Chapter 1 Partying and Tragedy.

Tonight has been the night Wyatt and Chris have been hoping would be demon free for months now. Chris only being out of college for a few months now and planning on moving out to an apartment with his partner Bianca a member of the Phoenix a deadly bloodline of assassin witches. While Wyatt has started working over at Magic School. The two planned to go to some party with old school friends. Right now the two young men are in Wyatt's private quarters at Magic School.

"Still crazy to think that the manor is going to be in the hands of three sisters again," Wyatt commented as he finished getting changed in the bathroom.

"The cupid trio, I give the manor a week before it gets blown up." Chris joked. Chris is wearing plain navy blue trousers and a light blue t-shirt with navy trainers. Wyatt walks out wearing black trousers, a grey t-shirt and black shoes.

"That's pretty generous towards those three," Wyatt says.

"I guess it is," Chris spoke.

"Tammy's party is going to be so great. I haven't been to a decent one for months. Or when I do there always some demon or warlock attack." Wyatt replies.

"Let's hope not I've got a job interview tomorrow. I don't want to turn up and tired and bruised. Or hung over." Chris said. The conversation ends there before the two orbs out heading towards the party.

Meanwhile back over in San Francisco, in a two-bedroom house, we have Greg the famous Fireman well famous in the Halliwell family. In the living room sat down flicking through his mobile responding to a few text messages. While standing in front of him is a sixteen-year-old boy who has short brown hair, crystal blue eyes and pale skin. The boy is wearing grey trousers, black vans, a black t-shirt with a black denim jacket.

"Come on Dad, this has been planned for months." The boy begs.

"Sorry kid, I don't know this girl how responsible she is and I'm not a fool I know what happens at teen parties when the host parents are away," Greg replied.

"What's to know her name is Crystal, she's in my maths class. She's sixteen and a half and is a cheerleader nothing really special." The boy says.

"Look, George, it's not that I don't trust you. I don't trust the people you will be around in that environment." Greg said.

"Daaad, I haven't asked to go to one of these parties before. Just this once please, I'll be back at whatever time you want just give me this one party." George pleads. Greg rolls his eyes maybe just maybe George going to the party wouldn't be such a bad idea, of course, there are some ground rules that need to be put in place. Greg sighs for a moment before he puts his phone to one side.

"Fine but on three conditions kid. One no drinking two you're back here for ten NO later. And three if there is anyone who is taking or offering drugs stay away from them." Greg tells George, has to use every bit of will not to roll his eyes or to make some sarcastic response.

"Fine, I suppose those conditions are reasonable. Thanks, Dad." George responded he has to admit he is disappointed his dad has imposed a no drinking rule. That's one of the reasons he wanted to go his dad would kill him if he was caught drinking.

"Don't make me regret letting you," Greg says.

"Don't worry I won't," George replies.

Now a few hours later at Crystal's house party where there music roaring, dancing drinking. Crystal's house near to the corners is George with a friend talking. This friend is a girl of the same age, who has green eyes and long curly blond hair and slightly rosie complexion.

"Hey, hey George, I thought we agreed that we wouldn't just stand in the corner tonight. That we would dance, drink have a little bit of fun you know what most people go to a party to do." George's friend says.

"I know but I didn't expect you know who to be here Zelena," George responds.

"So what if he's here George, don't let his presence ruin your time here. Get talking to other people. Have a little fun otherwise there no point in being here." Zelena told George.

"I guess you're right Z, wish me luck," George spoke before walking away from Zelena who smiles thinking now she can talk to some guys and drink a little more knowing George is making an attempt at having some fun.

Hours passed and eventually, George did find himself having a good time dancing, talking having a laugh with other guests. Just as George starts to flirt with one of the other guests from a different school he gets a call from his aunt Jean.

"Excuse me," George said as he answered his phone.

"Aunt Jean, what's wrong? I'm kind of at a party right now." George asks not pleased that he was called.

"You need to leave now, it's your father," Jean replies her voice clearly laced with worry.

"My father's what wrong?" George asked.

"Me and your father went out for dinner on the way back some thug just came out of nowhere he was fast and attacked your father. He left as quick as he came to your dad's lost a lot of blood. We're at the local hospital." Jean explains. George finds his head filling with all the endless possibilities and outcomes that his father could face due to the attack. Panic and fear that's all he could feel right now.

"On my way," George tells Jenna before hanging up, heading towards the front door. Zelena who has been busy taking shots notices George passes on the next round and almost runs to catch up to him.

"George where the hell are you going?" Zelena questions.

"I-I have to go to the hospital my Dad, h...he needs me," George answers, this situation is not something George could have ever imagined.

"I'm coming with you, the buses aren't really reliable," Zelena told George there was no way she could stay at the party when her friend needs her.

"No, its Friday night you've been looking forward to this party for ages." George points out.

"You can't rid of me, I'm not drunk enough for you to get your own way," Zelena said.

"Fine, I need to call a cab," George says as he dials one of the local cab numbers.

"No, I'll call my dad he has a car," Zelena responded. Who quickly gets out her phone and dials her dad's number.

End of chapter 1.