A/N: Me? Poetry? WHAT THE HECKIE? Let's get this straight: I. Am. Not. A. Poetry. Person. I don't understand it, I can't read it, I can't pronounce it, I can't write it well. I wrote a smaller poem earlier as a prologue for a Dangerstyle VS Emmetstyle story I'm planning, and then wrote this one in some downtime. Hope someone likes it!

I never had a chance,

All I ever wanted was one dance.

You seemed so far,

We were a universe apart.

I called you Miss,

While I dreamed of a kiss.

I had never experienced the world,

And it was for the world you worked.

With hair of fuschia, teal and charcoal,

I had never felt my heart drum in my soul.

Then, as if you granted my wish,

You stole away my anguish.

You spoke to me,

And I could finally see.

You held my hand.

We walked through the sand.

We shared a home,

And my heart no longer had to roam.

A stranger stole you, and I couldn't help but panic.

I'm sorry, Lucy, but I'm a romantic.

I was lost, petrified, and alone.

Once again, I was on my own.

I thought of you every second,

You never came when I beckoned.

I saw you live without me.

Lucy, believe me, that made me happy.

I only ever wanted the best for you.

I changed, I grew.

You had told me it was what you sought.

I tried to do what you had taught.

Nothing made me happy.

Without you, I turned cold, bitter, and snappy.

I had to see you one more time.

Was that a crime?

My heart ached, my soul broke,

My stomach turned as we neared, and I began to choke.

Finally, you descended from space,

Hair of neon curled around your face.

I had not cried in years,

And in one look, you moved me to tears.

I rose up, and for the first time, I saw you.

Lying was the only thing I could do.

My name is Rex Dangervest, I said.

It was all I could do to not hit myself over the head

You saved the day, and my worst fears came true.

I was the opposite of you, your enemy, hurting you.

You stopped my plans,

And caught me in a trance.

You glared at me.

Again, I had to kiss away the idea of 'we'

I faded away, but Lucy, believe me, it never meant a thing.

Because, before I vanished, you smiled.

I never forgot that smile as I was exiled.

Finn saw no use for me, and dropped me into The Bin of Stor-Age.

I had no horrors left to dodge.

But Lucy, believe me when I say, I love you.

It figures I had to lose you, you were too good to be true.

Be happy, Lucy. Be happy with him.

I hold no anger, though my future is grim.

Though I never made you my wife,

I hope you have a perfect life.

Believe me, Lucy.

I love you.