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Summary of this story: After playing tennis with a injury, that lead a downfall of Queen of Tennis and forced to retire after being the Queen of Tennis. The former Queen of Tennis later got pregnant with Nanjirō's child and give birth a child that is named Ryoma that later become Prince of Tennis. She left him after birth. After that Ryoma grew up believing that Rinko is his mother after twelve years of growing up until one fateful day he meet his real mother that's the former legendary 'Queen of Tennis'.

"How dare you mocked me," hissed the black haired woman. "I will beat you Queen!"

The green haired in the ponytail woman smirked. "Mada mada dane," she said.

"I'll make you pay," she yelled angrily and strike her tennis ball toward to the Queen of Tennis. The Queen of Tennis tried to dodged it, but it's was too late, the ball hit her head hard and that made her fall on the ground and touching her gushes from the head from it hit. She kept screaming saying it hurts.

The woman stunned in shock and look at her tennis racket, she didn't want to hurt her, but she want her to feel the pain. However not physically hurt her...

The coach sent the player to replace the Queen of Tennis, but that player isn't skilled enough unlike the legendary Queen of Tennis.

After some time the replacement for the Queen of Tennis is loosing several points. The Queen of Tennis seemed very unhappy and begged her coach to play again.

"Absolutely not," insisted the coach. "I refused."

"No!" She cried. "Let's me serve!"

The coach gawked at her. "But, you are injured!" He said warily. "I don't care!" She said in determined, clutching her tennis racket near by her chest. She seemed to have fire in her eyes. The coach sighed in defeat. "Fine, but if I see anything wrong or unusual, I won't hesitate to pull you out of the game." He warned. She heave a sigh, looking quite relieved.

"Thanks coach!" She said, beaming widely. "I won't lose, after all I'm a Queen of Tennis, nothing can stop me from playing tennis!"

The coach laughed. "Stubborn aren't you." He teased her and then his expression turned into seriousness. "Remember what I told you. If I see anything unusual, I will pull you out."

She rolled her eyes. "Overprotective aren't you? Besides, I only got a head injury, nothing bad about that." The coach hesitated and having a strong bad feeling, but he thought its was just a bug. Nothing bad is going to happen…Right?

"The Queen of Tennis returns back to the field! I wonder what's she planning, you have any thoughts Karen?" Said the tennis speaker. Karen chortled. "I don't know Jordan, but I love her sense of determination and will power!" Jordan laughed inadequately. Woman are scary…He thought timidly.

"The USA's Queen of Tennis is serving," announced the Tennis official.

"Good luck, Queen." Rebecca said with a smirk that curled up her lip. She firmly grasped her tennis racket.

She narrowed her eyes. "I'm not going to lose, after all I'm the Queen of Tennis." She said and make her first serve. "Here I go!" She yelled out and made her first blow.

"Humph! I can see that coming you fool!" She screeched arrogantly and hit the tennis ball to the Queen of Tennis.

The Queen of Tennis leered. "Don't let your arrogant blind you idiotic fool," she cautioned. Pity to her she didn't take that warning lightly. The Queen of Tennis knew this was coming, the ego already blinded her a long time ago. "Well then…" She said and then entered into Queen mode, she raised her tennis racket to point at Rebecca, her eyes are cold that could make your blood turned cold and make your mind covered in fear. "I warned you didn't I? I hoped you bend your knees to your Queen, and beg for clemency."

Rebecca's breath quickened at the shocking declaration, and she shillyshallied for a moment. "What a power," she thought nervously, "I must take her down! This is a rare opportunity since she is injured!"

The Queen of Tennis narrowed her eyes like she knows what she is thinking. She put a huge smirk on her lip. "What a fool," she murmured as she shake her head at her opponent's nonsensically and her sheer pigheadedness. She used her 'Queen Style' trick that she learned from her sensei and herself.

"Look Jordan! She is on her Queen Mode! This game is getting interesting," Karen said with a smirk of delight. Jordan smiled nervously. "She is using that tiger attack!" Karen said elatedly.

Jordan almost fall out of his chair in astonishment for what he is witnessing just now. "B-but her injury," he stammered. "She can't push her limit!"

Karen look at Jordan in astonished, realizing what is about to happen. "Somebody! Stop her," she shouted, feeling the dread of its outcome. But its appeared to be too late, the Queen of Tennis began her, perhaps, final strike to overthrow Rebecca whom dares challenged her.

She had won. The final score that Rebecca has seven points and her is now eight points for her final score. The crowd cheered and then the Queen of Tennis walked away with a small smirk on her face, whiling clutching her hand against her forehead in somewhat discomfort, where is her injury was.

After that day, they never saw her again. Its like she somehow vanished without any trace. Its like she disappeared off from Earth to Heaven. Her legend is still alive after nearly thirteen years of disappearance act of the Queen of Tennis. They continuing searching for the well-known Queen of Tennis whom disappeared nearly a decade and three years ago at the finale battle between Italy's Queen of Tennis, Rebecca Oakland, and USA's Queen of Tennis, Mary Summers, the first woman who was aged 20 that won the Woman's Championship in USA's history since 1970.

Its unknown to the world that she was forced to take an early retirement due to her injury, she may never play Tennis again. She didn't want to everyone pitying her for her godforsaken injury. That's reason why that she disappeared nearly thirteen years ago. Thats was her last act being a Queen of Tennis to beat the Italy's Queen of Tennis whom dares challenged her power and throne of USA's Queen of Tennis. Luckily for her, she was able to bring the downfall of Italy's Queen of Tennis.

She later have a child with a former professional tennis player that's known as the Samurai of Perfection or The King. After the child was born, she was forced to leave her child with his father, since she is not always a good mother role model for children. They're yet not married, they only meet at the club and got drunk and then got even more madly intoxicated, and they don't remember anything after that besides waking up at the same bed on the next day with a huge hangover.

It's wasn't the best thing that she ever experienced.

After leaving that child behind, she go lived in Japan for nearly thirteen years, until one day the father and a son decided to move to Japan. The son of The King and USA's Queen of Tennis desired to overthrow every Tennis player, but he seemed can't able to beat his father. He is widely known as the Prince of Tennis in USA since he won four championship at young age.

He never knew that his mother is actually fake mother, he never knew that the Queen of Tennis is mother all the along.

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