Chapter 1: The Damaged Package

(At Dyntos' workshop)

Far in the deepest parts of the universe laid the workshop of the God of the Forge, Dyntos. After Dyntos had completed the finishing touches on his latest project, he walked outside the workshop, walked up to a young robot girl with pink hair who was waiting outside, and handed her a large package.

Dyntos- Well, it wasn't easy, but I got his order all finished up. To be honest, I was very surprised to learn he was still around. Pretty much every god believes that he was…

Susie- I know. Which is why we need to keep this between us.

Dyntos- Very well. Not everyday a god of his status comes to me for help.

Dyntos let go of the package after Susie took hold of it.

Susie- Will this help him with everything he needs?

Dyntos- Girl, don't you know who you're talking to?! I'm lord Dyntos, God of the Forge! There ain't nobody better and building things than me. But it is very delicate. If that sustains any damage before he gets to put it on, I'm afraid it won't work. So be careful with that.

Just as Susie was leaving with her package, little did she know, two beings were hiding behind one of Dyntos' statues outside the workshop, watching her.

Marx- There she is, but what's that she's got in her hands?

Quinking (in Marx's voice)- Don't know, don't care.

Marx- Quinking?! Why are you looking like me?

Quinking (in Marx's voice)- I prefer to only use my real form and real power only when it's necessary.

Marx- But why couldn't you turn into…never mind! We found the little robot girl Master Tabuu wanted us to capture. I say we jump her now!

Quinking (in Marx's voice)- While Dyntos is watching? Marx, Master Tabuu did tell us to capture her, but he also said to draw as little attention to us as possible. Dyntos could call Pit, and the last thing we want is any member of the Super Mario Brothers' Team in our hair.

Marx- Ok…and what do you propose we do?

Quinking (in Marx's voice)- We wait until she flies to space. Then she'll be all alone and no one will see us attacking her.

(Somewhere in space)

Kirby was riding his Warp Star to checking each planet. Parasol Robobot was flying close behind Kirby as he was checking each planet. After a few moments later, Kirby heard Tiff's voice coming from Robobot's speakers.

Tiff- Hey Kirby, shouldn't you take a break for now? You and Robobot have been circling the galaxy for hours.

Kirby- I told you already, Tiff. Ty contacted me about a faint signal of a portal from Subspace opening somewhere in my sector. If Tabuu or his followers are up to something, it's best we figure out what it is before it's ready to be used against us.

Tuff- Why go through all the trouble when you can just kick their asses when they throw it at you?

Kirby- If I was informed about Tabuu hiring the Deadly Six to kidnap all those kids for that world draining machine, wouldn't you have wanted me to stop Zor from kidnaping you and Tiff that night instead of letting Tabuu and the Deadly Six cause all that havoc?

Tuff- Fair point, Kirby.

Kirby- It's just Tabuu's plots usually means Armageddon. And he keeps coming closer to killing all of us each time he makes a move. If he's opened a portal somewhere here, Tabuu obviously send his followers to retrieve something he's looking for. I need to find what Tabuu wants and keep it out of his clutches.

Tiff- I know Ty is the smart one in the Super Mario Brothers' Team, but don't you think Ty might's picked up the wrong readings.

While Tiff was giving Kirby a small lecture, Parasol Robobot looked down and saw what looked like explosions occurring in the distance. Parasol Robobot tabbed on Kirby's shoulder, Kirby turned around, and Parasol Robobot pointed downward. Kirby took a look and saw the explosions too.

Kirby- You'll have to put a hold on that speech there, Tiff. I think Robobot found what we were looking for.

(In another part of space)

Susie was flying a small spaceship, but she was being chased and attacked from behind by what looked like Marx.

Susie- Oh ****! I can't believe they found me already! I need to get this package to him, but how can I with them on my tail?

The thing that looked like Marx was about to fire another laser from its eyes at Susie's ship, but it was rammed in the back by Kirby's Warp Star and knocked into a nearby asteroid.

Kirby- POYO! How's that headache feel, Marx?

Then Marx appeared flying behind Kirby.

Marx- Actually Kirby, I'm over here.

Kirby- Wait…then who…

Kirby turned to look at the version of Marx he ran over with the Warp Star a few moments ago and saw parts of its features warping, like it was having a little bit of trouble maintaining the form it turned into for a moment.

Kirby- Oh yeah, Ty's foe, the Quinking, who also works for Tabuu, has the power to turn into other lifeforms.

The Quinking regained his focus, maintained his form of Marx, and flew up to Kirby.

Quinking (in Marx's voice)- This does not concern you, Star Warrior.

Marx- Are you ****ing kidding me, Quinking?! I joined Tabuu to I kill that son of a bitch and get my revenge! Anytime is a good time to get my revenge on Kirby!

Quinking (in Marx's voice)- Have you forgotten we were given a job to do?!

Then Kirby, Marx, and the Quinking noticed Susie's spaceship flying away.

Quinking (in Marx's voice)- See you idiot! She's already getting away!

Marx- Then you go after her! You don't need me to capture one little robot girl.

Kirby- Robot girl…?

Kirby looked at the ship and managed to see Susie's face through the windshield.

Quinking (in Marx's voice)- Fine, but Tabuu will not be happy to hear you disobeying his orders. And don't blame me if he decides to do to you what he did to that Mephiles fella who refused to accept working for Tabuu.

The Quinking in the form of Marx flew after Susie. Marx turned to look at Kirby who was still on his Warp Star, but he noticed Kirby was also pushing some buttons on a remote of some kind.

Marx- What the **** are you doing Kirby?! You're supposed to be fighting me!

Kirby- Just a little insurance for the Quinking. I'm all yours, Marx!

Kirby had his Warp Star charge for Marx as Marx did the same thing.

(Somewhere else in space)

Susie was flying her little spaceship as fast as she could, hoping she has lost her pursuers.

Susie- Was that…that little pink lifeform from Popstar I just saw. He might be mad for leaving Kirby to fight those two by himself, but getting this package to him is more important. Besides, he'll pull through like him and the rest of the Super Mario Brothers' Team always do.

Before Susie even knew it, the Quinking in the form of Marx rammed into the ship from the side. Susie also didn't know that something inside the ship got damaged during that collision.

Quinking (in Marx's voice)- You didn't think you'd lose me that easily?

Susie- I see your partner is gone. Not much of a threat if there's just one of you.

Quinking (in Marx's voice)- I wouldn't be too sure about that. I am the mighty Quinking, ruler of the Quinkan!

Susie was about to activate her spaceship's weapon system, but the Quinking suddenly changed from the form of Marx to the form of President Haltmann. As soon as Susie saw the Quinking take that form, she immediately froze. With that opertunity open, the Quinking in the form of Haltmann fired a laser beam from his eyes and blasted Susie's spaceship's engine.

Quinking (in President Haltmann's voice)- I see Master Tabuu was right. He told me you'd drop your guard is I turned into this lifeform. Now then, our boss wants a word with you. I'd suggest you come quietly or things will get even worse for you.

But before the Quinking could do anything, Parasol Robobot appeared right behind the Quinking in the form of President Haltmann and clapped its mechanical hands on the Quinking. When Parasol Robobot opened its hands, the Quinking was in the form of an accordion. Parasol Robobot closed its hands again and the Quinking was now in the form of a baseball before Parasol Robobot pitched it.

(Back over with Kirby and Marx)

Kirby had transformed into Cutter Kirby and Marx had turned into Fire Marx. Cutter Kirby swung his blade at Fire Marx, but Fire Marx blocked with one of his wings.

Cutter Kirby- Tabuu might've showed you how to copy my copy ability, but it's still nothing compared to the original!

Fire Marx- Not this time, Kirby! I'll make sure you crash and burn this time!

Then Fire Marx spat a stream of fire at Cutter Kirby, but Cutter Kirby blocked with his cutter blade. Suddenly, a baseball smacked Fire Marx on the head, like how a character gets hit with a baseball in Smash, and Fire Marx lost his copy ability. The baseball turned into the form of Marx and the real Marx looked very pissed off at the Quinking.

Marx- Quinking! What the **** did you do that for you retarded idiot?!

Quinking (in Marx's voice)- Uh…Marx…

Marx- No, I don't want to hear it! I still have a fight with Kirby and I'm going to finish it!

Quinking (in Marx's voice)- Uh…Marx…

Marx- Will you give it a rest already, Quinking?! Can't you see…

As soon as Marx turned around, Cutter Kirby was nowhere to be found.

Quinking (in Marx's voice)- Well Marx, I was about to tell you that Kirby was escaping while you were yelling at me, but I think it's too late for that now. Perhaps if you had helped me pursue the robot girl instead of being fixated on defeating Kirby, maybe this wouldn't have happened. Master Tabuu will not be happy when he hears this.

Marx- Hey, you screwed up just as much as I did! Tabuu will have your ass just as much as he'll have mine!

(Somewhere else in space)

Susie was in the cockpit of Parasol Robobot and she was holding the package, but there were electrical sparks coming out of it.

Susie- Shit! It looks like the package took a hit! What am I gonna do know?!

Kirby suddenly popped up behind her like a cartoon character.

Kirby- What seems to be the problem?

Susie- What the…?! Don't sneak up on me like that! And how did you even get into the Robobot armor anyway?

Kirby- I have my ways of getting around places, Susie.

Susie- You're a strange character, little pink lifeform…

Kirby- Is that how you want to talk to the person who just saved your ass? Besides, you gave Robobot to me during the Hultmann Work Company's invasion of Popstar. So, you technically are in my seat.

Susie- I don't have time for this! I need to make an important delivery, but that shapeshifter damaged the package!

Kirby- Let me take a look at it.

Susie- I can't let you do that!

Kirby- Susie, I'm trying to help you. How can I help you fix whatever that thing is if I don't know what the problem with that thing is?

Susie- Ok…

Then Susie reluctantly handed Kirby the package she got from Dyntos' workshop. When Kirby opened it, he saw a large mechanical hand. It looked like an actual made of flesh, but the metal it was made of looked like nothing Kirby had ever seen. It did look slightly dented in some areas and three wires were sticking out, and there were sparks of electricity coming out of it.

Kirby- What on Popstar were you doing with this?

Susie- It's not for me. I told you I'm just delivering it to someone. But I can't deliver it in this condition.

Kirby- Hmm…I think I know someone who might be able fix this. A friend of mine is a real expert at handling machines. If you don't mind a trip to a place called Australia on a planet called Earth, I might be able to convince make it good as new.

Susie- You believe this friend of yours can…

Kirby- But…I insist you answer a few questions. Like why were two of Tabuu's followers so interested in you?

Susie- I can't…this is something I can't just tell you!

Kirby- You got any other ideas how you're gonna repair your package?

Susie- (Groans)…I guess I don't have much of a choice…but I'm telling you nothing until after your friend has finished the repairs.

Kirby- Fair enough.

Kirby pushed a button on Robobot's controls.

Kirby- Tiff, it's Kirby. I'm going to take little detour. Do you know if Ty is in?