He Smiles.

He wakes up a bit earlier today. Megure-keibu called him last night. Apparently there was a case MPD couldn't solve. Again. This was his routine since they brought down the organization. He would help the police whenever they called him, but he tended to avoid going public.

He studied the as files till late at night. Now he was getting ready to go, even though there was quite some time left, but he had something to do. Just like every morning. Things changed after the downfall of the organization, but some didn't. And that included his friendship with his beloved partner.

He gets ready and goes over to his oh-so-dear neighbor's house. He enters using the spare key he has, and as expected, the scientist was still asleep. Probably stayed up the night as usual.

The professor was out of the country, his Conan gadgets got so famous that he started making them on orders. Currently he was in Los Angeles.

He quietly makes his way to the kitchen, having done this so many times; he already memorized the way in the dark. He turns the kitchen lights on and starts making what he's here for; coffee. Not that she couldn't make it herself; it's just that the way she makes it, it's kind of toxic. So he makes it for her, just the way she likes.

When he was almost done with his work, he dropped a spoon intentionally. Knowing she would surely wake up to the slightest sound. That woman was so paranoid. He wished she would at least enjoy now. Live a carefree life. But with a past like hers, he guesses that's impossible.

As expected, he heard her door open, and her almost inaudible footsteps on the stairs. When he feels her presence in the door way, he states what he's sure is true. Although he's quite sure that she knew it's him, but still she bothers bringing her gun. He whispers that, knowing she'll hear him anyways.

Her reply made him grin, not that she could see it anyways. Since he had his back to her. Adding the final touches to the coffee he turns to her. She was in her pajamas, looking effortlessly beautiful. Her face was calm and bored, just like the little evil-eyed-yawny-girl she is. Not girl, woman. He corrected himself. He wished she would smile sometimes; it would make her look even prettier. He says that, with a few adjustments of course.

He hands her the coffee, and she closes her eyes to its aroma. Her face relaxes, peace all over it. She kind of looks better like that. At least, it was a true face of hers. He liked the comfort caffeine gave to her, but again he wishes she would control it. She drinks a lot of coffee, just like drunk man. But rather than making her drunk, coffee sobers her up.

They settle into a comfortable argument. She fires, he fires back. But at the end, she wins. She expresses her surprise about him making her coffee even though he had to go. He laughs sheepishly. Some things are more important. And you get so used to it that it becomes a part of your routine. And you cannot not do that. Making coffee for her was a way of constantly reminding her, that he is here for her, and he always will.

When she mentions being his partner, he smiles softly. She always complained about being his assistant, and he always reminded her of being his partner.

"If I need help-" he knows he doesn't have to say it,

"I'll be there, Kudo-kun" she completes it. Of course she does, he knows that. Whenever he needs help, he knows she will be there. Giving everything she has. They were partners, like Watson and Holmes. The two faces of the same coin.

In his case, he knew she will be by his side, no matter what. He knew she understood him, understood his love for mysteries. He knew she could hear his unsaid words. He would confide her in everything. He trusted her more than anyone; she was his partner and his best friend.

He would be there for her too, at any time, at any event, whenever she needed him; he would give everything he has for her. Because he knows, she would do the same for him.

"Be careful," she nods, and he gets the silent stay safe.

"I will," he assures her, promising that he'll be back. He always will.

He walks out of the door and as expected, she doesn't follow. Just before he exits, he remembers the small gift he brought. Her favorite blueberry cheesecake, he knew he wouldn't bother making breakfast for herself. She never does, running days on just caffeine. He really wants her to leave all that, he wants her to have a normal life. Just like every other teenager.

"Miyano!" he calls from the door way, she turns her head towards him, "Please eat something, before going to work. At least a breakfast, we both know you won't eat anything else the whole day"

She doesn't reply, not that he expected to hear one. "Bye," He sighs, no matter what he did; she would never accept his help. She would do everything on her own. He knew she could handle everything, but he wanted her to know that she doesn't have to. Not all the time.

She waves her hand, with her back towards him, and he goes out.

They both knew she spends days without eating. She even fainted once due to fatigue. And overworking herself. She never realizes that in the process of fixing her mistakes, which were never hers in the first place, she's slowly killing herself. Torturing herself for sins she never committed. Blaming herself for all that has happened, and all that is happening. She lost everything, but now she's losing herself too. And that's the worst kind of lost. The worst pain. He knew it wasn't easy for her, he knew there was no way she wouldn't feel the pain, carry the burden. But he only wished she would share it. He only wishes that she would trust him enough to let down her guard in front of him. They could go through this together. And that's what he wants. He doesn't want her to act like everything is fine, in fact he wants her to act like nothing is fine. He doesn't want her to leave the past behind, he wants her to face it, by his side. He wants her to break, only in front of him, he wants no walls. He tries his best to prove himself worthy enough. So she would share her pain and sorrow with him. He wants to be her someone to fall back on.

The whole day went rough; he hadn't eaten anything since morning. This was his routine whenever he was on a case. He wouldn't stop till he cracks it up, corners the culprit and gives a spectacular deduction show. The case was interesting, not that easy, and he liked that. He was busy inspecting the crime scene, interrogating the suspects. It was late in the evening when he came back to his office. He loosened his tie and only then did he notice the noodles on his desk. He was taken back for a second, before noticing the small note with it.

Written in the hand writing he could recognize almost anywhere was,

Don't tell others to do things you don't do yourself.

P.S: I'm not buying bacons.

He smiles, not that she could see him anyway.

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