Characters: Provost Willem

Word Count: 694

Summary: Master Willem tries to gain eyes.

(Author's note: Just a short character study about Master Willem, mostly headcanon based. I hope you enjoy and thanks for the request that inspired it.)

Willem sat in his favourite chair on his balcony overlooking the lake.

He always had loved this place. He always would have come here when he needed a breather or just to enjoy the view. At first he still had been able to walk there himself, but over the years he had grown old and needed help. Now he mostly spent his time in his rocking chair looking over the lake until Yurie would get him to go to bed.

Over the years Byrgenwerth had... changed. All the research of the scholars went into gaining more eyes since that fateful day that Willem's most promising student had left him behind. A frown appeared on Willem's face. He didn't want to think about him. Some of his students had tried to tell him what he had been up to, but Willem didn't want to hear it. It could be nothing good. He had ignored all the warnings about the old blood and made it his main research.

Willem didn't want to admit to himself that he was missing him. Laurence... he remembered when he had appeared at the school, freshly orphaned and hard to talk to. It had been Gehrman who had managed to give him some comfort and that little boy had grown into one of the best students that Willem had ever seen in his long ages leading the school. He also had been the most troublesome and sadly it had turned out that he decided to walk a different path.

It was over. Laurence would never return to him regardless how long Willem would wait. He had surrounded himself with another circle of students, the ones that shared his believes and wanted to continue his research.

The research... it had been crowned by success. A student managed to gain eyes and ascend. Rom, a young scholar, had made it. Unfortunately, during ascending she had lost her mind. Willem had left her deep in the lake. During her ascension, Rom had made sure to put a veil over the nearby city of Yharnam, where apparently something had happened. It was better for anyone if she wouldn't be found.

If one day someone would come to uncover the secrets, maybe Willem would tell them. However, nobody ever came here anymore. The entrance to the Forbidden Woods was protected by a password and apparently nobody knew this password anymore. Nobody ever came to the school anymore, so that only Willem and his small circle of scholars as well as the two guardians of the forest remained.

Looking over the lake, Willem found himself holding a relic that had been given to him a long time ago. The umbilical cord of a Great One.

He never had brought it over himself to use it, the fear of what happened would it fail in his mind, but... without courage, he would never be able to ascend.

And so, Willem was holding the cord between both of his hands and gazed directly at it, at the Eldritch Knowledge hidden within.

The sensation was... peculiar.

It felt like all his senses had gotten stronger all at once. Everything was so loud, everything smelled far too strong, he had the feeling he could taste the air on his tongue and he could see.

Oh yes, he could see. He could see everything. He had the feeling that the truth of the world was in front of him, but instead of being able to reach out, his senses were about to shut down.

He heard too many voices, smelled too many odours, felt too many things at once. He wasn't able to concentrate like that. He shut his eyes and covered his ears in an attempt to drown it out, anxiety bubbling up in his chest.

Nothing worked. It was all too much. After a good while Master Willem stopped struggling and laid his hands back in his lap, one clutching around his staff. He continued rocking and just stared at the lake.

When Yurie found him later this day, she knew that she was the last scholar, because Willem had lost his mind while he lined his brain with eyes.

(Author's note: So, that has been it.

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