She opened her eyes and she was still there. In her bed, her entire body drowning in sweat. She tried to steady her breathing, telling herself it was all nothing but another nightmare. Her body didn't jolt right up, nor did she wake up with screaming, like in those senseless third grade movies, no. She kept lying there, panting. Her body shivering. She pulled the covers higher, despite knowing she wasn't feeling cold. In fact, she was feeling real hot.

She took deep breaths, telling herself it was just another night, trying to assure herself the she was safe. But it doesn't work like that. She looked at the clock, 3 AM. She sighed, when will these days be finally over? When is she going to sleep soundly like a normal person. Is she ever even going to have anything normal?

She got up, knowing it was useless to try sleeping. She knew she wasn't going to sleep anytime soon. She'd just toss and turn. Turning her bedside lamp on, she rummaged through her drawer and took out two pills. She needed aspirin to sooth that annoying headache. Getting up, she took her shawl and wrapped it around her shoulders. She knew what to do, she knew where to go.

Getting out of her room, her suspicions were confirmed as she saw light coming through the slightly opened door of her study. She walked through the darkness soundlessly, and opened the door as quietly as she could, a normal person wouldn't have even noticed that. But again, he wasn't normal. They weren't normal. Despite being completely into the book in his hand, he said without even looking up;

"Another nightmare?" He sounded disappointed. She didn't reply, simply went and sat beside him. A cup of coffee was placed on the table in front of him, she picked it up without a second thought and took a sip. Her senses were finally calming down. She peeked over his shoulder,

"A Scandal In Bohemia?" She raised her eyebrow. He never gets tried of reading this over and over again. "How many times have you read it again?"

"Heyy!" He glanced sideways at her, "I haven't read it that many times."

"Right." She rolled her eyes, "Its only the hundredth time."

"Not true!" His voice was defensive, "Besides, its so interesting. And each time I read it, I find something new." He now closed the book and was had turned to her completely.

"That was my coffee." He pointed.

"Yeah, not that bad." She shrugged and he shook his head,

"Seriously woman. Do you even have the slightest manners?"

"Why? Wan't some? I can clearly see your lack thereof." She answered smoothly and he cringed,

"I'm never gonna win against you, am I?" he sighed, dejected.

"I'll make sure to fulfill your beliefs." She smirked, and he smiled. She offered the cup to him and he took it,

"There's a word called 'thankyou', nice people use it you know." She commented,

"You can go take coffee from those nice people." He took a sip, and then corrected, "Steal, actually."

"Oh wow, somebody is learning how to fire back." She clapped sarcastically,

"And somebody is getting sarcasticer."

"Sarcastic-er?" She snorted, putting her hand out, "Somebody needs to learn his words."

"This is a word!" He was offended. Yet, he placed the cup in her outstretched hands, which she took.

"Not really," she took in a large gulp. "Its 'more sarcastic'"

"Thief." He said irritated.

"Dumb." She retorted.

"Evil woman!"

"Man child."

It was quite common for them to call each other names. He started it most of the time, for he was such a big baby. Seriously, she fails to understand how can someone this childish be such a good detective. But she never minds it, instead, she actually likes this. Its almost normal.

That's why she likes him. He never makes her feel not-normal. He never judges her, no matter what he finds out, he's still there. He never let go of her hand since he took it. Always there for her. And she knows he behaves likes this, mostly to lighten her up. To keep her happy. To give her a reason to smile.

"You're such a big witch." He said disapprovingly.

"And you're an-" she thought about the right word, "Asshole." She smirked finding the perfect word.

"Your asshole," He grinned sheepishly, and her face softened.

"Sometimes its real hard to stop myself from throwing you off a cliff. But I can't." She said disappointed,

"Because you love me so much." He gave her a cute puppy eyed look,

"Not at all." She made a disgusted face, "I can't throw you for you're too heavy for me to push."

"But I can't believe you won't find a way to, only if I want."

"Nah, I've got something better in my mind." She shrugged, "Nice hair by the way. Did you get a hair cut?" she gave his hair a cursory glance.

"Thankyou?" He said cautiously, "What are you planning to do?"

"Nothing." She hummed,

"I don't believe you." He eyed her suspiciously,

"Don't." She shrugged. He sighed, he knew she won't tell him why she said that. She never does, but she always has reasons to say something. She never says something just by the ways.

It was silent after that. Just the sound of their breathing.

"Can you please go sleep?" He asks after a while. She knows he can see that he had calmed her down, and that she isn't thinking about the nightmare. She doesn't even remember it now. And shes glad, he always does it. Makes her forget her worries and give her a shot at normal life.

"You can sleep here yunno." He said noticing her quietness, he was right. She didn't wan't to sleep alone. She nodded as she placed the empty cup on the table in front of them. He opened his arms and she made herself comfortable in them. Putting her head on his shoulder and her hand on his chest, she said after a while,

"How can you love someone like me? Even after everything you know about me?" She was just wondering.

"I love you, because of everything I know about you." He said softly, "Everything I find out about you, makes me fall deeper for you. I admire you, a lot. I admire how even after everything you went through, you're still standing. After falling a hundred times, you got up. I love how determined you are. I love the way you handle everything on your own. But I wan't to be there, I wan't to be there to hold you, I wan't to be your someone to fall back on."

"But I'm too tainted." She said quietly, she didn't deserve someone as pure as him. "And you have the purest heart I've ever seen,"

"How many times do i have to tell you that your past doesn't define you. You've left all that. You've started over again. That's what matters, you regret, and you repented. That's what decides who you are. You're not bad Miyano, you're a real good person, to whom bad stuff have happened. Stuff you didn't deserve. You've got a heart made of gold. A heart I've never seen before. A heart that beats for others. You say I've a pure soul, but you know what? I still can't beat you. Despite my soul, I can never care the way you do. Nobody can." He moved a strand of hair out of her face.

"Its time you forgive yourself. Its time you learn how to love yourself. And that's what I wan't to do. I want to show you that even you can be loved. In fact, its hard not to love you." He chuckled, "You're no doubt a rude, bossy, sarcastic woman with an evil face. But that's why I love you. I love you for who you are, and this won't change. You're not normal, and I love that. I love you because of all your imperfections. I love the whole of you."

He counted on his fingers, and she closed her eyes. All her stress was fading away.

"You, out of all people, deserve to get the best. You deserve someone who'd love you till the end. Its time you free yourself from the shackles of past. And I really want to be the one who pulls your hand through this journey. And I will be. I'll always be there. In front of you, to protect you from every evil. Behind you; to catch you when you fall. And beside you, never letting you feel alone. I'd always be here. Just let me in. Let me help you. Nobody can handle everything on their own. You're not iron man, Miyano, you're a human. And humans fall apart. I just want you to let me in, so I can hold you and keep you away from falling apart. Let me into your world, and we'll tackle every problem in the way, avoid every thorn. We'll get through everything, together. We'll get through it. And one day, you'll see in yourself what I see. You'll see how precious you are. You'll see that you're gold. Everything will be over one day, just don't lose hope. Keep holding onto that thread,"

His voice was putting her to sleep, "Don't let anyone take that out of you. Don't let anyone take your smile away. Don't let anyone define you. See the brighter side, you'll always find something. Just don't lose yourself. Everything will be fine. Its all gonna go away, and one day, you'll feel free. And content, when you see everything that you have, when you see where you stand. Surrounded by hundreds of people who love you. And if there's not a single person, I'd still be there. And I'd be the whole world for you. Even if its only me, Id stand with you. Till my last breath."

"I love you, Kudo-kun." She said as her body landed slowly in the deep sea of sleep.

"I love you more, Miyano. I always will." He pulled her closer, and held her tight. For the first time, she felt safe. As if nothing could touch her, as if she had a shield. And she knew no demons would dare come near her. She knew he was there to fight them off.

She held him close, as she slowly fell asleep. She knew she'd have no nightmare, she was in her safe place. She felt home, He was her safe place.

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