Lincoln Woke up in a room made out marble. "It still feels tacky." Lincoln said as the door opened. "Why?" Liz looked at him. "Why did it take heart?" Liz didn't speak and left the room. Lincoln thought about what the being said but it didn't say much, but Lincoln remembered the deal he made with the demon and figured what the demons was planning. "So did you figure it out?" Lincoln nodded with a glare. "Now whats our next training?" Liz smiled and lead him outside to show him a apple tree with rotten Apples. "What am i going to do with this?" Liz handed a axe to Lincoln and left.

Liz went inside the mansion and went to a visitor. "So the plan is going well lord?" A being in pure light. Liz smiled, "You will keep to our deal?" The being nodded with out a face their form was a tall man with no way to tell its age. "I hope you will be happy with me." it nodded again in the completely silent room before disappearing.

Lincoln continued swinging the ax but the tree was harder then he had thought. He continued and after 14 hours later he only had cut a inch, he went to the other side and started swinging the axe before falling to the ground from exhaustion. "Why do I cut this darn tree?!" he kicked the tree and held his foot trying to soothe his pain. Lincoln then thought about burning this darn tree down and his mind went through his memories and made him see the memories that caused him the most anger, rage and then his hand turned into fire. "Aaaahhh!" he looked at his hand and touched the tree it started burning as this happened the the ground started to catch flames and he ran to the house as he saw the ground burning away in front of him, he pushed the door opened to liz eyes being healed by the being she was speaking to. A liz smiled ad Lincoln as the being finally spoke. "You have done well Liz loud." She grew pure white and flew out of hell falling backwards.

Lincoln just stared as the world was burning around him the ashes falling to the void he was now he wondered if he would come back up, like that classic cartoon, he had lived eleven years and he only regretted one thing and he started being swallowed by the void ready to surrender but then he remembered what he asked of that being; that being that trapped him there, that being separated him from his family. "I WON'T DIE!" He yelled as his body turned to fire roaring through this void, a being made out of shadows and wings so beautiful that would have made anyone gasp but Lincoln didn't care about its appearance. "So are you going to tell me how to escape and trick me?" The beings eyes opened they were made out of pure light.

Lincoln calmed down as he saw these eyes. "I know how you feel; complete betrayal, I have been rebellious and now I'm stuck here a world created with complete laziness." Lincoln looked at him suspicious and didn't let his guard down. "I want to rebuild hell in my image." Lincoln looked at him a little confused. "The place you destroyed wasn't true hell, it was the version of earth before it placed his creations on the planet, now he doesn't need the nostalgia of the days of old." Lincoln raised an eyebrow questioning the being. "You will now fall to the second ring of hell the ring of the antiquity. I actually speak the first human language but still lets just say make a few towers fall." He snapped his fingers and Lincoln woke up lying on grass land. He grabbed the grass smelling it before he noticed the pure red sky.

Lincoln sighed as he felt the beams of the sun light touching him face. "I don't care what this place brings, its better then that gloomy world where lucy would vacation if she could." He smiled looking at the which was setting. As it set he saw the grass turn white glowing, which moved with the winds and it looked as if it was underwater constantly moving in harmony. He started walking toward a moon in the distance before he heard steps, paws walking through the tall glowing grass. Lincoln sighed making his hand to dust before turning into crystal spears but he could see them until he hit a area where the grass was moving on it's covering himself in blue glowing blood. He then heard more paw steps coming so laid on the ground as let one walk over him. He didn't move for the rest of the night as he kept hearing beings moving through the dark night, not being seen by him no matter how much he tried to see the beast; he couldn't even see the eyes of these invisible beasts. Once the sun rose he stood up and walked toward where the sun set and finally saw a tower which was taller then anything he had seen in his life. "So this must be the tower that weird thing was talking." He said as the the gate opened, he pulled into the building was being poked with a metal nail. "Ow hey!" The people wore togas and they seemed familiar, the way they spoke also reminded him of something.

The faceless men looked at Lincoln. "When were you born?" their voice echoed even though they were outside, Lincoln answered then sighed with relief. "Good you may enter. Lincoln was brought into the gigantic building at which he saw a gigantic library with more books then he could count. "We have all knowledge here from Alpha to Omega." Lincoln didn't question it and just ran to the comics section to find that every issue of ace savvy in existence!

He continued to read; this was paradise, for a week until he read through all of them. "I just memorized every issue of ace savvy now do you have book on flesh magic?" A faceless man pointed to where it could be. Lincoln climbed the latter up a up climbing past 10 floors before the reaching the section on magic to see a witch. "Oh thank what ever controls this world! I thought this place was filled with nothing but old men who think to much! seriously they have talking the nature of humanity and just made my ears disappear." The girl wearing goth clothing looked at Lincoln, surprised that someone this young was here. "So what's your name?" The girl helped him up the rail guard.

She smiled. "Haiku, how did you end up here?" Lincoln sighed looking down. "There you will tell me when you're ready, but why are you here?" She said in a monotone manner the same way Lucy would which made him smile. "I'm here to research on flesh magic." Haiku looked at him a bit confused before Lincoln turned his hand to dust leaving only the bones. "Wow, you can use magic?" She said looking at the skeleton hand it was his imagination. "So what's your name?" Lincoln instanly answered. "Lincoln wanna more tricks?" He then made the dust fly before here he turned it into a butter fly with out wings... "you can create bugs?" Lincoln sighed trying to make a butterfly but he wasn't successful. "I was trying to make a butterfly." Haiku just smiled he have might failed but she was impressed. "You made life out of dust thats still cool if you ask me." he smiled. "so do you know where the magic books are?" She nodded and lead him there.

Authors note: ok haiku is this worlds love interest cause the world Lincoln and why Haiku is here is because this is a world where the only good part is the daytimes with pure green fields and a red sun, so yea for a goth is hell and the nighttime is filled with invis monsters so what can you do?