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A loud thunderclap awakened her from her thoughts. She looked up from the book in her lap; the view outside the window was dark and grey. It seemed as if the sky was angry at something. Rather, gloomy actually.

She pursed her lips as she gazed outside the window. this weather always reminded her of a certain someone. She sighed and put her book to the side, getting up to fix herself a cup of coffee.

Its been weeks since she last had a proper conversation with him. Yeah they did talk from time to time, but they were short 'howdoyoudos' and 'whatshappeninglately' which isn't much to tell considering its always the same busy routine they have. Ever since she came to London, she's always busy with her researches, just like he's busy with his cases. Not to mention the insane time zone difference between London and Japan.

Another flash of lightning illuminated the sky for a moment, followed by the heavens opening their gates to shower the people of earth with buckets of water. She smiled softly as the heavenly scent of coffee filled her kitchen. She remembered all the times he would come over to her place in such weathers to make them coffee. And they'd talk for hours sitting by the window, or even just silently enjoying each others presence.

She missed him; this was't unknown to her. But she had no idea what to do with it. A sane person would obviously text the person they missed. But she didn't know how.

After contemplating for a while, she picked up her phone and sent him a short text.

'Its raining.'

It was 6PM in London which meant that it was 2AM in Japan. Now a sane person would never text at such an ungodly hour, but then again, when were these two ever sane?

His reply was quick, 'You got coffee.'

It wasn't a question. She smiled, knowing he knew her more than anyone else, and no amount of time or distance could ever change that.

'Yeah.' She was the one who texted him first, but she had no idea how to carry the conversation. But she knew, with him, she didn't have to worry about that.

'Can I call?'

She stopped for a moment. It had been quite a while since they had talked on call. What if it got all awkward? What if they had nothing to talk about?

As if noticing the hesitation and knowing her doubts, he texted again,

'I'm calling.' And true to that, her screen flashed. Holmes Calling... She bit her lip to stop the smile creeping up and picked the call.

"Hey." She greeted softly,

"Well hello, stranger!" His voice was as vibrant and cheerful as it has ever been. "I swear I was beginning to think you lost my number or something." He nervously chuckled.

Her strained nerves relaxed as she moved to sit by the window couch. Bringing her knees to her chest, she bought the cup of coffee to her lips and took a sip. Ahh she'd never get tired of this bliss.

"I'm disappointed detective." She tched, "I though you were a bit more creative than that. I had imagined a good ass story about me being kidnapped or murdered"

He laughed wholeheartedly. His voice drowning everything else in the background. God had she missed this voice!

"I would've considered this only had I not known you. But who'd even dare to come near an evil eyed yawny granma?" He teased.

"If only my charms worked on you." She said sarcastically and she could almost see him grinning from ear to ear.

"They would've, only if my charms weren't more powerful." She could hear the smirk in his voice. She rolled her eyes,

"Don't roll your eyes, they make you look even more older." He teased again,

"I was not rolling my eyes." She puffed.

"Yeah sure, as if I don't know you." He said softly, which made her smile.

"But seriously, why are you awake at such a late hour?" She asked, genuinely curious.

"Just a case." He sighed.

"Don't you ever get tired of them?" She traced the path of a raindrop with her finger.

"I do, at times. But then again, there's nothing I can do about it. That's my job. And when you really can't do much about something, then why complain? Besides, it's fun actually. Some methods and murder plots are really impressive."

"The dark side of the innocent detective is creeping out." She teased lightly and he laughed.

"What would you know, maybe it is."

"So what's this case about? Maybe I can help?" She was genuinely interested. She always loved helping him with cases.

"You sure Watson? I'm afraid you might've lost your touch while being away from this world." He mocked.

"Try me." She smirked, and took another sip of her coffee.

"Okay, so here's the deal." His voice automatically changed into the serious business tone. She was now talking to the great detective Kudo Shinichi. "A restaurant owner was found dead in his own restaurant. The blood test revealed traces of poison. The same poison was found in the owners food, which he had ordered. The head chef herself was also found unconscious, her body revealing the same poison as the one that killed the owner."

"Prime suspect?"

"The owner's son. He was supposed to have a meal with his father. They weren't on speaking terms for a long time and this meal was supposed to be a conciliatory effort by the son but looks like it didn't really work out."

"Does the son have an alibi?"

"No, just his statement saying that he couldn't make it to the dinner. He was late, and when he arrived, he found his father dead."

"And the restaurant staff?"

"It was a closed day. Only the chef was called to cook the meal for them."

"You think the son did it?" She pondered, his gut feeling was almost always right.

"Umm, I don't think so." He was silent for a while, "His girlfriend says that he really wanted to work things out with his father. He had no motive to kill him."

"Maybe he wanted the restaurant?"

"Nahh, the workers said the owner had already thought of gifting it to his son after they made peace."

"What about the head chef? Usually the restaurant passes on from the mentor to the student, no?"

"Yeah it was meant to be given to the head chef. But the owner decided against it. But why would the chef murder the owner? In that case the restaurant would directly go to his son. If the chef wanted the restaurant, wouldn't he need the owner alive to change his mind?" He sighed, clearly confused.

"What if the poison wasn't meant for the owner? You did mention that the meal was cooked for both the son and the father." She said after thinking, "Maybe the chef wanted to kill his competent to the throne?"

"But that doesn't make sense. Then why would the chef eat the same poisoned food?" He sighed frustrated but then there was silence and a soft intake of breath.

She smiled, knowing he had figured it out. She couldn't see him, but she knew right now he had a triumph smirk on his face with his eyes closed, breathing softly wondering why was he so dumb to not see this fact before.

"Unless the chef knew exactly how much amount to consume just enough to make her go unconscious, yet not cause any fatal injury. Just so she could shake off the suspicion from her." His voice was much more confident now, with a excitement lacing it as he unraveled the mystery.

She put the now empty mug to the side and clapped her hands softly.

"Well done detective, case closed."

He chuckled and she could imagine him ruffling his hair, "Thankyou, Miyano. I couldn't have done it without you." He said earnestly.

She shook her head, "I didn't do anything, Kudo-kun. Just helped sort out you thoughts. The rest was all you."

"Sometimes, that's all we really need. Another mind to organize our thoughts and present them back to us so that we may find the answer we seek." A soft smile could be heard through his voice,

"Who said that? Gandhi?" She joked,

"Nahh, a wiser man." He grinned.

They both were silent for a while, the ever comfortable and familiar silence enveloping them. This, this is what she missed. Right now, she felt complete. That's what he did to her. He complemented her. She wasn't incomplete without him, she never believed that anybody needed another person to complete them. A person is very well complete by themselves. But all they need, is a little shaping. A little molding. And that's what he did to her, he always molded her into the best version of herself. They complemented each other. Just like the moon is always whole and complete in the sky, but with the stars, its beauty is only enhanced.

"I miss you tho," He says softly after a while, "I miss my Watson. It isn't the same solving cases without you."

She closed her eyes, relishing in his voice. "I miss you too, kudo-kun." She said so softly that she feared he might have not even heard her, but he did.

"Then come back." He argued confidently, "Come back home, Miyano. You know you belong here."

"I know," she rubbed her eyes, "But I need to figure out some stuff, I need to figure out my purpose. I need to figure out who I am."

He snickered, "Why go to London? Just ask me, I'll tell you who you are." His tone was challenging, "You're an evil, yawny eyed old woman. Who has an unhealthy obsession with biochemistry which I'll never understand. You act all cold and distant, but deep down, you care for everybody the most. The way you look out for the professor, the kids, me. You'd go over board to help the next person, even at the expense of your own happiness. You're quite rude, and you have no manners and I don't even know how you're a girl,"

She laughed hard,

"Your sarcasm is matchless, and so is your brain. But whats totally unique about you, is your heart. Its golden, you're golden." He stopped to take a breath, "And, you're my best friend. My partner, my Watson."

She wiped the stray tear off her cheek, her lips stretching into a wide smile. She'd never get enough of him. Just when she thinks he cannot possibly creep even further into her heart, he surprises her by going even more deeper. And the thought scares her, having somebody so close to you. So close, that you start depending on them. Your happiness is linked with their happiness, and just the thought of losing them makes you forget how to breath. And letting somebody have this power over you, scared her the most. The thought that she'd get too attached to the point it wouldn't be possible to let go. The thought of getting used to a person being around so much to the point you feel lost without them.

This scared her, but she knew better than to let her fears hold her back from something so beautiful. All it took was a leap of faith, and she was ready to take the fall. She wasn't letting anything take away whats standing in front of her.

"But you take as long as you want too." He says after a while, "I know who you are, we all know. But if you feel the need to find yourself then be it. Find the best version of yourself Miyano, and when if you ever forget, I'll be here to remind you of who you truly are. Follow your dreams, chase your desires, reach the highest of the peaks.

But Miyano, do remember this always,

No matter how far you've gone, you're always free to run home."

Ahhh, Ive no idea what this turned out to be. But the directioner in me bled on the last line, Dont Forget Where You Belong, always lives in my head rent free. Its a song thats closest to home for me.

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