

"He totally almost said it," Honey said, shocked.

"Oh, yeah," Wasabi agreed.

"He's really grown up," Cass said. "Just wish his parents and Tadashi were here to see it."

Wasabi rubbed Cass's shoulder while Honey hugged her.

"He almost said what?" Fred asked.

When Hiro got to his room, he slammed his door shut and exhaled. He thought about what he almost said. Part of him knew better than to just blurt that out. But another part knew it was true and he was wondering why he was stopping himself from admitting it.

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