It was just a hunch. she didn't actually believe that he'll be there.

When she had decided to use her discs to skid up the huge red poll of the central bridge (damn Karmi's idea. it consumes so much energy. She just had to add magnets to her discs so they could pull any speck of metal used inside the walls, and in this case, the people of the bridge standing in the middle of the water), she didn't expect him to be up on its edge. In fact, she went up there to check if she could see a good portion of the city, seeing how tall it is. And yes, she had installed a new device on her hamlet allowing her to see long distances, curtsey of being a hero.

After locking eyes on him for the first time that day, that night, her eyes widened and she whispered his name in shock and he heard it. He snapped his head behind him and stare at her. She could tell he had been crying and she knew why, and if the others were with her to see him, they would too know why he was crying, but she didn't want to sound like a know it all jerk right now. So, she did the only thing she knew she should do.

She removed her helmet, letting the breeze caress her face and play with her short hair.

"What are you doing here? Everyone is looking for you!" She could not tell if she sounded firm or soft, because she was angry and sorry at the same time. At this point, she didn't know which one she wanted to be noticed more.

He ignored her and turned his head back to staring at the vast river bank.

She made a step forward. "Hiro..." Now, she's sure her anger was what made her hiss his name like that. She knew she should be soft on him, especially today, but she couldn't help it. She has been holding her frustration for the whole day, and she hadn't prepared a speech anyway.

But he cut her off before she could add another word. "I want to be alone." He said through gritted teeth, his legs dangling over the edge.

Gogo decided to be stubborn and frowned. "But everyone is worried and..." He did it again but more loudly.

"I don't care. Just leave me alone." It shook her to the core, she could admit she flinched, but she wouldn't, because that wouldn't be Gogo if she did. She just stood there with wide eyes.

At this point, she considered leaving, but she knew that she wouldn't be able to keep her promise to aunt Cass if she did that. So, she just put her gears away and sat down in place, cross-legged, arms on her legs and kept waiting for him to calm down because she didn't want to say anything that could make the situation any worse. She could have informed the others about the situation, but she couldn't do that without making Hiro feel uncomfortable. Not that she would anyway. She wanted to deal with this one alone.

'Sorry Wasabi' She thought and he was totally right about her, being self-centered, but not this time, she isn't. She's just too afraid to make a move. Besides, just by setting like this, in this excruciating silence with Hiro might jeopardize the situation.

The silence lasted for three minutes before Hiro took a soothing breath, she hopped and exhaled. her brows inched upward, her mouth hangs and she sat up straight in anticipation.

"Why are you guys like this?" He asked without looking back at her and she heard the annoyance in his voice, which got her confused. "Why do you care about me this much?" He phrased.

She was surprised by the question, to say the least, but that didn't stop her from answering.

"Isn't that what friends do?"

He looked at her this time and stared. She tried to smile at him, but she noticed his puffy eyes again and as fast as he looked at her he looked away, again.

"I never had those to know." He said softly this time and she felt a bit of relief wash over her. "But I had a brother and he was taken away from me." He added, struggling to stifle a cry, but Gogo was sure he couldn't hold his tears. "He was taken... away" He repeated albeit muffled by his weeping.

She looked at him with a sad expression on her face. She didn't know what to do. They might have known this was coming, but never had they expected it to be like this.

"Tadashi is dead, Hiro!" She said even though she knew that was the worst she could say and to confirm her fear, she saw him tense up. "... But we are here, now. We love you and we care about you. There's nothing that's going to change that." She said, hoping he'll be convinced. She is sure she didn't put much confidence behind her words, but she couldn't help but hope.

He stood up, but he never turned around to look at her. "You right, Tadashi is dead," He said, close to a whisper, but she heard it. She stood as well, albeit abruptly, thinking that what she feared could happen. "... and I don't think I live with that." He said as he made a step towards nothingness. But she held him. She didn't know when ran to him, or even when did she get time to even think about it. She just knew that she was holding him to her chest for dear life. Her gear left behind, where she was sitting before.

She heard his breath hitch. "Let me go." He yelled, struggling to get free.

"No." She yelled back. "I won't." She added.

He held her arms, trying to force her to lose her grip on him, but it was useless as she used all her force. "Let me go. Let me go." He said in frustration as he turned right and left in her hold.

"Never. I won't be able to live without you in my life if I did that." She yelled without thinking. To be fair, it wasn't exactly untrue. She didn't really care if it made her feel embarrassed about it if it meant Hiro could be saved.

And thank God it looked like he ceased struggling, but his hands never left her arms. He hangs his head over her arms and starts crying, wailing as he dropped on his knees with Gogo still holding on to him. She buried her face in his neck and just listen to him, but she couldn't stop the tears from trickling on her cheeks.

They stayed like that for who knows how long. Gogo couldn't hear him cry anymore, but he still held l onto her arms. It seemed like he was trying to get as much comfort as possible.

"You know, I'll always be reminded of Tadashi." He said calmly. "Each time it is a special day for me, I'll always be reminded that Tadashi is not there."

Yes. She figured as much. Now, she would be able to tell the others that she was right. She told them they needed to be prepared. Thank God they listened to her. They were worried too, after all.

"Hiro," She started softly and took a deep breath and exhaled. "I will be sure to fill in that void your brother left inside your heart. You just need to wait." She said confidently because this time she thought about it. Not just now, but she thought about a long time ago.

She waited for his response.

"You promise?" He asked, surprising the hell out of her, which made her eyes widen.

"Uh! ... Y-yeah. I promise." She said and felt him sigh under her chest and it was a brief sigh.

"Thank you, Gogo. And... I promise to wait, too." He said and it made her cheeks burn as she let her arms and loose around him.

He stood up in front of her and turned to give her a hand. "Let's go celebrate my birthday together with the others." He said with a wide smile. It made her smile as well. She was happy she succeeded in convincing him. She took his hand and he struggled to lift her up, but he did it nonetheless.

They looked at each other with smiles adorning their faces, then after a second Gogo started to laugh.

"what?" He asked in confusion.

"You're weak!" She exclaimed.

"Well sorry, you're too heavy." He deadpanned with a pout while he crossed his arms.

She smacked him on the back of his head. "Woman up!" She said with embarrassment.

He didn't even pretend he was upset, instead, he started laughing. Gogo got a bit confused but smiled nonetheless.

"I'll call Baymax." He said happily as he went to her helmet.

Now was certain she did a great job. The promise she made, she will keep, because that's what she also wants. She just hopped this will last forever.

Baymax arrived at their location after a while, armor on and everything. He lookebbetweenhe two friends be, fore he spoke. "Hiro! I detect low blood pressure and high energy levels. Diagnosis: Happy. Unlike earlier; Distressed. You too Gogo!"

Gogo and Hiro looked at each other and smiled a warm smile.

"Let's go home, buddy." He said as he rode the back of the robot as he stretched his hand toward Gogo who took it. "And Baymax. Sorry for earlier." He said as gave the helmet to Gogo who positioned herself on the right wing of Baymax's armor.

"I do not feel offended, Hiro. Just remember, friend,s are everyone's comfort."

Hiro smiled and looked at Gogo one last time as she put her helmet on. She'd call the others before they lose their minds looking for both of them.

"Yes, I'll always remember that. Now, Let's us fly buddy." And with that, they left the bridge with Hiro screaming happily. "Woooooohoooooo."

That made Gogo do the same. After all, her promise to Hiro will only be fulfilled if she shared his passion first

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