Chapter 7: The Dark Secret Revealed

Star Dream- Star Dream…fully operational!

Grand Hammer Kirby- Star Dream?! Tabuu brought back Star Dream?! But I destroyed Star Dream!

Ty- I think you should know by now, anything we destroy, Tabuu can just as easily put back together.

Star Dream took a look at Grand Hammer Kirby, Ty, and Shazza, but his attention was mostly drawn to Ty surprisingly.

Star Dream- You! I recognize your kind! You are just like the gray Tasmanian tiger with the scar on his face that shut me down before the tech company discovered me.

Grand Hammer Kirby- That's strange. I figured he's be more into me since Robobot and me destroyed him.

Shazza- But that computer is more interested in Ty?

Star Dream then turned to look at Susie who was still out cold.

Star Dream- Target found. Preparing to seize target.

Star Dream reached for Susie, but Cutter Robobot struck its arm with a saw blade.

Star Dream- I see you insist on interfering. Don't you know this girl has been lying to you?

Shazza- Lying?

Grand Hammer Kirby- What the hell do you mean?!

Star Dream- Tell me, have you ever heard of a god named Kyrin?

Ty- Kyrin…? Yes, I've heard that name somewhere before, but I can't remember where.

Grand Hammer Kirby- I think I've heard it before too.

Star Dream- The Lord of the Universe had two sons. Twins in fact. Tabuu was one and the other…Kryin…Tabuu's twin brother.

Kirby and Ty at the same time- WHAT?!

Star Dream- It was be said that Kyrin has been killed by Tabuu 1,000 years ago, but Tabuu has recently discovered that his brother still lives. And has been aiding you and the other members of your team secret for a long time. Tell me, didn't you find it strange that while fighting Bowser in space, Robobot conveniently returned to you during that fight after you thought you lost it in space? Or who was sending you weapons and messages through Beep-O during the Rabbid invasion of the Mushroom? And that's just the tip of the ice burg. For instance, isn't Shazza wondering who that mysterious stranger who handed her that hammer she used to help Kirby was? But how he really found out his brother was still alive was when Tabuu reviewed the footage of the fight against Tabowser. From behind, Tabuu's signature attack struck Tabowser from behind. In the frame by frame viewer, Tabuu discovered a dark figure lurking in the shadows sprouting a set of rainbow-colored wings. Only three gods in existence can use that attack on their own. The Lord of the Universe, Tabuu, and his brother Kyrin. Kyrin was pronounced dead after Tabuu severed Kyrin's left arm from his body while Kyrin was trying to save the leader of the original Super Mario Brothers' Team from a surprise attack Tabuu tried to make. Analysis suggest that arm created by Dyntos is meant to replace the arm Kyrin lost while defending Mario's ancestor. And it is believed Susie is working for Kyrin. She was spotted a red box for you all to find during the Rabbid invasion which you used to deactivate Tabuu's power from the MegaBug. Tabuu wants Susie alive so he can make her tell us where Kyrin is hiding.

Tabuu- I think you've said enough, Star Dream.

Star Dream- Very well sir.

Tabuu- And don't fail me like Marx and the Quinking did!

Then the videophone hung up and turn off.

Star Dream- Commence attack!

A bunch of stars were fired from Star Dream's eyes and the blasted Grand Hammer Kirby and Cutter Robobot and knocked them to the ground. The attack also made Grand Hammer Kirby and Cutter Robobot lose their copy abilities. Ty had his Shadow Bunyip extend its good arm to help Kirby and Robobot get back up. Star Dream fired a rainbow-colored laser at them and Kirby, Ty, Shazza, and Robobot quickly ran to had behind a nearby rock.

Kirby- Star Dream's attacks seem more powerful than I remember.

Ty- Tabuu must've upgraded Star Dream like he did with the rest of his followers.

Kirby- Last time I fought Star Dream, Meta Knight launched me and Robobot from the Halberd and we drilled through the opening on Star Dream's head. But how are we supposed to get Robobot up there this time?

Ty- If only me Shadow Bunyip still had both arms, I might be able to toss you and Robobot and I don't think Shazza's Battle Bunyip MK2 is strong enough to even lift Robobot.

Shazza- I think I might know how you can get Kirby and Robobot up there. That machine floating barely above the height of the workshop's roof. If you the Shadow Bunyip can toss them from there…

Ty- Kirby and Robobot might be able reach Star Dream! But Star Dream will know what we're up to as soon as he sees up climbing to the roof of the workshop.

Shazza- Then let me distract him. I can keep Star Dream focused on me while you do what you need to do.

Ty- That's ****ing crazy, Shazza! I can't put you in harm's way just to…

Shazza- I'm capable of defending myself, possum. Besides, I owe it to Susie to protect her from Tabuu after what she did for Fang.

Kirby- Ok, just try not to get hurt. Star Dream is no pushover.

Shazza pulls out her shock pistol and jumps back into her Battle Bunyip MK2. Shazza jumped from behind the rock and fired a shock pistol at Star Dream. Star Dream blocked with one of the wing-like machine parts and brushed the shot off like it was nothing. Star Dream waved the other wing-like machine part of the other side of its body and four black portals opened up. Out of each small black portal came a small laser beam. Shazza managed to dodge them, had her Battle Bunyip MK2 grab a nearby tree, and throw it at Star Dream. Star Dream fired a laser from its eye and destroyed the tree. Then Star Dream created a portal in the sky and a bunch of meteors came out as they all began falling towards Shazza. Shazza did her best to try and avoid them, but Star Dream shot a rainbow-colored laser and Shazza's Battle Bunyip MK2 after it dodged one meteor. Shazza was knocked out of her Battle Bunyip MK2 as the meteors crushed it into scrap. Shazza struggled to get back up and aimed her shock pistol at Star Dream.

Star Dream- Wait, this seems strange. Where are Kirby and Ty?

Star Dream turned around and saw Ty driving his Shadow Bunyip and Kirby driving Robobot as they were standing on the roof of the workshop.

Ty- Me Shadow Bunyip might be missing its left arm, but it should still be strong enough to get you and Robobot high enough.

Star Dream- Oh no you don't!

Then Star Dream opened its mouth and began sucking like Kirby's inhale.

Kirby- Hey, what's going on?!

Suddenly, Ty was sucked out of the cockpit of the Shadow Bunyip and being sucked into Star Dream.

Kirby- Oh no! TY!

After Star Dream sucked up Ty with that small black hole, it closed its mouth.

Star Dream- I'm not gonna let you do that trick you and that robotic copy used to dismantle me last time that easily!

Star Dream fired two large missiles at Kirby and Robobot. Robobot quickly scanned one and turned into Bomb Robobot. Bomb Robobot opened it's mouth to spit out a giant bomb to block the other missile. But Kirby and Bomb Robobot were too close to the explosion and were almost blown off the roof. Bomb Robobot turned back into regular Robobot and was starting to run low on power.

Kirby- Shit! I'm out of energy after using that super ability to crush Marx and Robobot can't fight for much longer! How can we get out of this mess now?!

Star Dream was about to attack, but then one of its circuits blew a fuse and exploded.

Star Dream- What the…?!

More damages to Star Dream's systems were happening.

Star Dream- How is this happening?! Searching for cause of malfunctions…

Star Dream did a scan on itself. The errors stopped the scan from completing, but Star Dream managed to detect that Ty was not only still alive, but disassembling some of Star Dream's inner workings from inside of Star Dream.

Star Dream- No! The Tasmanian tiger is still alive!

Shazza- Possum!

Kirby- Ty! You sly Tasmanian tiger. But this is only going to slow Star Dream down for so long. I still need to get Robobot up there.

Fluffy's voice- Need a hand there?

Kirby turned around and saw Fluffy back on her feet and she was piloting her Ultra Fluffy Gamma Bunyip.

Kirby- I thought you and Julius were…

Fluffy- Believe me, my head is still booming after the Quinking showed me his impersonation of Donkey Kong's Monkey Punch. But now's not the time for that. Let's strike now, before Star Dream repairs the damages Ty has done to its systems.

Fluffy's Ultra Fluffy Gamma Bunyip grabbed hold of Robobot, jumped as high as it could, and tossed Kirby and Robobot into the air. Kirby and Robobot were directly over Star Dream's head.

Kirby- Alright, Robobot! Let's finish this like we did all those years ago back on Popstar!

Robobot turned its right arm into a giant drill as lunged for Star Dream.

Kirby- Here we come, Star Dream! POYO!

Star Dream- No…not this time…

Star Dream tried to stop Kirby by creating these heart shaped barriers that looked like it was made out of a crystal. Robobot quickly drilled through it. Star Dream tried to block with another, but Robobot drilled through that one as well. Star Dream created at least two more of those heart shaped crystals, but it wasn't long before Robobot broke through them all and wedged that drill to the top of Star Dream's head like a screwdriver.

Kirby- Go Robobot!

Robobot began drilling through Star Dream's head and not only opened its systems, but drilled straight through Star Dream's body. Kirby and Robobot also managed to grab Ty from inside Star Dream as Robobot drilled Star Dream in half down the middle. Right after Robobot drilled through Star Dream, Star Dream's body explodes. It was a rough landing, but Kirby, Ty, and Robobot managed to land in one piece. After Star Dream's pieces landed to the ground, they were quickly sucked up by a black vortex leading back to Subspace. Then Ty, Kirby, Fluffy, and Shazza saw a videophone laying on the ground with the image of Tabuu sitting on his throne on the screen.

Tabuu- I see Star Dream still has some room for improvement. Believe it or not, Ty, you're not the first Tasmanian tiger to damage Star Dream's systems, but I think we'll save that story for another day.

Kirby- We won, Tabuu. We beat your followers and protected Susie.

Tabuu- I'll admit…this defeat wasn't a minor setback to my plans, far from it. But at the same time, I really didn't lose all that much. At least it's been confirmed that someone who I thought was dead is still alive and kicking. I've got a message I want Susie to deliver for me. Tell her that I send…"HIM"…my regards. And that it won't be long now before the two of us come face to face again. Give my regards to Mario as well.

Then the videophone hung up and shattered to pieces.

(The next morning at the Bush Rescue workshop)

Susie was still out cold after what she had been through the night before. But she was hearing a familiar voice calling out to her.

President Haltmann- Susanna…Susanna, wake up!

Susie managed to open her eyes just a crack and she was seeing a strange figure standing in front of a bright light that almost looked like Haltmann to her.

President Haltmann- Susanna, please wake up! That is still much more you need to do!

Susie- Uh…father…is that you…

When Susie's vision cleared, she saw Kirby standing above her, trying to wake her up.

Kirby- Father…? Do I look like your daddy, Susie?

Susie looked around and saw what was left of the workshop after that fight with Tabuu's followers the night before.

Kirby- You sure you fixed Susie? She just thought I was her dad for some reason.

Julius- Strange. I didn't think robots had parents. Creators, yes, but not parents.

Ty- Scans say she's fully operational again. Maybe it's just the shock of being rebooted like that.

Susie looked and saw Kirby, Ty, Shazza, Fang, Fluffy, and Julius standing around the cot she had been laying on.

Susie- Sorry…I was…just woken from a dream is all…

Fax- Maks…Hailmane…Susie…papa…

Shazza- Fang, are you trying to say something?

Susie (thinks)- I have to say…that's one interesting kid they have there…

Ty- Listen…about your boss…it's Tabuu he's been hiding from this whole time, isn't it? That's why you've been trying to keep any information about him a secret…

Susie- I'm afraid so…and I take it Tabuu knows already…

Kirby-Yep, he does.

Ty- But this just give us all the more reason to work together. Your boss shouldn't be afraid to us. We can help him just like he's been helping the Super Mario Brothers' Team this whole time.

Kirby- Yeah! He'll need us as much as we'll need him.

Susie- (Sigh)…I'll talk to him…but first I need his package.

Kirby- Right here. Here you go, Susie.

Kirby hands Susie the mechanical arm which was wrapped up again. Susie takes the package from Kirby.

Susie- Thanks…for everything…

A few minutes later, Susie was in her little spaceship about to take off. Kirby, Ty, Robobot, Shazza, Fang, Fluffy, and Julius were there to see her off.

Susie (thinks)- Was that really a dream…father…are you watching over me after what Star Dream did to you…? I just hope…you found piece…father…but right now…I must help him…help them…defeat Tabuu…

Then Susie noticed Fang reaching for Susie while he was still in Shazza's baby harness.

Fang- Keyran…Susie no feel sad…

Susie smiled a bit after hearing Fang say that. Susie got her spaceship airborne and waved to everyone before taking off and flying away into the distance.

Kirby- So Ty, what now?

Ty- I feel like we're close to the season's finale. That means you, me, and the rest of the team might be in for something really big like the author always tries to make the previous three season finales. So, we must ready for what big surprise Tabuu might throw our way soon.

The End


(In an unknown area)

Susie approaches a mysterious figure in a black cloak with her package.

Susie- I'm sorry for taking so long, but I finally have your package, sir.

The mysterious figure opened the package, moved the left part of his body from under the cloak revealing an arm missing, and placed the mechanical arm as a replacement. The mysterious figure moved the new arm a bit, like he was trying to stretch.

Mysterious figure- It might not be real, but it will definitely do. It can even handle godly powers unlike the other prosthetics you've tried to build for me with your machine parts. At least I'm more capable of fighting back Tabuu and his forces. But there is more you want to talk to me about, isn't there, Susie?

Susie- Yes…sir. I'm afraid…Tabuu knows…

Mysterious figure- I kind of figured as much since he tried to capture you. I'm sorry, Susie. Because of me, you were put in so much danger. You all were…

Out of nowhere, many more characters appeared and were surrounding the mysterious figure. We see Gooboo Steve, Magolor, Richie and his Poke'mon, and many more characters that belong to the franchises used for this series.

Gooboo Steve- If you don't mind me asking, sir…what will you do now?

The mysterious figure reached for the hood of his cloaked and lowered it, revealing his face. His face looked very similar to Tabuu's, only it was covered in at least five scars.

Mysterious figure- It's obvious there's no point in trying to keep myself hidden since Tabuu knows I'm still alive. I still have a promise I need to keep to Marco…I think it's time we let his decedent and his team know who their secret ally is…