AN1: As I said before, I wrote this for my 12th Grade British Literature class awhile ago and I have finally gotten around to publishing it. I honestly enjoyed writing it and my teacher apparently loved it since I got a one-hundred on it and a "Good work!" to boot. Anywhos, hope y'all enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note nor do I own the image used. I simply found it on Google.

Published: 3 MAY 19

Edited: 3 MAY 19

AN2: Haven't published in a while so I forgot to put my disclaimer. Such a noob thing to do. T~T

Your once dark, piercing eyes have now dulled.

Thou have fallen to your enemy.

For shame that such a man is lost to us.

A man of virtue,

A man of intellect,

You fought valiantly to find your hidden enemy,

Even when no one else saw him for who he truly was,

You continued the hunt.

For shame that such a man is lost to us.

A man of courage,

And a man of justice.

Many have grieved your passing

And many continue to mourn,

But fear not,

Although you have left us behind on this plane,

In our hearts, you shall live on.