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Ryoma felt his heart stopped. "This got to be a cruel prank." He thought.

Ryoma started to laugh in disbelief. "I don't believe you. Plus I don't trust strangers that easily."

"Well, good for you," she muttered under her breath. "I just told you the truth and can you let me go for heaven's sake?"


"Oh for the love of God!" She yelled out in frustration. "Just let me leave!"

"Not unless you tell me what the heck is going on!" He argued. "I lost the game and then you told me that YOU'RE my true mother! I know something oddly fishy about you, but you just told me that you're my true biological mother. I demand the truth at this instant!"

She huffed as she gazed around the crowd. She crossed her arms. "I don't think so kid, not here. I say, this is a family matters." Then she glowered at the curious looking crowds. "Mind your business, or I will tell the police that you guys are harassing me and Ryoma." She warned without hesitation.

The crowd gulped. "She isn't bluffing," they thought anxiously with a sweat dropped. They tensely take a step back and left them dust.

"Well," Ryoma said petulantly. "They're gone now. You can tell me now." You could detect anger in his tone of speaking, and judging his action is telling your mind that he's unhappy, livid or annoyed.

"Look, kid, (Ryoma scowled) I didn't do anything to offend you." She said and give the universal I'm-innocent gesture.

"Oh really?" He asked sarcastically. "You just told me that you're my biological mother out of the blue. You honestly think that I let you go THAT easily?"

Mary groaned and then she mutters a few curses under her breath for her imprudent mistake. "Aw c'mon."

"Just for once?" She whined softly.

Ryoma give her a glare. "Do I look like I'm going to let you go?"

"No…" She murmured under her breath.

"I'm going to take you to my father," he declared.

"WHAT?!" She squeaked. "No way! I'M NOT seeing that man again! I swore it!"

"You are supposed to be my mother, and yet you're acting like a child." Ryoma replied coldly.

"You're supposed to be MY son! Not a nagging brat!" She pouted.

"And yet, you are supposed to be my mother," Ryoma said dryly.

"Oi, you didn't just go sassy-mode to me!" She yelled out and then she sighed as she pinched the bridge of her nose. "Look, kid…I am trying to tell you that I'm not a suitable mother to you. I grew up with alcoholic mother and my father died long before I was born, he died in a car accident, when my mother was six months pregnant with me."

Ryoma froze.

"She become alcoholic and neglected me when I was six years old. After growing up with a neglectful and alcoholic mother after ten years, she fell into a coma from alcohol poisoning when I was sixteen, she hasn't woken up yet after seventeen years of being in a coma. I think it's a rare type of coma that made my mother fell into a deep sleep, that she will never wake up from. My former mentor was my temporary guardian until I become eighteen years old. During the time with my former mentor, I found out that he was a tennis coach over seven years. He wanted me to play tennis. I was shy at first, but then only less than two months later, I fell in love with tennis…"


"Hey Ryan," sixteen years old Mary Summers said with a wave.

"For the last time Mary, please call me Mr. King or teacher. After all I 've been teaching you how to play tennis for the past two months." Mary's teacher huffed and he crossed his arms.

"Sorry…" Mary winced. "You are young, like nineteen years old! It makes me feel weird…"

Ryan King stared at her. "Well I'm only twenty nine almost thirty years old in the next two months." He stated humorlessly.

Mary shrugged. "Not my fault...That you are born with non-aging's face." She muttered sarcastically under her breath.

"Ha ha…Very funny." Ryan glared at her.

"Please…Stop." The girl whispered.

Mary and Ryan froze.

"Oh you shut up girl! You can't do any tennis! You should quit," said the ginger haired girl.

"B-but," the black short haired and big round glasses whimpered as she cowered from ginger haired girl's harsh glower. "I play tennis t-to h-honor m-my f-family…"

"LEAVE. Leave you ugly girl," she said as she pushed her and make the black haired girl fell. "You have no right to play tennis for being such a weak player!"

"Hey," Mary yelled and she looked at the ginger girl in disgust. "Leave her alone you disgusting pig."

The ginger girl glared at Mary. "Excused me?"

"Are you deaf?! I said, leave her alone you PIG!"

The ginger girl wanted to tackle Mary, but she SOMEHOW look calm. "Oh? I dare you to play tennis with me, or you can't? What kind of girl who can't play tennis, if they are playing tennis? Pft, what a loser."

Mary glared at her and then look mocked surprised. "Oh! You are done with your monologue?" Mary sassed back.

"You little…"

"No swearing tolerate here," Ryan warned.

"Tch, let's have a match then," the ginger girl said heatedly.

Mary smirked arrogantly. "Very well."

"This buffoon," the ginger girl thought angrily. "Is crazy for challenging me, the best tennis player in an entire court! I should humiliate her and make her never play tennis again!"

"Fine," she said. "But first give me your name and I'll give mine."

"Mary," she smiled like she is proud of her name.

The ginger girl scoffed and muttered something about great, another Christian tennis player.

A red vein popped on her forehead and released killing intent around her that could make someone that is a mile away from her, to shiver their guts out. "I will definitely won't give any mercy on her, for making fun of my birth name..." Mary thought angrily.

"My name is Tiffany," she sneered. "At least it's better than yours name, Christian girl!"

"Definitely no mercy!" Mary mentally screamed in her mind in anger and feel more animosity toward Tiffany and toward her odium. First she bullied a girl and now she insulted HER name that her deceased father had chosen before he died before she was born.

Tiffany grabbed her tennis racket from the ground and walked to the court with a tennis ball in her hand. "I'll serve first." She declared.

Mary stared at her for a few seconds and then she scoffed arrogantly as she walked over to her side of the tennis court.

"Fine. Bring it on all you got," she said as her eyes become cold that could give you goosebumps. She raised her tennis racket to point at Tiffany. "I hoped you bend your knees to your Queen, and beg for clemency."

"Is this girl is a tsundere?!" Tiffany thought as she gritted her teeth. "Good God, she seemed to have a split personality! Does she have a split personality disorders? Oh dear god this isn't happening!"

"'Queen'? Ha! Don't make me laugh," Tiffany mocked. "You are just weak like them!"

"Are you done with your tirade?" Mary taunted. "Because I'm waiting for you to start the game."

"Fine," Tiffany hissed. "If I win, you will never play tennis again!"

Ryan look quite agitatedly at Tiffany's declaration. "Um Mary, I think this isn't a good idea..." Ryan said nervously. "You just loved to play tennis after all..."

"It's just like it's an emotional support for you," Ryan finished in his thought.

"You honestly don't have any faith in me to win?" Mary asked, trying not to feel hurt.

Ryan winced at her hurtful tone. "N-no, not that! I'm just...Worried."

"Huh? 'Worried' my ass," Mary thought sarcastically.

"Fine. If you lose, you will have to resign this tennis club, and you will apologize to the girl that you pushed and myself."

Tiffany scowled. There's no way in hell that she will lose to a rookie who recently started playing tennis two months ago.

"That's sound fair," Tiffany said grudgingly.

Tiffany tossed a tennis ball in the air and then hit it with her tennis racket.

Mary quickly overcome the tennis ball and hit it back to Tiffany.

Tiffany tried not to look impressed (but seemed to failing miserably) at the rookie who recently had started playing tennis two months ago. Let's say that Tiffany didn't expect that Mary will be THIS good. It must have been due to Ryan King's extremely deft and professional teaching of his way of tennis. After all he was a former tennis star, until his tennis career was destroyed when he was only twenty three, he become a tennis coach ever since seven years ago, the year of his ending of his tennis career.

"It's time to get serious," Tiffany thought. "If she had been trained by the former tennis star, this means she is stronger than an average rookie player. I must be very careful about her."

-Thirty minutes later...-

"5-6! The winter of this match is Mary Summers!" Ryan King announced.

"Dammit," Tiffany cursed under her breath, only if she run a little faster, so she could've hit the drop shot. But no, she was too late.

Mary kept breathing audibly. She never really play a match against someone else beside her coach. It's indeed sound pretty pathetic, but she really tried her best effort to win in order to get her revenge on Tiffany.

Tiffany eventually apologized to the girl that she pushed and then apologized to Mary for making fun of her name. She told the tennis coach that she is going to (forced to) resign tennis club. She packed her tennis racket into her tennis racket bag and then she left without a single word or never look back. They never saw her again even on the next day of school. It's seemed like that she disappeared from everyone's existence.

And so that match was just the beginning of the legendary USA Queen of Tennis.


"…Only four years later after the starting of my tennis career at the age of sixteen almost seventeen, I was told that I could never hold a tennis racket again." Mary look very sad when she said it. She loved tennis to death and the thrill of playing tennis.

"She must've really adore tennis with passion...Just like me," Ryoma ruminated.

"Wait a second," Ryoma froze in his thought. "If she said she has become a great tennis player at the age of sixteen...So sixteen plus four equal...Twenty!" At the end of his thought, Ryoma's eyes widened in shock and realization.

"Excuse me, but are you fine if I can ask you a simple question?" Ryoma asked carefully, wanting to confirm his theory.

Mary nodded slowly, but look dumbfounded of the sudden change of atmosphere.

"Are you really that famous tennis player that disappeared from the tennis national between Italy's Queen of Tennis and USA's Queen of Tennis, over thirteen years ago?" Ryoma asked and carefully looking at her reaction.

The reaction is what Ryoma expected to be.

"So," Ryoma narrowed his eyes. "You are really are that legendary USA's Queen of Tennis."

All Mary could think of that she is so fucked.

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