AN: Okay. This fanfic is a self insert reincarnation OC as a Volatile with his mind intact. This is actually been running through my head since I've played the game back in 2016. Because while I love Dying Light game wise, but the story is actually, while so-so good, is amazingly depressing. So I wrote this fic to ease my mind and see where this goes. I'm planning to do the Main Story very differently while I'll keep the flow of the story as it is, but I'll be doing the story a bit differently with my OC. After I do the main story line, maybe or maybe not I'll tackle The Following. So yeah, Let's get this thing started and remember honest reviews are obliged so if any criticism please say it because it will help me become better.

Huh… Funny. I never expected my life to end like this. I mean I don't regret it, saving the life of my sister from getting mugged is a choice I'll never regret. But what I do regret is leaving her behind and my family. I've already accepted death with open arms, it is after all an inevitability. And dying to save the life of someone I love is an ok way to go. So as darkness consumed my vision all I could do now is let go.

(Unknown location) (Time): 7 pm

"Ugh…." I gave a light groan as my head felt like it was splitting in half. Oh man what the hell? I thought I died? I mean when you die you're not supposed to feel anything. I mean while I'm Catholic I keep an open mind about other religions, and the one thing I believed the most when a person dies is that they'll be sent somewhere to be judged and be sent to whatever punishment or reward for their life choices. And right now I'm leaning towards the former because this feels like a punishment.

I groaned as I moved to sit up straight. I rubbed my head and immediately stopped. I can feel no hair whatsoever on my head, but that wasn't the worst part. I can feel raw flesh on the top of my scalp and it wasn't a pleasant feeling. I started to panic and immediately stood up, but another thing strange is my vision and the area I'm in. I can tell it was dark and yet I can see like I have night vision except my sight isn't green but a darkish gray. I took a look at my surroundings and I was in some kind of dark highway tunnel. What got me startled is the number of wrecked vehicles around me. Whole stock pile of cars, trucks, and motorcycles wrecked like they were used in a Derby.

"Where the hell am I-?" I paused as I heard my voice. The deep baritone of it gave me pause and it started to scare me.

'What hell happened to me' I thought as I just realized another thing. I am butt naked. And the scary part is I can't seem to feel my other head down below. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down and try to find a mirror to asses my situation. Luckily with all the wrecked stuff here I easily found a car's rearview mirror. I grabbed it and when I looked into my reflection I almost dropped it as soon as I saw myself.

Patches of open flesh wounds, pale white skin, and blood splattered all over my face, piercing red eyes, and most of all is the present gap in my middle jaw. I dropped the mirror as I processed at what I just saw. I took a feel of my body hoping that that was just a trick mirror from a fun house, but there was no denying it. Pale tough flesh is what I've felt and some little sharp bumps on the top of my shoulders. I opened my mouth and I can feel my mandibles opening like a Sarcastic Fringehead (That's a fish by the way). And only one name of a creature popped on the top of my head.

'I'm a Volatile'. Was the only thing I can think of before I shouted or more like roared inside the dark tunnel.

30 minutes of processing later

I paced around the tunnel trying to gather myself and the situation I'm in.

'Okay. First off I died, I remember that clearly, and I'm somehow reincarnated as a freaking Volatile from a zombie apocalypse game that can only go out at night.' Were the thoughts running through my head. Either this is a punishment or a reward for saving my sister, or this is some Upper being's doing for a good laugh. I mean I believe in reincarnations given how many fics I've been reading about them, but not only was I reincarnated, I'm reincarnated as one of the deadliest creatures in the Dying Light world? I've played the game back home. And it was amazing, game wise. But the story, I mean it was okay for some. But for me it was just very depressing. I mean I get about the people dying all the time in a world like this, but killing all of the people Kyle Crane cared for the most is just plain cruelty. Especially when it came to the DLC. There was no actual good ending for him, either Crane turns into a night hunter or just plain nuke the entirety of everything is just really sad.

Although now the question running through me is. When am I?

I took a look at the tunnel I'm in and I saw a ladder leading up to somewhere. With no other choice but to keep moving forward I climbed up and removed the cover. Again it was night time so it was safe to go out now and given that I'm a Volatile now other infected and Volatiles would just plain ignore me and go on with their wandering undead lives. As I stood up and took a look at where I'm. I can already see the Tower probably a mile from where I am.

'Okay, so I'm in the slums, that still doesn't mean much in telling what timeline am I in now.' I thought as I ran at the open area of Harran. I wasn't an athlete or parkour guy when I was still alive but having a Volatile body is really making me regret not doing it in the first place. I can see why adrenaline junkies do this stuff, the feeling of the wind on your face as you run at high speeds and jump or vault over obstacles in your way is a very freeing experience. I tried to jump at a ledge of a building in front of me and I can see that I can jump over 10 feet in the air. I climbed on to the rooftop and I can see numerous UV lights indicating the safe houses of survivors.

Seeing all this in front of me shows the integrity of human survival. Despite all of this happening to them, humanity still clings to life and finds a way. And while I don't know how long they've been doing this but I can see that they are survivors. They fight for life and will not easily just lay down and wait for death, it actually gives me hope and pride in humanity. But when I look at my clawed hands, do I still classify myself as a human, or a monster?

"I am who I am. Not what I am." My deep growly voice said. While I'm a monster as a body but my mind, heart (If it even beats), and soul remains me. A person who dies for those he cares about. Maybe I can help these people from not only the infected and other Volatiles but also from bad people like Rais' group. From what I saw in the game Rais is a real nasty excuse for a human being, I mean he was just plain cruel and sadistic. He deserves no better than to be ripped apart piece by piece. Okay that maybe a bit dark but I think I blame the Volatile side of me now.

If I am going to help these good people I need to find a way to keep myself alive, and the number one danger to volatiles is the sun and UV lights. While it won't instantly kill me I can tell it was a long and painful death for a volatile. I mean slowly being burned to death is one of the most painful ways to die.

'Hmm… in the game Volatiles are practically naked… they don't have any coverings… And the Mother… hmm…' I thought. Maybe if I could find some clothing then I can basically shield myself from the light, it has to be thick layered or at least made of synthetic fibers so that no light can pass through it. With a new goal in mind I quickly rushed to find any clothing or thick coverings I can use.

Time: 4 am (2 hours until sunrise)

It took a long time but I managed to scrounge up what I need. I needed synthetic fiber clothing for absolute protection from UV light. I managed to find a pitch black trench coat from a dead person that died from a heavy blow to the head, the coat thankfully remained intact and even a bit stained with blood, was made from synthetic fiber, its length reached down to just above my feet. Also I found some combat boots from a dead Marine, and some knee high socks to protect my feet when I run during the day time. As for protection for my head and face I found a big fedora that covered the entirety of my head. For my face and my neck I found some fabrics that I wrapped around my entire head only revealing the openings of my nostrils, apparently Volatiles and infected still needed to breathe, I guess that explains why they die instantly in water, even in shallow ones.

I also found some dark shades that covered my eyes, no need to scare the children or adults for that matter when I stare at them. And finally some thick wool gloves that were durable enough for my claws to clench in. I looked at myself in a mirror and I can see no openings, but I have to do a trial run.

Despite the clothing I can still run freely without worry of anything coming loose, even the fedora. I found a safe house that was near the tower, it was active but empty. So with a deep breath I stepped into the light. I braced for the pain but surprisingly I feel nothing. Even my face wasn't affected by the light and the shades were enough to block out any from passing through. I let go of the breath that I've been holding and silently cheered that it was a success. Now I have a way to run through the daylight without worrying about burning myself to death. With all the things I did the whole night, not once did I feel sleepy. Perhaps it's due to the fact that Volatiles are practically restless monsters as well as the infected, hmm… the game didn't really explain how the virus worked that much only the basic stuff.

'It could be worse. I could've been a Night Hunter.' I thought to myself, while the Night Hunter is the most powerful of all the infected, but if I reincarnated into that thing it would be next to impossible to disguise myself given the physiology of the creature.' I was so lost in my thoughts that I've been thinking until sunrise. I can see the sunrise rising over the distance and for a brief moment I felt like a normal human being again. But I know that if I take off my clothes I'll just burn myself up, despite that fact I know I'm still a human even only in spirit. And I will change the course of this story.

I don't know if this is fate or just irony, but just as I finished my monologue I hear the sound of a plane flying past above Harran. And I can see multiple parachutes deploying carrying people instead of a crate of either antizin or supplies, and there I see is the unmistakable figure of one Kyle Crane. Time to make my move.

5 Minutes later near Kyle Crane's LZ

I ran just in time to see Kyle Crane being cornered by thugs from Rais' group. But enough about that I was on a rooftop observing and waiting for my time to strike. There I see the infected that bit Crane giving him the infection and not long after I see Amir and Jade. You know in the game it was a real shame that they died the way they did, I mean Amir dying right of the bat and Jade turning just seems wrong to me and I was actually shipping those two instead of the fics of Crane and Jade, bite me. Something or someone sent me here for a reason and I'm going to take advantage of that.

I can see the small horde coming for them as Jade dragged Crane to the Tower. Don't worry guys I'll change the course of this story because I'll be manning this ship from now on. With that I made my move and jumped down. I saw the coming infected and took a fighting stance. Oh yeah back in my world I took Taekwondo and kick boxing in high school, I always dreamed in using them in this kind of world. So with that said and given I'm technically one of them they ignored me as I beat the living shit out of them, as a Volatile my strength was of the charts, earlier in the night I tore a car's door right of its hinges without too much of an effort. So fighting these infected was like practicing my punches in a meat locker.

As I fought off the infected Jade and Amir were startled at the new arrival. Amir was prepared to die for Jade when he saw the group of biters but when this stranger appeared out of nowhere and was currently beating the living death out of them it gave them the time they needed to carry this injured and probably infected stranger back to the Tower.

When I finished off the last one I can see one of Rais' men that Crane had shot were being eaten alive. To be frank I couldn't care less about these shitheads they chose to follow a madman and stick to it. I only need to protect what's good left in this city and the people in the Tower is a good place to start. So with my job done I climbed up the building behind me to see if they made it without any more incidents. There you have it Jade and Amir safely carried Crane back inside the Tower.

I let out a breath of relief. I did it, I managed to save Amir. If I keep this up maybe Dying Light would have the ending I've always envisioned. Nonetheless my work isn't done, in fact it's only just started. There are a lot of people out there in the slums still alive and fighting for their lives. With that said I ran through Harran hoping that I can make a difference in how this story goes.

5 minutes earlier and onward during Crane's rescue (Amir's POV)

I can see Rais' men about to attack this newcomer. I cannot let that happen, there are already plenty dying in Harran and we need to stick together in order to survive this hellhole.

"Let's move Jade." I said. Jade gave a nod and we dove into action. We saw the stranger shot one of Rais' men and the other two retreated when they saw the biters and virals come because of the gunshot. I beat the viral that bit him with my metal bat and Jade took care of the other one.

"Come on. We have to move." I said as I helped him to try and get up.

"Let's get him off the street." Jade said as she stomped the viral's head and came and helped me carry him back towards the Tower. We weren't fast enough as I can hear the biters and virals reach us. I was about to make my last stand and hopefully Jade will be able to carry him back to safety. But out of nowhere someone came out and started to beat the infected with his gloved fists. I just watched in awe as the stranger just butchered them like it was nothing. Although what was strange was the Biters were completely ignoring him and just wanted to pass by him and get to us.

"AMIR! Help me get this door open!" Jade's cry snapped me out of it and made me come back to the situation at hand. I helped her break the door open and we carried our new guest to the tower.

"Who the hell was that?" Jade asked as we can hear the carnage coming from the other side of the door.

"I don't know, but I think he's on our side." I said, hoping that it was a fact. From what I saw of him or lack thereof because he was completely covered. He was wearing a trench coat and his face is what was strange to me. He was wearing shades a fedora, and his whole face was covered in some kind of fabric like he doesn't like showing his face at all.

We were now near the Tower and our new guest isn't looking to good. He was fading in and out of consciousness. Eventually he completely collapsed due to the head injury he suffered from Rais' thugs.

"Tower, this is Jade. Get Sickbay ready. Got a guy with a bad head wound… and a bite on one arm." Jade contacted the Tower via comm. Radio.

"Oh, shit! Amir's hurt?" The person on the other side of the radio said.

"No. Amir is fine… Something strange happened that saved his life. And we're bringing someone who might still survive." Jade said as we laid down and catch our breath seeing that we're safe for a while.

"One of us?"

"We'll see." Jade finished as she cut off the call. And our new guest completely lost consciousness.

'I do not know who you were stranger but I owe you my life.' I thought as I stared at the door hoping that the stranger that saved my life was fine. Because he had a feeling that that won't be the last time he will hear of him.

AN: That's the intro of the game done. So what do you guys think? I'm going to completely change the story line into something a lot less depressing with this story. So with that said I hope you like this story, it is my second one. So some honest reviews and criticism is much obliged this is Fatalis0217 saying 'Good Day and Good Luck'.