Avengers Estate

The funny thing about the Avengers Estate is the different people who live there. It's essentially a home for wayward heroes, with the likes of Wanda Maximoff and Bucky Barnes as it's permanent residents. But it wasn't just the people who lived there that accentuated that.

The Guardians of the Galaxy were a band of misfits who've saved the galaxy twice (well technically three times counting the fight on Earth against Thanos). But their newest inclusion was the weirdest of them all.

"Ah, Man of Spiders! It's so good to see you again!"Thor gave a big hug to Peter as they met for the umpteenth time.

Thor had been very responsive to Peter. Why? He had no idea. But Thor was always bound to laugh and be more joyful whenever he was around.

"Hey, Thor, how are you? Do anything notable lately?"Peter asked, giving the man a quick pat on the back.

Thor let go of Peter, and he could see how much Thor had changed since he last saw him. Gone was most of his belly fat, now he looked like a middle-aged dad trying to get back into shape.

"O, nothing much, me and the crew just doing a quick stop before going back out. Did you know Quill was born here? Honestly, he's set the bar quite low."Thor chuckled.

"Yeah. So anyway, Thor I need to ask you a few things, I assume you aren't busy?"Peter asked.

Thor had moved away from him and started to eat a big sub-sandwich. Where he got it from, Peter had no idea.

"Oh no, go right ahead! I'm just having lunch."Thor sat down at the dinner table and started eating his sandwich.

"But it's 11 pm."Peter looked down at his phone to confirm the time.

"It's lunch somewhere in the galaxy. So, what did you want to talk about?"Thor took a bite out of a sandwich.

"Thor, do you know the Greek gods?"He asked hesitantly.

"Oh, of course. I seem to recall a time when me and Zeus had a great argument some hundreds of years ago. He wasn't really happy how I kept using lightning. So I hit him with Mjolnir, and then he hit me with a few of his thunderbolts. Eventually, we both got tired and went our separate ways."

"Okay, so this is gonna be way easier to explain. Thor, do you know what's happen to the Greek gods?"

"Of course I do, plenty missing after our fight with Thanos. Didn't you know that the Gods are considered life?"Thor asked.

"I didn't know they existed until yesterday,"Peter told him.

"Well that's odd, your patron probably should have told you,"Thor said as he bit down into his sandwich.

"My what?"Peter asked.

"Your patron,"Thor said.

"Yeah, I heard that what patron?"Peter asked.

"Oh, I don't know. Your patron could be anyone, though I suspect it's your parent. Why are you asking me this, don't you know?"Thor asked.


"Oh, that's awkward,"Thor said as he bit into his sandwich, which had already been eaten in half.

"Thor, did you know I was a demi-god?"Peter asked.

"Well of course. All Gods can tell a demi-god from a mortal like you can tell an ant from a prized ram."

"But those two aren't even close to being similar,"Peter said.

"Exactly, that just goes to show how different you are from the regular mortals. Honestly, I thought you knew. Though this actually explains why you styled yourself after a spider."Thor again ate his sandwich.

"I can't believe this."Peter rubbed his head.

"You should,"Thor said over the food in his mouth.

"Okay, so if you knew the Gods are gone…"

"Some of the Gods are gone. A very important distinction. If all the Gods were gone the Earth would probably have been a hellscape years ago. Be thankful the other pantheons can supply their own Gods to help in that matter. Say, what did you need to ask me again?"

"Look, can you at least tell me which Gods are missing? So I can get a better picture of the situation?"Peter asked, frustrated.

"Oh, well let's see. Valkyrie told me last week, I think I remember. Athena, Apollo, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, oh and Hephaestus. Yep, them and some few dozen minor gods at least in the Greek pantheon. If you want the others, I'm going to have to pull up a list."Thor had finally finished his sandwich and stood back up.

"No, that's fine Thor. Well, I guess I got what I wanted."Peter shrugged as he sat on the nearest chair.

"What do you want Peter? Recognition from your parents I presume?"Thor asked.

"What?"Peter looked back up to Thor.

"You know what I see in you, Peter? I see a boy deprived of a father for most of his life and one that desperately needs one. From the brief time I've known you, I can see that from how you treated Stark as a man above all the rest. You aren't the first Peter, so I'll tell you this, temper your expectations better to do that than be let down. The Greeks are people like you, not even like me. They have a, shall we say, holier than thou attitude. Don't expect a warm and loving embrace."

Peter cringed a little, it was easy to forget that Thor wasn't just the couch surfing friend that like to hang out and not bother with serious topics. He was a millennia-old Norse god who fought against millions in his day.

"Thanks for the advice."He half-heartedly replied to Thor.

"I hope whatever outcome you expect comes to pass, Peter, but I wouldn't place any hope in that happening. I'm off to sleep for the night, will you be joining us? I'm sure there is enough room, Wanda could find you a place to rest."

"No thanks, Thor, I'll find a room for myself."

"As you wish."Thor left the room, leaving Peter alone.

Was Thor right? Was he just trying to get acknowledged by his possible parent? What if any of the Gods were his parents? Maybe Chiron had made a mistake, could he make a mistake?

Peter felt frustrated, he dove into this and didn't even know what he wanted. He was well off without this knowledge, for crying out loud he was Spider-Man! He was an Avenger! If his parent didn't acknowledge him now why would they ever? What could his possible Godly parents possibly give him that he didn't already have?

Well…closure for one. It couldn't hurt to track them down, he'd be helping people by bringing back the Gods. Thor said that if there weren't any Gods than the Earth would be in ruin. So they had to be important somehow.

But then again, he had no idea where they went. Plenty of people were still gone without knowing how to bring them back. How would Spider-Man be able to bring them back? He had just learned of this other side of the world he had no idea even existed until today, there were probably people way older than him that had a better grasp of the situation than he did.

"Now I'm just giving myself a bigger headache," Peter told himself.

He decided it would be best to just sleep here than leave and drive back to Queens. He made his way to the guest bedroom he had claimed for himself a few months ago. Everything was the same as it was where he left it. Unfinished formulas for different webbing, a spare web-shooter, spare costume…everything in it was just a spare. After shooting a quick text to May (and getting a reply back) he fell on his bed and fell asleep.

[line break]

Chiron was instructing a class in archery when his view spotted a particular person he'd hope return.

"Mr. Parker, welcome back, I'd hope you would."Chiron left the training to meet with Peter, who had just parked his Vespa beside the councilor house.

"Sorry for running off the other day,"Peter said as he removed his helmet.

"You wouldn't be the first to storm off,"Chiron said.

"So I've heard,"Peter muttered.

"What was that?"Chiron asked.

Peter sighed, "It's nothing. So, hypothetically, if I were to stay around what does a camper here do?"

Chiron smiled, "Well it's quite simple, this camp is designed to train you for the outside world. Monsters and all manner of horrible creatures lurk and want nothing more than to eat you. We train campers in all sorts of weaponry, if it's Greek then we teach it."

The two of them started to walk, around them campers did all sorts of activities that Chiron had listed.

"Seems kinda archaic. I mean, swords, bows, spears?"Peter asked.

"No, actually. Mortal weapons don't exactly work on monsters. Guns are quite an ineffective weapon."Peter scoffed at the idea, he'd been grazed by one too many bullets to think like that.

"You're the expert, so I'll believe you. What else? It can't just be that, it's a summer camp."

Chiron pointed to a spot near the woods. A group of some 50 campers had split up with armor, red and blue. "It isn't always so focused on survival, these are kids after all. We have capture the flag games on Fridays, the Apollo cabin teaches music lessons, we have first aid courses, all sorts of things. We used to have a swimming lesson, but our teacher has moved on. He's enjoying his time in college I believe."Chiron had a fond look on his face, like remembering an old memory.

"Well that's cool, I guess all I can say is 'Where do we start?'"

"Oh, come with me to the councilors house, we'll set you up in the Hermes cabin," Chiron said.

"Eh, I'm good. I don't want to take up any unnecessary space, besides I have a home I can go to. Plus I'm not free forever, I gotta go back to school."Peter said.

"Ah, I see. In any case, we do need to go to the councilors house, there we can find you a schedule. You may also meet our Camp Director, Mr. D is a good man. You just have to see through his…er, rough exterior."Chiron said, a hint of disappointment in his voice.

Peter raised his brow but didn't question it, Chiron seemed to know what he was doing. Probably because he's done it a hundred million times already.

[line break]

The councilors house reminded Peter of a living room with a ping ball table in the middle of it. It was homey, but it was all spoiled by the man in the leopard clothes who sat on the couch watching TV.

"Peter, this is Mr. D, our camp director. I'll be right back."Chiron said.

"Uh, hi," Peter said.

The man looked at him with a passing glance. "Typical, stuck here still and all I get is a hi. Everyone else gets to be scattered to the wind and I'm stuck here babysitting their brats."Mr. D ranted.

"Excuse me?"

Mr. D stood up from his chair, a goblet in one hand and a sausage in the other. "Do me a favor and feed Seymour would you?"Mr. D pointed to the Leopard head that Peter had somehow missed.

"Why would a mounted head need food?"Peter asked, just then the Leopard had started towards Peter expecting the sausage.

"Because it too feels the need for food. While you're at it refill this with diet coke, I would but I'm being a little lazy now."Mr. D handed him the goblet, annoying Peter.

"I'm not your maid, you can do it,"Peter said as he handed the goblet and sausage back to Mr. D.

"Oh, you're the resilient type, I'll be sure to have you do all the chores tonight."He said as he sat back down.

"Dionysus, I think that's enough,"Chiron said as he emerged from the stairs behind him.

"Spoil the fun why don't you,"Dionysus said.

"Weird name for a camp director,"Peter said.

"That's because I'm a God you dull nitwit, think twice before you mouth off in front of one."Dionysus started to get irritated.

"You're a God?"Peter asked, the person in front of him certainly didn't look like one.

"Yes, now run off before I turn you into a porpoise."Dionysus threatened him, at least Peter thought it was a threat. He'd never been threatened being turned into a dolphin before.

"Now now, Dionysus, no threatening the campers. Now Peter why don't we…"


The three of them stopped talking and turned to the door. Peter recognized that sound, it was the sound of gunfire.

Before Chiron could stop him Peter rushed out of the house to see the camp in devastation. Men in black Kevlar and masks had entered the camp all with guns. Many campers were too stunned to run away as they were hit with something, he saw a camper get hit by whatever they were shooting and spasm.

"By the Gods, Dionysus!"Chiron called to his co-worker.

Chiron charged with a bow and arrow that was slung to his back, Dionysus summoned vines to attack the invaders. They had to have expected Chiron because before he could defend his campers he too was shot down before he could make a difference.

"Dammit,"Peter swore and ran for his Vespa, inside the compartment he grabbed ahold of it web shooters.

"We have another here, proceeding to take down."His spider-sense rang for him to jump out of the way.

Peter did a backflip over the men that were about to shoot him. As he landed Peter swung his fist at the back of the first man's head, and roundhouse kicked him to the ground. The other guy was fortunate enough to turn around before Peter could attack him. He dodged the punch Peter sent his way and took out a stun baton.

The bad guy lunged at Peter attempting to knock him out but Peter dodged out of the way. Another swipe from the bad guy was all Peter needed to send a fist straight to his face, knocking him out.

Peter turned back to see many of the mysterious men had started to drag off campers, Dionysus himself was caught up in the fight too. Five other the men had grouped up against the God using some energy weapon that pushed Dionysus back.

Peter shot a web-line to one of the men and kicked him in the face.

"4-2 and 4-3 get the kid."One of the men said, leaving two other men to deal with Dionysus.

4-2 and 4-3 broke off from their attack on Dionysus and pointed their guns at him. Peter shot another web-line at 4-2's gun and swung it at 4-3, knocking both guns out of their hands. Frustrated, both men took out stun batons and charged him.

"Submit!"4-3 shouted as he lunged at Peter with his baton.

Peter dodged out of the way of both of the batons when he tried to punch 4-2 he was hit back by the electricity in 4-3's baton. Peter shot webbing at the both of them, making it hard for them to move their arms. Peter launched one in the air and yanked him down with his webbing, needless to say, he was out cold. But before he could knock out the other a force shot him back and into a strawberry patch of all things.

"We have enough, gather our wounded and let's go."The man who gave the order not long ago instructed.

Peter groaned the men he had knocked out were being carried back to the massive truck that was parked at the entrance of the camp. He looked to where Dionysus once stood to see he was lying on the ground not moving. Peter stood up and followed the men, shaking off the damage they had done to him.

Faster than he could realize, all the men had retreated into the big truck with campers sitting on either side wearing a collar. Peter started with a limp, then a jog, and finally started running trying to catch up before they left. He was almost there when he was shot by one of the men standing beside the truck full of campers.

As the back door started to close, Peter weekly raised his arm, his body already jolting from the electricity, and shot a spider-tracer before the truck left.

Peter would lay there for 5 more minutes before he passed out.

I apologize for taking just under 2 weeks to update; I've been kinda in a rut how to write this chapter. In case you didn't realize, this is where things start moving. For a chapter or two the story kinda stopped but now we'll see it start to move faster.