Chapter Two

Maureen got to the loft that day, happy as ever.

" Where's our money?" Collins asked, he leaned into Maureen. " Were you prostituting?"

" What? No!" Maureen exclaimed, slapping Collins's shoulder.

" What?! I didn't know what you were doing!" Collins replied.

" And your first thought is a prostitute. Because I'm a skanky whore, right?" Maureen asked harshly, sitting down next to Collins.

" No, Maureen, I didn't —"

" Whatever. How I got it doesn't matter," Maureen said.

" So you do have money?" Collins asked excitingly.

Maureen couldn't help but smirk at her best friend's childish, excited expression that looked like a kid waiting for ice cream. She slowly slid the money out of her pocket. " Yup! Five hundred dollars, man!"

" Yes!" Collins yelled, and threw his arms around Maureen. Maureen hugged him back, both of them smiling goofy, idiotic smiles.

Roger came out of his room eyeing the two hugging best friends. " Get a room."

Maureen pulled away from Collins, still holding the money in her hands. " Be nice, or you won't get in on all this money!"

" H-how'd you get that?" Roger asked, looking at the money with amazement.

" Why does it matter how I got it? It only matters that we have money now and we can eat!" Maureen yelled, and everyone cheered, causing Mark to come out of his room.

" Hey guys, what's going on?" Mark asked, his camera in his hands.

" Maureen got us money, somehow, and now we can eat!" Roger yelled, excitement and thrill coursing through his veins, seeing how Roger ate the most from the group.

" Oh. Well, thanks, Maureen," Mark said, leaning in to kiss Maureen's lips, but she turned her head, and let Mark kiss her cheek.

" Oof," Roger mumbled, seeing the interaction between Mark and Maureen.

Mark furrowed his brows in confusion, but before Mark could say anything, Collins interrupted. " LET'S GO TO THE FUCKING SUPERMARKET AND GET SOME FUCKING CHICKEN NUGGETS!"

" AND SOME FUCKING PIZZA!" Maureen yelled.

" AND EVERYTHING FUCKING ELSE THAT WILL MAKE US FAT!" Roger yelled, and him, Collins, and Maureen cheered loudly.

" Shush, you're gonna wake the neighbors," Mark said quietly.

" Ugh. Always the party pooper," Maureen said, rolling her eyes.

" No need to be rude," Mark said.

" Whatever. Let's go, guys!" Maureen exclaimed, and they all cheered once more before going to the supermarket and nearly buying the whole store.

Maureen, Collins, and Roger returned nearly two hours later, their hands full of bags.

Maureen panted heavily, putting the bags down and throwing herself on the couch. She wiped the sweat beads from her forehead. " We just bought half of the supermarket."

" What did you guys buy?" Mark asked.

" A lot of things," Roger replied.

" A lot of stoli," Collins chuckled his deep chuckle, taking out a bottle of stoli that was hidden inside of his coat.

" I'm still wondering how Maureen got this money. Mo, did you rob a bank?" Roger said, whispering the last part.

" Nope. But someone gave me money," Maureen said, sitting up on the couch where Collins and Roger sat on either side of her.

" I knew you prostituted!" Collins exclaimed.

" No, I didn't!" Maureen yelled back at him, and smacked the back of his head.

" Then who gave it to you?" Roger asked.

" A person," Maureen replied.

" Stop fucking with me, tell me who gave you the money!" Roger said.

" Ew, I'd never fuck you…" Maureen muttered, and Collins chuckled.

Roger rolled his eyes. " Tell me."

" Yeah, I wanna know who Mo stole money from too," Collins agreed.

" Me three," Mark added, and Maureen scoffed.

" Oh, puh-lease, you don't want anything to do with me anymore," Maureen said.

" What? What did I do?!" Mark exclaimed.

" Nothing, shut up Mark… anyway, I was going to steal some girl's money. I was on the A train, and she was on a phone call, talking about a trial, and a case, so it was established that she was a lawyer. She had a Louis Vuitton bag, and the IPhone freaking six! Obviously, very rich. Anyway, I took her purse," Maureen said, and the boys gasped.

" You stole money? You're gonna go to jail! We're all gonna go to jail!" Roger yelled, beginning to panic.

" Calm down, Roger, no one is going to jail. Just listen. So, I went into a bathroom, and I was looking through her purse, and then someone came in, so I waited for the person to get in the stall just in case it was her. And then I tried to run out, and the bitch slammed me against a wall!… but it's okay, she didn't hurt me. And I saw her and I was like, 'damn'," Maureen said.

" Really? Right in front of me? At least have the decency to talk about your flirting without me standing right here," Mark said, and Maureen stood up.

" At least have the decency to talk to your fucking girlfriend instead of being on that stupid piece of shit camera!" Maureen yelled in Mark's face, and he flinched.

Collins pulled Maureen back on the couch. " Calm down, Mo. Just… keep telling us the story."

" Okay, but for real, you gotta see this girl. Her face belongs on the cover of a Vogue magazine. For real!" Maureen exclaimed.

" Damn, she must be pretty if Maureen is spending time talking about her like that instead of talking about herself," Roger said.

" She wasn't just pretty! She was beautiful!" Maureen said, and even though Mark and Roger only saw Maureen being the queen of flirting, Collins saw much more. He saw a sparkle of awe and maybe even love for this girl in the eyes of his best friend. " So, she was like 'give the purse back', and I was like 'no! Me and my friends are starving and we need to eat!' and then, she just pulled five hundred dollars from her purse, and handed them to me!" Maureen yelled.

Roger gasped. " Wow. She must be a pretty good person."

" She really was. You could see she had kind eyes," Maureen said, and Collins raised his eyebrows as Maureen trailed off and stared off into space.

Mark scoffed and went into his room.