Hey everyone! I decided to do a Claw and Scar story since, let's be honest, there is not enough material of just these two. But, I really hope you enjoy. so, without further ado, I present "Strength."

The walk back to the Eastern Pack was an arduous one, but Claws trudged forward. It had only been about twenty minutes earlier that Claws and her mate, Scar, attempted to sneak a caribou from under the noses of their rivals, the Western Hunting Party. The failed hunt and subsequent stampede nearly resulted in the two Alpha's getting trampled, if not for the quick timing of Kate, Winston's eldest daughter. While they had not be trampled, Claws did seem to have acquired a sprained right fore-paw, which had not gone unnoticed by her mate as they journeyed back to their territory. After hearing his wife hiss in pain after tripping over a rock, Scar finally decided to address the situation.

"How you holdin' up?" he asked, for what seemed like the millionth simply rolled her eyes; she loved her mate, but he had a tendency to worry over her. Picking herself up, Claws resumed her trek to the East.

"I'm fine," she shot back in a firm tone, one that pretty much conveyed "drop it." But, knowing her husband, he wouldn't. Walking up to his mate, Scar pressed his left side against Claws' right, trying to offer some support and relief for her paw. Claws simply pushed him away, too proud to accept any kind of help. "I said I'm fine." That same tone, and it was really starting to agitate Scar.

"You are not fine!" he snapped back, earning a shocked look from his wife; he normally never snapped at her, but when he did, Claws realized it was better not to get on Scar's bad side. "You are limping, you are obviously in pain. Why won't you let me help you?" he finished his question in a stressed whisper. Now seeing the full force of her mate's concern, Claws finally relented, not wanting to break the vow they made to one another; the day before they were married, they swore to each other that they would never keep anything from the other, no matter how painful it was. Breathing in through her nose and out through her mouth, Claws mustered the courage to inform her mate of what was troubling her.

"I don't want you to see me as weak." Scar was shocked; weak, his mate, never. The look of shock on his face slowly melted into a caring smiling as he gazed upon his mate, head down with her ears back, and her tail tucked between her legs. Her eyes were also closed, as she did not want to bring herself to look at her mate at the present moment. Bringing his head forward, he pressed his forehead against Claws', as he began to gently rub them together.

"I could never see you as weak, and as long as you have me, you will always have strength." Opening her eyes, Claws was met with the caring gaze of her mate. Smiling gently at him, she brought her head closer to his. Closing their eyes, both wolves let out soft moans as their lips met in a tender kiss. The short kiss was soon broken as they realized that the sun was setting even lower in the evening sky. Scar, realzing they had hurry back to the Eastern dens, resumed his position at Claw's side, the latter now finally giving into her mates offer to help. Before long, the two had resumed their journey back to the Eastern Territory, knowing now that they could always find strength in each other.

Author's Note:

Thank You so much for reading. Please Leave a comment, and seeing as how this is my FIRST story, I ask only for positive criticism at the time. As for my next story, it will be called "Alpha & Omega: A Howliday of Love," which is basically a rewrite of "A Howilday Adventure," but from Princess's perspective, as well as an O.C. Until next time, HAVE A GOOD ONE!