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[Chapter 01 – A Song of Despair, All in Your Head, Class Trial Part I]

Truth Bullets:

Kuma Case File:

Files distributed by Ōkuma to help in the investigation. It reads:

"Victim: Hanzai Shinpi

The Victim suffered multiple stab wounds on the chest. The Victim also suffered a strike to the head.

Time of Death is unknown."

Kitchen Knife:

A kitchen knife found on the same cauldron that Hanzai was boiled in.


Hanzai's limbs were all tied down by wires. Seems to have been used to prevent any struggle

Hanzai Boiled?:

Was Hanzai really boiled?

Head Wound:

A wound that was present on Hanzai's head. It seems to have been caused by a blunt force trauma.

Broken Glasses:

Hanzai's glasses. Found broken on the kitchen floor.

Smudge on the Floor:

A smudge of blood on the floor of the kitchen.

Transaction List:

A list that was obtained by buying the privilege to view it.

The items bought from the store are: a tape, wires, a metal pipe, and a switchblade. The one who bought them is "Unpleasant Guy"

The users of the Gacha are known as "No, kill them all" and "Killing One's Brother"

Sayuki and Nemesis' Testimony:

Sayuki and Nemesis were together the whole night until morning.


Hanzai's journal. It was found on the Trash Room.

There was a peculiar entry on it.

"They've come for me huh? Perhaps they know that I've managed to piece together their identity. They've called me to the kitchen. Though it might be a trap, I can't let them get away with this. There's also a chance that I can get everyone out of here before any murder happen."

Blood in the Freezer:

A puddle of blood inside the freezer.

Hanzai's Plan:

Hanzai had planned to bore the mastermind into submission. If there isn't any murder, perhaps the mastermind would get bored and let them go.

Only Haruka knew of this plan.

April 18, 2020

Location: Trial Ground

Time: Unknown

Class Trial: Start

Ōkuma: Alright, let's begin with a simple explanation of the Class Trial.

Kazuma: We don't really need that. We already know how a Class Trial works.

Ōkuma: I didn't say that you had a say in this, kiddo.

Ōkuma: Now where was I? Ah! Explaining the trial!

Ōkuma: You will present your arguments for who the blackened is and vote for the unlucky schmuck. Get it right and congratulations to the rest, only the blackened will be punished. Get it wrong however…

Ōkuma: Congratulations to the blackened as they successfully got away with their murder and the rest will be punished! The blackened will also have the right to leave the Château and escape to the outside world!

Ōkuma: Now that that's settled, entertain your king, jesters!

John: We're not your jesters.

Nemesis: Can I ask one thing?

Ōkuma: Sure go ahead, honey!

Nemesis: What is that?

Nemesis pointed at Hanzai's portrait placed on what was supposed to be his podium. The portrait also had some lines that said "Crime-scene – Keep Out" over it.

Nemesis: Is there a need for that?"

Ōkuma: Well, our dead friend would be pretty lonely if he got excluded from the trial.

Ōkuma: So with that portrait he can still be with us even when he's dead!

Haruka: You're sick.

Ōkuma: Thanks honey!

Kasuka: Well, enough of the pointless discussion. We need to get to the point on why we're actually here.

Naomi: Hanzai's murder.

Yu: Yeah. But where do we start?

Tohka: Maybe with the cause of death?

Genjiro: Hm?

Genjiro: I believe that the cause of Hanzai's demise is very clear.

Sayuki: Boiled like Ishikawa Goemon.

Amamiya: [Maybe but I feel like we're missing something]

Dave: Are we now?

Nemesis: Well since we're at an impasse we might as well discuss this.

Naomi: Was Hanzai really boiled alive. Though it might look like that I feel like there's more to it. We'll have to clear that up.


Make Your Argument!

Truth Bullets: Hanzai Boiled?, Kitchen Knife, Kuma Case File, Smudge on the floor, Broken Glasses

Kasuka: Now then, let's discuss Hanzai's cause of death.

Genjiro: Is there really a need for that?

Yu: It wouldn't hurt to discuss it a bit, Genji.

Petrove: T-There might be some things that we missed.

Dave: Hanzai was obviously boiled to death.

Dave: I mean seriously that's kind of a fucked up way to go.

Sayuki: He went out like the thief, Goemon!

Sayuki: Our culprit is quite an artist, don't you think?

Haruka: Please don't compare murder to art. Murder is murder and nothing else.

Naomi: Was he really boiled to death? I feel like there's evidence that contradicts that but what?

Statement: Hanzai was obviously boiled to death.

Bullet: Kuma Case File

Fired By: Naomi Yamazaki

Naomi: You've got that wrong!


Dave: Whoa there, Naomi! No need to shout like that. I'm right beside you

Haruka: And yet you also shouted.

Kasuka: Enough of that. Why was he wrong, cutie?

Naomi: Don't play dumb, Kasuka. I know that you also know. In the Kuma Case File, it's said that there were multiple stab wounds in addition to a head wound.

Ella: I think I get it. The file didn't mention anything that relates to boiling.

Naomi: That's right. A strike to the head doesn't always kill a person, so the most probable cause of death is not boiling, but in actuality his multiple stab wounds on his chest.

Dave: I see. That makes sense. Why was his corpse boiled though?

Haruka: Probably to hide the fact that he was killed by stabbing.

Petrove: That makes sense. But what now?

Amamiya: [Let's move the discussion to the murder weapon]

Dave: The murder weapon, eh? Was there anything that could be used as a murder weapon in the crime scene though?

Naomi: Yes there is actually.

Naomi: Yes, it was, without a doubt, that item.


Truth Bullet: Kitchen Knife

Presented by: Naomi Yamazaki

Naomi: This proves it!

Naomi: Inside the cauldron that Hanzai was boiled in, I found this knife. This knife was hidden within the bloodied water of the cauldron

Kasuka: Ho… It seems that the killer used the bloodied water to try and hide the knife. It would make sense as they probably thought that no one would check the cauldron. Way to go, cutie.

Naomi: T-thanks.

Sayuki: Collapsed in one single compliment. And you were looking so cool too. Leading the trial and all.

Naomi: W-well then, let's continue this trial—

John: Hold on a second there!

Naomi: W-what? What do you think you're doing? We're starting to get some progress here.

John: What do you think you're doing? Why are you trying to mislead this trial?

Naomi: Misleading this trial? I'm trying to solve this case! How am I misleading it?!

John: There's no way that Hanzai was killed by stabbing… He was obviously boiled to death!



Truth Bullets: Hanzai Boiled?, Smudge on the floor, Broken glasses, Wires.

John: Hanzai was killed by being boiled to death! The knife wounds were inflicted to make it look like he died by being stabbed to death! Not the other way around! Either you're falling for the culprit's trap… Or you're the culprit trying to mislead this trial to escape!


Naomi: You're not making any sense. He was killed by being stabbed to death.

John: You're the one not making any sense. Didn't you look at the crime scene?

John: There weren't any drops of blood there! So if he was killed by being stabbed to death…There should've been a mess of blood there!

Naomi: He does have a bit of a point. But he's not using his head enough.

Statement: There wasn't any drop of blood there.

Blade: Smudge on the floor

Naomi: I'll cut that claim to pieces!


Naomi: Hanzai wasn't killed by being boiled. What the heck is with your obsession with that?

John: Man, you're really stubborn.

Naomi: I have proof after all.

John: Huh? What proof?

Naomi: There was a smudge of blood on the floor. It's safe to say that the killer wiped out any trace of blood so that we wouldn't know that Hanzai was stabbed to death.

John: O-oh. Haha. I guess you're right.

Naomi: Of course. I'm Naomi Yamazaki, a genius born once in a blue moon.I'm never wrong.

Kasuka: Careful. You're setting yourself up for failure.

Naomi: That will never happen. Well then, since the cause of death as well as the murder weapon has been cleared, let's begin taking alibis.

Kasuka: That's the problem. I don't think anyone here has a solid alibi. You could argue that you were in your room, but no one can prove that.

Naomi: Is there really no one with an alibi? There might be at least someone.


Make Your Argument!

Truth Bullets: Sayuki and Nemesis' Testimony, Broken Glasses, Wires, Transaction List, Hanzai Boiled?, Kitchen Knife.

Kenta: So the problem that we're facing right now, is the fact that no one has an alibi.

John: I was pretty much in my room for the whole night.

Ella: Can anyone prove that however?

John: Dude, trust me.

Dave: That doesn't really solidify an alibi.

Kazuma: Everyone's still a suspect. But don't worry everyone. Our hope will shine through and break out of this despair!

Kasuka: …Interesting.

Naomi: Someone has to at least have an alibi.

Statement: Is the fact that no one has an alibi.

Bullet: Sayuki and Nemesis' Testimony

Fired By: Nemesis Noir.

Nemesis: That statement is wrong!


Nemesis: Actually, Sayuki and I have an alibi. Both of us were together the whole night until morning.

Sayuki: Yup, yup! I didn't leave Nemi's side and Nemi didn't leave mine!

Kasuka: …

Kasuka had an unreadable expression on his face. He then covered his mouth his right hand.

Kasuka: Nice, yuri.

Kenta: What was that?

Kasuka: Nothing.

Kenta: I could've sworn—

Kasuka: No. Thing. At. All. Kiddo~

Kenta: …

Kasuka punctuated sweetly and Kenta was too intimidated to continue.

John: Is that really true though? What if you two are accomplices?

Sayuki: We can be considered accomplices but we didn't kill Hanzai.

Nemesis: And anyway, are accomplices even allowed? Will the accomplice even escape as well?

Ella: Why don't we ask the bear? I'm pretty sure that he has the answers.

Amamiya: [Will he give out a reliable answer though?]

Ōkuma: Hey! I'll have you know that I'm a fair king! I don't lie… Okay, maybe I do lie sometimes. But regarding the answer to your question, only the one who killed will be allowed to live. The accomplice will be punished along with the rest. So if anyone here is an accomplice, feel free to throw the blackened under the bus!

Nemesis: Well, there you have it. We didn't kill Hanzai.

Sayuki: Never doubt the Cosmic Queen, Nymphara Demura!

Kenta: Alright, we cleared up two suspects!

Amamiya: [Yes, yes. Just 13 more to go. Yay.]

Petrove: ...

Tohka: What's wrong, Petrove?

Petrove: Oh! I uh…

Yu: Are you perhaps the killer, and you want to confess your crime because your guilt couldn't handle it?

Petrove: H-huh!?

Haruka: Take that back! Petrove isn't the killer.

Kasuka: I must agree with Haruka.

Haruka: Petrove is such a kind girl. She would never kill anyone.

Genjiro: Hmph. Perhaps that kind girl was all just an act. She might have been a demon disguised as a frail flower to attract prey and devour them once their guard is down.

Amamiya: [Forgive him. He likes to look cool and use some flowery speech.]

Haruka: It's okay. Most of us are getting used to it.

Genjiro: …

Kasuka: Now then. What's on your mind, honey? It might change the tide of the Trial.

Petrove: O-oh it's just that…Wasn't Hanzai still alive during our dinner yesterday?

Haruka: Hm? Yes he was.

Petrove: Well after dinner. All of us girls had a bonding time in the baths.

Kasuka: Tell me more about that bonding time later okay?

Haruka: You're quite the closeted pervert, aren't you?

Kasuka: W-well anyways. Please continue, honey.

Petrove: O-okay. We were in the baths until Nighttime, and none of us ever left there.

Genjiro: And? It's not like that proves anything.

Naomi: …I think it does.

Genjiro: What did you say?

Naomi: Despite the fact that he wasn't boiled, the cauldron was still filled with water.

Kenta: And?

Naomi: Have you forgotten the nighttime rule? The water doesn't run during nighttime. But the cauldron was filled with water.

Haruka: Ah! Since the cauldron was filled with water that means that the cauldron was filled in before nighttime!

Sayuki: And since us girls were all together in the baths until nighttime… There's no way any of us could've done it!

Tohka: Oh that makes sense.

Ella: Good job, Petrove. Now the list of suspects just got cut in half.

Petrove: Ehehe…Thanks.

Kasuka: …I wouldn't say that.

Petrove: Eh? Kasuka?

Kasuka: It's just that there's one thing that you've forgotten.

Amamiya: [What do you mean?]

Yu: I believe what he's trying to say is that the cauldron was prepared in advance. By preparing that cauldron in advance, you wouldn't need to worry about the nighttime rule.

Petrove: O-oh. I thought that I actually managed to get a breakthrough.

Ella: No. Petrove has the right idea.

Kazuma: Hm? How?

Ella: I was in the kitchen for the whole day. Besides Kenta, who wanted to make chocolates with me, no one else came in.

Kenta: Oh yeah! That's right, the only people who were in the kitchen were Ella and I.

John: I-I see…

Truth Bullet: Ella and Kenta's Testimony

Kasuka: …Actually, that wasn't what I was going to say, kiddo.

Yu: Oh? Then what were you trying to say?

Kasuka: Just because it's Nighttime doesn't mean it's not possible to get running water.

Ella: What? But didn't the rules say there was no water during Nighttime?

Kasuka: It's quite simple. Do you all remember a certain peculiar rule? Though I guess it could also be called a system.

Naomi: A system…

Naomi: What does he mean by system?




Answered by: Naomi Yamazaki

Naomi: I got it!


Naomi: Are you talking about the privileges?

Kasuka: You've got that right, cutie. The privileges are probably to promote murder. By using those privileges, it might be possible to bypass some rules.

Haruka: You're saying that it might be possible to get running water during Nighttime.

Kasuka: Yes. Now to confirm that theory, let's ask Ōkuma.

Ōkuma: Oh? My subjects need my help? What helpless little lambs.

Amamiya: [Give us an answer]

Ōkuma: Well if we're talking about getting water during Nighttime…Yes you can. You just need to fork up 5,000 points.

Kasuka: Well, there we have it. Since we got 10,000 points at our start in this Château, plus the daily 500 points, it would be pretty easy for any of us to get that running water.

Ella: What if some of us were unaware of that? It's not like Ōkuma gave us a list of possible privileges.

Kasuka: Even if we ask everyone here, the culprit can just lie about this.

Kenta: Is there anything that we can do about this?

Naomi: …Let's just move on from this topic a bit.

Haruka: You're right…We're not getting anywhere with this.

Nemesis: That's fine. The truth might get revealed during our discussion.

Kenta: Though what topic to discuss is another matter altogether.

Yu: We can try to talk about the things that were used for the murder.

Yu: Like the wire and tape.

Tohka: Where did they get those anyway?

Kazuma: Well I guess that's our next topic.

Ōkuma: Upupupu…


Truth Bullets: Transaction List, Sayuki and Nemesis' Testimony, Kenta and Ella's Testimony, Kitchen Knife, Kuma Case Files

Ella: The weapons that were used to murder Hanzai…Where could they have come from?

Kenta: Perhaps they were given to them by Ōkuma?

Kasuka: Maybe they improvised.

Naomi: I don't think that's it.

Haruka: Maybe they bought it from the store? They have a lot of supplies there.

John: Maybe they just had it with one of us is actually a serial killer with weapons on their person.

Petrove: L-let's hope not.

Statement: Bought it from the store

Bullet: Transaction List

Fired by: Sayuki Narada

Sayuki: The Cosmic Queen Agrees with that statement!


Sayuki: That's right, Haruka! They were bought from the shop!

Haruka: Really?

Sayuki: Yep! Nemi used her points to buy this transaction list. The list had a switchblade, a metal pipe, wires, and tape. Two of which are the things that were used to bind Hanzai!

John: Was there any clue to whoever bought them though?

Nemesis: No, but there are some words that could be codenames.

Dave: Codenames?

Nemesis: They were "Unpleasant Guy", "No Kill them all", "Killing One's Brother". The former was the one who bought the items while the latter two were those that rolled the gacha.

John: So "Unpleasant Guy" is our most likely suspect. But who is this "Unpleasant Guy"?

Dave: Maybe it's Naomi. She isn't really the most pleasant person here.

Naomi: Hey!

John: Well, you need proof that you didn't do it.

Kasuka: Nao didn't kill Hanzai. There's no way she could've done it. It should've been obvious from the beginning.

John: I know you're quite fond of her but that doesn't excuse her from being a suspect.

Kasuka: There's already proof that she didn't do it. Didn't you listen to Nemesis?

John: Eh?

Kasuka: There are three different codenames in the transaction list. I'm one of the two who used the gacha. In fact, I visit it frequently. However, I wasn't the first one who visited it. The first one who used the Kuma Gacha was…


Selected: Naomi Yamazaki

Declared by: Kasuka Kagami

Kasuka: It's you, my dear.

Kasuka: Nao. She was the first to use it in day one. She even gave me the dolls that she both me and cutie used the gacha, it would make sense that "Killing One's Brother" and "No Kill Everyone" is either of us.

John: You don't sound so sure about that.

Kasuka: That's because… how do I put this? I have no idea on what was the codename assigned to me is. In fact, I didn't even know that there was a codename assigned to us.

Naomi: …

Kazuma: Is there something the matter, Naomi?

Naomi: It's just that those words or more like phrases… where have I heard them before?

Naomi: I know those words… I got to solve this puzzle!




Answered by: Naomi Yamazaki

Naomi: I got it!


Naomi: Those words aren't actually words!

Dave: Really? They look like words to me.

Naomi: What I meant to say is that those words are actually numbers.

Kasuka: Oh I get it. Goroawase right?

John: Goroawase?

Naomi: It's Japanese wordplay whereby homophonous words are associated with a given series of letters, numbers or symbols.

Naomi: Though it's not the best example, 4 can be written as Shi which can mean death. Now, to translate one of the codenames, "No Kill everyone", in Japanese, that's Iya Minagoroshi.

Naomi: I is one, ya is from yattsu which is eight, Mi is translated into three, Na is from seven, go translates to five, ro is taken from roku which is six, and finally shi which means four.

Naomi: Iya Minagoroshi can be read as 1837564.

Kasuka: As expected of Nao. That golden brain is seriously putting on some work.

Naomi: Of course. It's to be expected from a genius born once in a blue moon.

Kasuka: But in what way does it connect with the case though?

Naomi: I already have a pretty good idea on what they mean. If my hunch is correct they're actually…

1: ID Number

2: Laptop Password

3: Hidden IV

Answer: 1: ID Number

Answered by: Naomi Yamazaki

Naomi: This is the answer!

Naomi: They're actually our ID numbers.

Dave: ID numbers?

Naomi: Our points are stored within our ID's right? The ID numbers is made so that the store system would recognize which of us bought things or rolled the gacha.

John: Hold on. Doesn't that mean we can find the killer now!? I mean all we have to do is show our ID to everyone, and find whoever has "Unpleasant Guy"!

Haruka: Iyanayatsu… 18782

Kenta: Alright! Everyone please show your ID Number to confirm whether you are the killer or not!

Kasuka: There might be a bit of a problem with that. Our ID Numbers aren't showing right now.

Kenta: What?

Each one of the occupants took out their Electro IDs and sure enough the ID number that was supposed to be at the top of our profile is currently blank.

Haruka: Hey, Ōkuma what's the meaning of this?

Ōkuma: That? You mean me hiding the ID numbers? Come on honey, do you really think that I would let this trial be determined just by that? Why do you think I came up with the codenames? If made the ID Numbers available now, then that would mean the trial would end in a flash. You know how I don't want that.

Kenta: I guess we were hoping a bit too much.

Kazuma: Come on you guys. Don't let it get you down. We've already gather a lot of information regarding the killer. With hope, we'll finally be able to reach the truth. I feel it!

Petrove: K-Kazuma's right! We can definitely get out of this bind!

Sayuki: Say… I've been wondering. Why was Hanzai in the kitchen anyway?

John: He probably went to have some midnight snacks.

Haruka: This is Hanzai we're talking about. There's no way he would do that. He was probably lured into coming to the kitchen.

Genjiro: I concur with that statement. Hanzai was lured to the cursed room which led to his demise.

Ella: Don't talk about the kitchen like that.

Kasuka: You seem sure about that.

Genjiro: Of course. My All-Seeing Eyes of Truth will never fail me!


Truth Bullet: Journal

Presented by: Genjiro Hattori

Genjiro: Fuhahahahaha! This shall clear the veil of blind confusion!

Genjiro: This forbidden journal that was found in the trash room contained the following scriptures that prove that Hanzai was lured into the cursed room.

Ella: I told you not to talk about the kitchen like that.

Amamiya: [Genjiro and I found that journal in the trash room.]

Amamiya: [It says: "They've come for me huh? Perhaps they know that I've managed to piece together their identity. They've called me to the kitchen. Though it might be a trap, I can't let them get away with this. There's also a chance that I can get everyone out of here before any murder happen."]

Kenta: Ah! We also found a note that says: "You're being a pain in the ass. Come to the kitchen at any time you like after dinner. I'll be waiting Mr. Detective".

Yu: And this only came up now because…

Kenta: Sorry. It kind of got swept out of my mind.

Haruka: I see…I guess… I have an idea on who's the culprit.

Petrove: Eh!? Is that true Haruka!?

Haruka: Yes…

Haruka: The only one who would say those words…

1: Haruka Hanasagewa

2: Naomi Yamazaki

3: Kasuka Kagami

4: Mastermind

Answer: 4: Mastermind

Answered by: Haruka Hanasagewa

Haruka: This will be the answer!

Haruka: …The Mastermind.

Kasuka: What?

Nemesis: The Mastermind?

Yu: You're saying that the Mastermind of this Killing Game is the killer?

Haruka: Yes…If you think about it, Hanzai is very much trying his best to prevent any murder. He swore it as a Detective of the DSC. The Mastermind must have seen him as the biggest threat and wanted to eliminate him.

Nemesis: That could be the case but we have no idea who the Mastermind is or if they are even here in this Château.

Haruka: …It's possible that one of us is the Mastermind.

Kasuka: …Those are some bold words.

Haruka: Hanzai has even suspected one of us of being the Mastermind.

Petrove: O-one of us… but that's just…

Yu: Never mind that, who was his suspect?

Haruka: His suspect is…


Selected: Kasuka Kagami

Declared by: Haruka Hanasagewa

Haruka: The only who could do it is you!

Haruka: Hanzai's suspect…

Haruka: Is you, Kasuka.

Kasuka: …

Kasuka: Ahahaha… I'm sorry but what?

Haruka: You're the one Hanzai suspected as the most likely Mastermind.

Petrove: B-but…That's impossible! Kasuka's one of the kindest people here! H-he even helped me…He's not the Mastermind, I'm sure of it.

Naomi: Although I have a bit of a problem with 'the kindest people here', I'm inclined to agree with her. I don't think he's the Mastermind.

Kasuka: T-thanks you two.

Haruka: I would be inclined but you share a quirk with Ōkuma

Ōkuma: Hey! I'm a unique bear! I don't share any quirks with anyone!

Kasuka: W-what are you talking about? This is crazy… I'm not the killer nor am I the mastermind.

Haruka: The shared quirk is…

1: How they refer to people.

2: Their behavior.

3: The way they laugh

Answer: 1: How they refer to people

Answered by: Haruka Hanasagewa

Haruka: Give it up!

Haruka: You refer to people the same way that Ōkuma does.

Sayuki: What do you mean?

Haruka: Ōkuma refers to girls as 'honey' and while referring to boys as 'kiddo'. Another one is the way they refer to Naomi, both of them refer to her as 'cutie'.

Naomi: …

Haruka: It might be a coincidence but we always have to be sure. So what do you say Kasuka?

Kasuka: …

Nemesis: What? Cat got your tongue?

Kasuka: …

Yu: You better explain yourself.

Kasuka: …

Dave: Come on, fucker! Answer us!

Petrove: K-Kasuka… p-please refute it…

Kasuka: …

Kasuka: …..

Kasuka: …Ha. Ahahaha…

Kasuka's eyes were hidden by his hair but his mouth was still visible. It had twisted into a twitching smirk as he chuckled darkly.

Kasuka: Kuhaha…

Kasuka had covered his right face with his hand as he continued to chuckle.

And then, it let loose.

Kasuka: Kuhahahahahahahahahahaha!

The psychologist had let out a loud deranged laughter that haunted those who heard it.

Kasuka: Hahahahaha!

Kasuka: Man, Hanzai sure is smart…Oh wait, let me correct that... Hanzai sure was smart.

Petrove: K-K-Kasuka!?

Kasuka: Yes, honey? What is it?

Haruka: So you really the Mastermind.

Kasuka: I remember that I was talking to Petrove and not you, but nonetheless I'll entertain that question.

Kasuka raised his head as if he was looking down on them. The sense of arrogance was thick.

Kasuka: That's right, you plebeians! The one who organized this Killing Game is none other than I, Kasuka Kagami!

Kasuka: Now let me see how you plebeians shall handle this Trial! Will you crumble, or will you rise!?

Class Trial: On-Hold


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