Korriban, to some a simple graveyard world filled with ancient tombs and old relics from a time long forgotten, to others an ancient and forbidden world holding the seed of the greatest evils in the galaxy's history, but to him a place full of knowledge. Knowledge that the Jedi had deemed as forbidden for many centuries, knowledge that would make the bravest warriors in the galaxy tremble down to their very core, knowledge guarded by the spirits that resided within the tombs located across the surface of the planet, and knowledge that a young man from a far off world desired.

"Something is troubling you, my apprentice" Said a voice from inside the tomb "What is on your mind?"

Tomment opened his eyes, he stared into the dark corridor leading up to the sarcophagus chamber of the Sith Lord the tomb was specifically built for. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and after a few seconds "It is nothing" he said "Old memories from a time long dead."

"You would be wise to suppress such thoughts, you cannot afford to have any distractions. Your knowledge only increases your power, but the mere thought of those times does nothing but distract you."

Tomment reflected on the words of the Chagrian standing before him. Three years, that is how long it had been since he left his homeworld, three years since he first landed on Nar Shaddaa, three years since he first entered the tombs of the ancient Sith Lords, and three years since he abandoned his birth name.

Tomment positioned himself in a meditation pose, concentrating all the power around him, the Dark Side of the Force engulfing his entire body, lifting it off the ground as surges of Dark Side energy illuminated his traditional Sith tattoos.

In his mind, Tomment recalled the events leading to him tapping into the Dark Side of the Force for the very first time in his life. He saw several images of ten female figures standing there, laughing when he was in pain, fighting each other for an insignificant piece of cloth, blaming him for something he did not do, and subjecting him to both physical and psychological torture; his anger and hatred increasing with each passing vision. Then he saw the events leading up to his turn to the Dark Side, the hatred towards these figures reaching its boiling point.

He saw a young girl with brown hair threatening him with a piece of wood before blaming his sole presence for the outcome of a certain event. Such arrogance, such foolishness, such blind pride. The situation became worse for the young white haired boy in the visions, feeling depressed at the idea of these same female figures, along with two others, going to fun places without him. Inconsiderate fools. The image shifted to the same boy, this time unable to enter his own bedroom before being forced to live outside. At this point, his hatred had fully consumed his mind.

Tomment's eyes shot open, causing a powerful pulse of energy to be sent in all directions destroying everything in sight.

Tomment felt the pain that young boy had felt, Tomment felt sympathy towards that boy because, at one point in time, Tomment was that boy.

In his travels of the galaxy, the young boy learned navigations from several smugglers on Nar Shaddaa and became one of the best pilots in the outer rim in less than a year. The boy had travelled far and wide across the galaxy, from the main capital on Coruscant to the dense forests of Kashyyyk, around Yuuzan Vong space to the boarders of the Chiss Ascendancy, and yet for some reason he felt as if something was calling to him.

His strong connection to the Force eventually lead him to the ruins of Korriban. Initially, he became fascinated with the stories of the ancient Lords of the Sith. Pall, Muur, Hord, Andeddu, Ragnos, Sadow, Nadd, Kun, Revan, Malak, Traya, Sion, Nihilus, Valkorion, Malgus, Ruin, Bane, Plagueis, Sidious, Vader, Caedus, Krayt, they all fascinated him.

The dark desert plains, mountains and caves of Korriban seemed plain at first sight, but what fascinated the young boy was a place called the Valley of the Dark Lords. A place where the spirits of the ancient Sith Lords rested.

The boy began to study the ways of the Dark Side under the tutelage of a Chagrian Sith Lord, gaining knowledge from the spirits within the valley and using an ancient holocron as a guideline, the boy turned Sith Lord took the name Darth Tomment with the intention of transmitting the torment he suffered in his homeworld onto others, specifically those who had been responsible for delivering such torment. And yet, for some reason, each time he meditated he felt a familiar presence, one whom he held no anger towards. He felt as if he recognized her and she recognized him.

His curiosity only increased, he had attempted to hide this connection from his master, but he could not contain himself. Could this be a possible apprentice? Is the Force bringing them together to fulfill a greater purpose?

"Who are you?"