Chapter One

" I'm starving…" Collins whined, his hand on his stomach as he lied lazily on the couch at the loft.

" Well, we used all of our money in April's funeral, so food is not an option… unless one of us does something with our lives," Maureen said, sitting on Mark's lap.

" Hey, using our money was worth giving April a nice funeral," Roger said.

" But now we can't eat! Hello, I need food to stay sexy!" Maureen exclaimed.

" No one cares about your sexiness, Maureen! We need to figure out a way to get food," Roger said.

Maureen pouted. " Mark cares about my sexiness. Right, Marky?"

" Uh-huh," Mark mumbled as he slid out from under Maureen and grabbed his camera, filming the outside through the window.

" Ugh," Maureen grunted, folding her arms across her chest and pouting.

" What you mad about now?" Collins asked Maureen, sitting next to her.

" Mark never pays attention to me anymore. It's always camera first, Maureen last," Maureen said sadly.

" He'll get over it. He's just trying to reach fame and success, and his camera is how to get him there," Collins explained.

" Oh, so fame and success is more important than your own girlfriend?" Maureen asked rhetorically, and Collins stayed quiet. " Exactly. And plus, I'm trying to get to fame and success, and I still make time for Mark."

Collins shrugged. " Sorry, Mo. But don't break the boy's heart either, you two are in love."

" No, Collins; this isn't love," Maureen stated, and slumped back into the couch.

There was a silence in the loft.

" Ooh, I have an idea on how to get money!" Maureen exclaimed.

" How?" Roger and Collins asked at the same time.

" Okay, so… actually, I'm gonna do it. You guys stay here," Maureen said.

" What are you gonna do?" Collins inquired.

" Doesn't matter, I'm gonna get us some money, and then we'll be able to eat!" Maureen said happily, and jumped up from her seat in the couch, leaving the loft rapidly.

Mark turned around, not seeing Maureen anywhere. " Where's Mo?"

Collins eyed Mark, and then scoffed. " I get what Maureen is saying now."

" What?" Mark asked, confused.

Collins didn't answer, and just shook his head in disappointment, knowing that his two friends were going to end up broken up.

Maureen sat on the A train, the train that lawyers and doctors, and rich business people took downtown.

She watched as a mocha-skinned woman with an open trench coat, a square pattern long sleeve shirt, and suspenders entered the train. Her hair was a beautiful, curly mess that fell a little above her shoulders. She carried a brown leather, Louis Vuitton purse on her right shoulder, and had the latest phone in her hand, getting a call as she sat down right by the train door.

" Hey, so there are a few things we have to go over before the trial tomorrow. First, do you have all the letters where she threatened to hurt Jack and Allison?… okay, good. Make sure to get them in order based on the dates, so that the judge will see that how the threats got worse every time… what is it? Is everything okay?… oh no. Okay, um… sure, I'll go over later, is five okay?… okay, thanks. We could talk some more about the case when I get there… yes?… of course we'll win this. We have clear evidence that she wasn't ever a good mother, and we have Jack going up to testify… tell him that it's going to be okay. There's nothing to worry about, worst case scenario; she won't go to jail, but you'll still get custody. I've handled loads of cases like this, you guys are going to be okay… thanks, it's my job, and I love helping you stay with your kids… okay, see you later," the woman said. She put her phone away in her purse, and put her purse on her lap, holding it loosely.

Maureen felt bad that she was going to have to take this woman's things, she was obviously a caring, good person, but she knew her friends and her needed to eat.

Maureen stood up, being that the next stop was hers. She pulled up her black hoodie, and leaned on the pole in front of the woman. When the door opened, she quickly grabbed woman's purse and dashed away, not knowing the woman was following her.

Maureen ran until she got to a bathroom, which was surprisingly clean, seeing how they had just remodeled the train station.

Maureen went in a stall and closed the door. She sat on the toilet, rummaging through the purse, until she heard the door open, and she stopped.

Maureen was scared that that was the woman she had stolen a purse from, so she stood in the stall until she heard the stall door next to her close, indicating the woman went in the bathroom. Maureen opened her stall, and tried to run out but was pushed roughly against a wall by someone.

The person turned Maureen around, and Maureen was face to face with the woman whose purse she had stolen.

" Give it back," the woman said, struggling to get the purse from Maureen.

" No, please!" Maureen exclaimed, shifting around so the woman couldn't get the purse.

" Be thankful I haven't called the police, or sued your ass, so unless you want me to, give it back," the woman said, her face in Maureen's.

Maureen couldn't help but glance down at her lips, she met eyes with her again, breathing heavily because of the fast running. " I'm sorry, but my friends and I need money, and none of us have jobs. We're all starving at our place, and we haven't drank any water in a week, and we're late on rent, so we're just living on the edge. Please, I need something! And I'm sorry I took your purse, I've never stolen before, but I was desperate!"

The woman's face softened. She backed away from Maureen, brushing invisible dust off her shoulders and straightening her top. " May I get my purse back?"

Maureen sighed, and handed over the purse. " Please don't call the cops."

The woman shook her head. " You didn't take anything, did you?"

" No," Maureen asked truthfully.

The woman took out her wallet, and counted bills. She took out five hundred dollar bills, and handed it to Maureen. Maureen gasped.

" This should be enough money for you and your friends to eat, sorry about rent. Get a job," the woman said.

Maureen smiled. " Thank you so much!" Maureen exclaimed, and hugged the woman tight.

At first, the woman didn't know what was happened, but as soon as she realized that this beautiful girl was hugging her, she slowly rested her hands on Maureen's back, returning the hug. Maureen pulled away, and blushed. " Sorry," Maureen whispered and Joanne smirked. "What's your name?"

" Joanne," Joanne said briefly. " Joanne Jefferson."

" I'm Maureen Johnson. It has been so amazing meeting you. Thank you for this!" Maureen said, waving the five bills in her hand. " You're so awesome!"

Joanne smiled. " Thank you."

Maureen turned her smile into a sexy, seductive grin. " Hey, Joanne?"

Joanne froze, and gulped. " Yes?"

" Do you wanna… hang some time?" Maureen asked.

Joanne gulped again, and then smiled, biting her bottom lip. " Yeah… like, on a date?" Joanne asked quietly.

" Yeah. A date," Maureen said.

Joanne's smile widened. She took out a pen from her bag, and wrote her number on Maureen's arm, then handing the pen to Maureen, pulling up her sleeve. Maureen gently grabbed Joanne's hand, brushing their fingers in the doing, sending shivers down Joanne's spine. She wrote her number on Joanne's arm, and then smirked at her.

" See you… uh… Sunday?" Maureen suggested.

" Sure," Joanne said, and held open the bathroom door for Maureen.

Maureen smiled one more time at Joanne, and waved at her, walking backwards. " Bye."

" Bye."

Joanne walked away, smiling to herself.