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Scar had to admit, it had certainly been a crazy week.

First, Winston's daughter Kate disappeared, having been taken by humans to another park to repopulate, with an Omega no-less.

Second, Kate, after having found her way home, backs out of her arranged marriage with Garth after having fallen in love with the Omega Humphrey, only for Garth to admit that he had fallen in love with Kate's Omega sister Lilly, resulting in Tony declaring war on the western pack, a war that Scar and Claw were rather hesitant to fight in, but realized they would have to.

The stampede of caribou that followed nearly resulted in Kate's death, but miraculously, she survived after Humphrey through himself over her to protect her. Seeing this act of true love, Winston and Tony greed that a pack merger could be accomplished with Lilly marrying Garth, thus abolishing the law that Alphas and Omegas could not mate.

Now, everyone was celebrating this welcome change at the moonlight howl. And while everyone was having a truly great time, Scar, who was sitting at the bottom of Howling Rock with Claw, couldn't help but notice his mate held a very passive expression on her face as she looked at the two Alpha and Omega couples. Unable to keep silent any longer, Scar decided to ask what was clearly bothering his beautiful mate.

"Something on your mind?" he inquired gently, which seemed to work in snapping Claw out of her thoughts. Letting out a sigh, she turned to her mate as she began to speak.

"I just cannot believe that Alphas can be with Omegas now."

"Do you have a problem with that?" he asked, though not in an accusatory way, but rather in genuine curiosity. Realizing what she had just implied, Claw's eyes went wide as she began to quickly explain herself.

"NO, NO!" she pleaded, "I think it's great! I always thought that law was strange anyway. I just can't believe it's taken Winston and Tony to realize it." Thinking it over, Scar realized that his mate did have a point, but he decided he would still tease her a little.

"Are you saying you're bored with me and need some Omega lovin'?" He inquired playfully, wrapping a foreleg around his mate's waist pulling her close. Claw, on the other, paw merely rolled her eyes as she leaned up an gently pecked her mates lips before speaking.

"I could never be bored with you, ya big goofball." Responding with a hearty laugh, Scar nuzzled Claw, who gladly returned the gesture before gently whispering to her mate.

"Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart." With a sweet smile, Scar, who in the excitement had completely forgot that it was their anniversary, quickly relaxed as he gently kissed the top of his mate's head before whispering.

"Happy Anniversary, Love...I love you Crystal," he whispered after a moment of silence, using his mate's real name. Nuzzling into her mate, Claw, or rather Crystal, whispered a response.

"I love you too Eric," before walking back up the mountain to join in the celebration.

Meanwhile, far south of Jasper, a cream-colored wolf with ginger streaks in his hair limped along a lonely path, his hazel eyes glossed with tears as he left behind the only home he had ever known, all because others did not accept him for who he was.

"STOP!" a deep, authoritative voice called out, making the lone wolf look up to see a group a wolves surrounding him, their leader, a black furred wolf with a white underbelly, approached him, the older golden eyes boring into his. However, the young wolf's eyes grew wide in amazement once they were soon drawn to a female at the leader's side, her striking auburn fur and stunning golden eyes catching him completely off guard. However, he did not have time to marvel at this beautiful wolf who seemed to be quite taken aback by his appearance, as the leader bellowed to get his attention.

"WHAT IS YOUR NAME?! AND WHY DO TRESPASS ON THE TERRITORY OF KING AND HIS ALL ALPHA PACK?!" Realizing he had to assert some form of dominance or he would surely die, the young wolf held his head up high, taking on a strong, fearless expression as he prepared to walk a path that, although unknown to him at the time, would greatly change his life forever.

"I am Samuel."

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