Lincoln sat in the attic with his younger goth. "Are you sure we should do this?" Lincoln as lucy drew the circle. "I mean I don't want to play but-" Lucy finished drawing the ritual symbols.

Lucy "groan, you're the one who said you would rather sell your soul then play football and I already drawn the circle." She said as the candles burned. The room darkened as the center of circle opened to an abyss, "Wow"

Lincoln gulped and then was shocked. "WOW? is this the first time you-" before he finished a voice spoke from the circle.

"Speak your wish and I will grant your wish." The voice was deep as if darkness it self speaking and it sounded dead as if it never felt any form of joy or anykind emotion.

"I want to ne-" Lucy jumped at him and shut his mouth as he about to say what he wanted. He pulled her hand away. "What was that?!"

"Lincoln you are making a deal with the devil! think exactly what to say! If you say 'never want to play to sports again' you might end up losing all your limbs" She spoke thinly scarring Lincoln to the core.

"Ok let me think." Lincoln said leaving the attic but then he noticed that his sisters were moving slowly but then as he tried to grab Lana his hands went through her and he ran back to the attic. "LUCY! Everyone is frozen!" Lucy looked through the pages looking for the answer, but then a hand appeared grabbing the sixth child of the loud house.

The abyss spoke agian. "You opened me, the price for it is your essence, your being and your soul." It slowly pulled Lucy but then.

Loud scream could be heard. "Stop!" The abyss looked at the young man who screamed "Take me." The abyss threw lucy at a bunch of boxes and grabbed Lincoln tightly as he struggled . Again the hand slowly the hand pulled toward the abyss. "wait you said I had a wish right?"

The abyss. "Yes I did." agian the abyss voice was dead even hearing it made Lincoln scared.

"I want To not be sent to hell" the abyss chuckled "How about not dying until i get back? "The endless entity laughed but gave a

"AGREED" With a dead and horrifying voice.

then pulled him into it self. "Goodbye Lucy." Lucy stood up and tried to grab him but it closed.


Lincoln fell down a mile away from the ground and he span mid air screaming. "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!" as he landed on the sand with an arm broken and a leg. He pushed himself so what he would be on his back looking at the sky. "So this is hell?" He asked as he noticed compeletly dark sky and the pure white sand admitting a weak light making it so that even if there was no moon or stars, its made the place feel like if there was a moon shinning on him."I was a bit optimistic about getting back home."Lincoln spoke bitting his lips trying to keep himself from screaming and started to get tired, as closed his eyes hoping to whatever god would hear him that he wouldn't get eaten by somekind monster.

A hour later.

He felt his hand being stepped on. He just looked at the person and noticed that they were wearing very fanshy clothing and had four wings. "Oh I'm sorry my boy" Lincoln just stared at him his eyes tired, close to death, to weak to move even a finger. "hmm I'm guesing you just entered this place and at such a young age! this should be a crime!" The being snapped his finger and Lincolns hand and leg started to catch white flames. Lincoln was horrified of course but it felt pleasant no pain or burning untile he felt his bones taking their normal place and he screamed as if he was having his limbs ripped apart. "I'm sorry about that, It will be over soon." It took an hour.

Lincoln stoop up "Thanks mr ?" The angle chuckled.

"Call me aarron I'm angle doing my killing de-" Lincoln jumped at him. "HEY! w-"

Lincoln spoke with a desprate voice. "Please get me out of here please!" the angle looked at him and sighed.

"Sorry kid but I can't. You see if you made a deal with a demon I could get you out a of here." Lincoln him a confused look. "But you made a deal with hell it self!" Lincoln eyes widened like Dinner plates. "Sorry, B-but I can give you something to help you." He then pulled two gloves out of his bag. "Here with this you should be able to win any game."

Lincoln gave angered look. "Games...GAMES!?" grabbed him again. "How can games help me survive in literal HELL?!" The angle sighed and pushed lincoln back to the sand.

"Listen demons Love to play games with mortals to steal their soul or make them into their slaves, those gloves will make sure you win every game unless its a quiz, don't play a quiz game with a demon." Lincoln nodded before the angle threw him a bottle of water and flew away.

he put the gloves on "Thanks for the gloves, I hope it doesn't turn out be a 'magic feather' and I end up in some monsters belly." Lincoln walked through the dessert as a sand storm started to rush toward him. "I got lucky gloves But I guese me wearing them makes them just normal." He ran but the sand reached him making it so he couldn't he his own hands infront of him. as he kept walking instead falling on the ground and waiting for this to end.

Day 2

Lincoln continued to walk the same direction hoping hit something soon but he didn't he had been walking for god knows how long! His watch broke as he fell into this place. But his luck changed as he hit a wall. "What the?" he followed feeling the wall until he found a entrence he didn't question it and just lied down on the ground even if it was still sand it was better then walking his legs off or buried in the sand.

Day 3

Lincoln woke up to see a small being with a giant backpack twice as big as them and a white cloak over their head. "Um hey." The being jumped revealing her face and the horns. "A Demon !"

"A Reaper!" they both said at the same time and Lincoln gave her a confused. "Please don't take my life reaper! I'm a good demon I have never killed anyone or harmed a human in my existence!" she was on the ground begging not to be killed. "I'm just humble trader going to dis!"

Lincoln this caused Lincoln to ask "What is dis?"

The demon man looked at the white haired boy angered that he didn't know about dis. "It's the city of demons the place where we demons live and thrive! It's the gem of hell the most important place in hell itself!" and then he grabbed his mout. "Oh no, i told a reaper too much!"

Lincoln sighed and shacked the demon a bit. "I AM NOT A REAPER! I'm just a human who made a deal with hell and ended up here."

The demon gave relieved sigh "Oh thank the abyss! So a Human ?" He said starting to unpack his bags a large mustache hiding his mouth and round sunglasses hiding his red eye. "How much for that shirt?"

"What?" Lincol asked a bit confused.

"The polo shirt ! the color orange is a rarity here in hell, blue is also hard to find but I'm not gonna ask for the pants." Lincoln nodded."So how much?"

Lincoln thought about it. "How about this I will give you my shirt if you bring me to dis and I get half of the profits." The old demon groaned but agreed and shacked his hand.

"SO how did you find this giants skull?" Lincoln gave a surprised look. "Oh boy, how are you still alive? Come out let me show you." Lincoln followed him outside since the sand storm stopped and.

"WOW!" he then saw that he was actually sleeping in the skull of a dead giant and that the entrence was actually the eye of this monster. "How tall was it ?!" Lincoln asked curious about this thing.

The old demon looked at it and merged the head to the rest of the body. "Most likely 50 meters! The largest of it's kind." Lincoln gulped and hoped to never a living one. "We better keep going before another sand storm hits us!" Lincoln followed him and noticed the sky was still black as usual."Looking for stares?"

Lincoln. "No its just that it looks like it's been always night even though it feels like I have been here for day now and I'm not cold at all shouldn't it be freezing right about now?."

"How about I ask a question now what's your name?"

"Lincoln loud." he questioned him back "And your name?"


"OK so were you born in hell or ?"

"I was born in dis actually and that's why I went on that speech."

Lincoln nodded as the contineud walked. "So why did you leave dis anyway? You're a trader so there's no point to leave right?" the demon nodded.

"true, but I have to go to other cities and make some extra profit on items that aren't common there." Lincoln nodded understand what meant. "So any family? brothers, sisters?" Lincoln chuckled. "How many siblings?" Lincoln smiled

"I have 10 sisters." Which made Sawyer laugh like a maniac but then stopped. "It's true."

"I believe you, but it's almost impossible to have ten children of the same gender unless father is less masculine and your mother ate nothing but chocolate before getting pregnant."

"Um...How do you know this?"

"I'm a futility demon so I know how to make sure your future child is a boy or a girl."

"Ok can you get me out of hell?" Lincoln said trying to change the subject.

The demon eyes widen. "How about this? You help me around and carry my products, for payment I will teach you magic witch will help you reach your goal faster and you can other demon on how to leave this hole." Lincoln nodded then got a bag on his bag. "Now to dis and don't go slow on me!" He yelled looking at the boy who followed him.

authors note: I'm been having a writers block on the teacher is our bro so trying to get rid of it, I'm writing everything that come in my head right now. So i hope you like this and I'm going to continue writing until this thing is out of my head. And the which and witch thing wasn't a spelling error it was a pun.