In the spirit of old PJO, I brought back the weird ominous title names from the original series. I missed them during Heroes of Olympus but I suppose Rick apologized by bringing it back. But let's get back to the story.

Midtown High

Peter once thought that being Spider-Man was the weirdest aspect of his life. Then he was recruited by Iron Man and that was the weirdest part of his life…then he went to space…the rest beat the previous weirdest part of his life one after the other. So when Peter thought that two gym teachers throwing boulders on fire at him at school, he could honestly say this wasn't in his top 10 weirdest experiences.

A fire boulder blazed passed him, hitting a part of the wall behind him. The resulting debris splattered across their half of the gym, causing the rest of the class of kids to scatter.

"Stop moving, I can't get you out if you keep moving!"Bo yelled, picking up another fire boulder.

Burns threw another boulder, again impacting the wall. Peter had to go into action, he had to stop this!

Peter stood back up, ready to attack.

"Hey you dumb trolls!"

Peter turned his head to the voice and saw its origin. Right beside the bleachers was a girl; he had absolutely no idea who that was.

The girl charged the two men, who chucked their fire boulders at her. The girl dodged it, she rolled underneath the boulder and took out…

"Is that a slingshot?"Ned asked beside him, somehow not already behind the bleachers.

Peter snapped out of his stupor, he had to act.

"Ned, get everyone else out through the fire exit, I'm gonna help fight these guys. Go!"Ned nodded and followed Peter's directions.

Peter sighed and went to help the girl against the boulder throwing wacko's. As the girl pelted the two men in rocks, Peter jumped on the closer of the two (Burns) and caught his head with his legs bringing him to the ground.

"You messed the wrong school!"Peter said, restraining his right arm with his own.

"You took something from us; we're here to take it back."Burns growled.

Even with his enhanced strength, Burns was able to struggle out of the hold Peter put him in (he had to thank Bucky for teaching him that one). Burns pushed Peter off of him and went straight for one of their boulders.

Peter wished he had his web shooters on him; maybe he should make some inconspicuous version of it in the future. But for now, he had a couple of wacko's to beat up.

Peter rushed Burns, kicking behind his knee to bring him to one knee. Burn turned and swiped his arm in an arc that Peter jumped over. As he landed to his other side, Peter sent his right arm rocketing towards Burns face hoping to knock him out in one punch. It was stronger than his usual punches, but seeing as there were people in danger and a gym in shatters he'd make in exception for Burns.

Unfortunately it seemed that Burns was made of sterner stuff. Sure the punch connected, but all it did was stun him for a second before he turned back with a grin, "That all you got? Please, my ma hit's harder than that."

Burns rushed him, swinging his arms wildly. It was obvious he didn't have any formal training; he was completely reliant on his strength to beat his opponents. Peter let Burns throw a few punches, and watched him. Another lesson Bucky taught him was to watch his opponents. Sometimes going in fighting wasn't the best decision; he had to see what Burns was capable of.

"Gee, now I owe him."Peter lamented.

Burns threw another punch, but Peter dodged out of the punch and grabbed his arm. With a forceful yank Peter lifted Burns off the ground and slammed him onto hard maple wood floor. The impact was harsh; Peter had to use more force again this time. Maybe Bucky was right about a few things after all.

"Ow."Burns groaned as he picked himself up.

Peter could only stare in disbelief; no way could he have gotten up from that. There was enough force behind that throw to break a few ribs. Who were these guys!?

"I know that face all too well, the face of someone who doesn't know yet."Burns chuckled, rolling his shoulders as he did.

"I've seen that face in hundreds of kids your age and younger, those who never quite understood what they were born into. I'll enjoy the next face you make when I pick the meat off your bones."Burns smile grew even more sinister as he popped his neck.

Was this guy a damn cannibal?!

"Get away from him!"

Peter turned to see the origin of the voice; it was from the same girl who was caught fighting Bo. Who was nowhere to be seen, only floating dust from where he once stood.

Burns growled, "So, you got Bo. You dumb Satyrs aren't as weak as I hoped you were…or maybe Bo was just too stupid. Either way, I'll kill you too!"

Burns rushed Peter, his spider-sense ringing to move.

Peter did a big summersault over Burns, who looked confused why Peter wasn't in his hands already. Turning back to Burns, Peter went on the assault again, precision punches to Burns face, chest, and stomach. The punches were again stronger than his arm throw like before.

Peter yet again threw another punch, but this time Burns caught it with his hand. Peter used his left hand to push him back but that was caught as well.

"Now how about you stop annoying me you dumb demi…"Whatever he was gonna say died in his mouth, because as he fell to the ground the girl from before had gotten behind Burns and stabbed him in the back.

Peter watched as Burns fell to the ground, watching as the air escaped his breath. When he hit the ground, Burns body was turned into dust; the same kind that was at Bo's body when the girl came to his help.

Peter looked in horror, was he dead? Did she kill him?

"Come with me, you have to hurry, or else other's will come and find you. It'll take these two sometime before they come back but its best not to risk it. I know you have a ton of questions…"The girl spouted out, but Peter didn't care to hear it.

"You killed him."Peter's eyes scowled at her, she seemed to be aloof to it.

"Oh man, of course I get one of those people."The girl sighed.

"You're just going to ignore that?"Peter pointed to where Burn's body used to be.

"Look, I know this is confusing, I've seen this happen a ton of times before…like every month. But you have to trust me; I'm here to help you."She stuck out her arm.

"Who are you?"Peter more demanded than asked.

"My name is Willow, I've been here looking for you…well people like you. It's my job to keep you safe."People like him? Peter was not appreciating the vagueness.

"Stop with the vague talk, who were they? You seem to know more than I do?"Did they work for a rival tech company? A.I.M. must have made enemies, but to hire a cannibal was a strange decision.

"Even if I tell you, you will just say I'm crazy. Like the last 50 people I've had this exact same conversation with!"

Peter thought about it for a minute, he was curious about what Willow was proposing (she obviously knew more than him) but…

"I can't leave yet, I need to check up on a few things. Is there a place I can meet you? Maybe tomorrow?"Peter asked.

"Ugh, you people are so annoying. Just come with me and I can help you!"Willow pleaded, she seemed like she wanted to help him…or she was a good actor.

"I don't know if you saw already but I can handle myself, look, just give me your number or something and I'll find you and then we can talk."Willow groaned.

"Fine, you can find me at Montauk, at the end of Long Island. Just please don't die before you get there. I like to keep up my streak."Peter looked at her incredulously as she walked out one of the gym walls that had broken during the fight.

"Oh and don't worry about explaining, I'll do that too!"She yelled as she ran off.

Peter looked around the room to get a sense of what had transpired.

Every wall (excluding the roof) was caked in boulders that had its fires long since die out. The bleachers were broken; again boulders had broken many of the seats. It was now that Peter realized what exactly Bo and Burns had been throwing, boulders the size of him. Who were those guys!? And the phones of other people were all strewn across the room.


Peter turned to the entrance of the gym to see Principal Morita looking in horror, obviously at the ruined state of the gym.

"Principal Morita I can…"

"I thought I knew better of you Peter, but a thief? My office, now."Peter himself was left speechless.

As he followed Principal Morita to his office, Peter concluded that today had officially been the weirdest day of his life.


Three rings went by before the phone on the other end picked up.

"Hello, Pepper Stark speaking."The tired voice of Pepper spoke.

"Hey Pepper, it's me Peter, you got a second?"

Peter sat on his bed, today had been a long day.

"Oh, hey kid, yeah I got a few minutes to talk."Pepper's voice relaxed; obviously dreading another business call.

"I got a few questions I need to ask you. I'm looking into something for my job. I was hoping you could explain it."

"Of course."Pepper could visualize her sitting up straight.

Peter pulled his phone back to face and sent the pictures he took of the syringe gun he 'took' from the shipment the other night. Another second later and Peter could hear Pepper had received it.

"Where did you get this?"She asked.

"Daredevil and I busted a job the other night; they were specifically looking for this. Do you know what this is?"A few seconds of silence went by.

"Unfortunately no, that goes the same for the pamphlet. This is from A.I.M.?"Pepper asked.

"Yeah, had its logo stamped on the box it came with, what do you know about A.I.M.?"Peter asked.

"A few decades ago Tony met a man by the name of Aldrich Killian. Tony wasn't the same back then, so the two got off on the wrong foot. Fast forward a few years ago Killian came back with a company, it was A.I.M. Unfortunately Killian was less than legal and was working on a gene therapy called Extremis. Killian was going to use Extremis as a way to profit on the American war economy, and kill the president, but thanks to Tony we stopped him. I don't know how A.I.M. had survived since, and that's all I know. A.I.M. isn't a very talkative company, it's privately owned as well. Whoever funds it and what it does with its money is up to whoever is working there."

Peter sighed, obviously getting less than what he hoped for, but it was a long shot to begin with.

"Thanks Pepper, say hi to Morgan for me. If you ever need someone to watch her, you know who to call."

"No problem kid, stay safe out there."The call disconnected.

Peter fell back to his bed, today was exhausting emotionally. Fighting Bo and Burns at his school, having that frustrating conversation with Willow, and get expelled for a week from Mr. Morita for trying to steal other people phones. Maybe that's what Willow meant by not needing to explain what had happened in that gym.

Then he had to call Ned to see if he had gotten out of there alright, and he had to meet with Daredevil to discuss what had happened…then he had to talk to May!

Peter groaned and pulled the sheets over himself. He'd do that later.

Some of you may recognize I never gave an apt description of Bo, Burns, nor Willow, see I don't care about having a paragraph dedicated to a characters looks anymore. I'm more of the opinion that the reader will make their own description of a character not already introduced. Unless it's important, I don't mind not giving a description of characters anymore. With that out of the way, I think I'll try to work on my other Spider-Man story after this, I don't know when that'll come out cuz it's coming out a bit long and I'm having a hard time to start it. Either way I hope you enjoyed.