(Dark Pit's POV)

I am not a natural being. I get that.

I wasn't born a pureblood. I wasn't born a nephilim. I wasn't a human in a past life.

I was created for use of the Underworld, but something inside me refused.

I refuse to be the "Dark Pit."

I refuse to be a dastardly pawn.

My so-called "master" has fallen.

(No Set POV)

Pit slowly approached his newly formed, black-clad copy, who appeared shaken. His raspberry eyes seemed to have flashed before the former received a roundhouse kick in the stomach.

Stay away from me. I am not like you. I'm barely even half of you.

Pandora's dying flames caught the black angel's eye.

I refuse to be bound to the earth! I'm supposed to fly, dammit!

He dove head-first in the blue fire. When he emerged out, a navy and deep violet aura surrounded his body.

What is he doing?!Palutena's voice found its way in the the darker angel's mind. He just clicked his tongue and took off.

"...he can fly?" Pit muttered under his breath.

(Dark Pit's POV)

Monsters are swarming me. I get that they're mad at me for slaying their master.

One of them looks like nothing but mouth.

"See? Nothing to worry about!"

Who was that? Wasn't the goddess of light. Why won't that phrase leave my brain? And who is this woman I keep envisioning?

The black-clad angel was deep in his own mind. He didn't see what had hit him.

"You're a real go-getter,Dark Pit.I like that about you."

Another voice happened in my brain.

"I am not a 'dark pit.'"

"Aren't you a cute one?"it sounded like the voice purred,"Shame I couldn't keep you."

"I am not a thing."

"Your legion wassupposedto be with the Underworld Army! Why won't you obey me?! There can't be light without darkness, and there can't be darkness without light!"


A beam of piercing light was shot into the sky.

"Ptooey spotted! He doesn't look too hot, though..."

(No Set POV)

The black-clad angel immediately pointed his staff at his lighter "twin." The tip barely met Pit's nose. Those raspberry eyes glowed once more as the staff was lowered.

"I can't..."

Pit cocked his head at that action.

"What's wrong? Don't you wanna, like, fight me or something?"

No answer.

"Are you scared?"

The only response was a heavy sigh.

"It's okay to be scared. We all get-"


Dead silence.

"Dark Pit" turned around and flew off.

"So he's not allied with Medusa..."Palutena thought aloud.

"Why do you think he's acting like that?"

"He could very well be manifesting your...fears."

"What does that mean, Lady Palutena?"

"We'll talk about it later. We gotta get back to stopping Medusa!"