Fire in the heart(rewrite) Chapter 1

Ok I had to rewrite this had to get advice from Experian writer. After learning from them they also agreed to adopted one of my stories it's call the finn the lone hero look it up. Anyway, I'm going to fix this you know make it better and also enjoyed this storyLeave a like and follow.Also I don't own adventure time

It was late as night and finn was in his house lying on his bed already knowing that bmo and Jake the dog are asleep but finn couldn' can still feel the burn on his left cheek from the flame princess who he had fallen in love with, "why can't I go to to sleep" finn muttered to himself.


The flame princess was sitting on a large boulder looking up into the stars and she was angry and confused remember what happened that night.


I was burning the treehouse because Finn said he didn't like me, I felt anger towards the human, while I was lighting the treehouse on fire, fireworks flew and exploded in the air above me, I felt the liquid from the firework hit my body, it felt painful to me and I started to feel weak, I fainted not knowing what happen.

I slowly opened my eyes and see finn holding me in his arms, I stared at his eye for a minute. I pushed him off of me and yelled, "YOU!... what is wrong with me huh? You don't like me?" "I like you"finn responded, I gotten confused and blushed all of sudden but I quickly gotten back my senses.

"What's wrong with you?" I yell, then I slapped finn on the face leaving a red handprint on his left cheek, "don't you ever mess with me again" I said, I flee from the treehouse heading towards the woods.


FP shook her head, "does finn really like me or not? why can't he ever make up his mind?" She thought. FP walk towards a little pond and look at her reflection"am I pretty enough for him?"she muttered playing with her hair.

Finn was lying on his bed still thinking about FP then he got off his bed and walk downstairs towards the window where FP fled from the house, then he look outside where flame princess left a burnt trail,then he thought to himself 'maybe I should follow her and explained what happened'.

Finn went up to his bedroom where he quietly put on his adventure clothes and he jumped out of the window and follow FP trail into the woods.

While walking through the woods he spotted a familiar flambit"FLAMBO!" flambo see finn and say this"oh finn how it goes with flame princess, did it go well"flambo said with a grinned, finn rubbed the back of his neck" well not exactly, she sorta got mad at me and she slapped me"flambo look at finn with a whaaat face"oh come on man, me and Jake had to go to the fire kingdom to hook you up with her and you blow it"flambo siad,and finn started to wave his arm"no it's not what you think, the reason why she got mad at me because I didn't know what I did wrong, but you know what exactly happened so can you tell me what happened" "sure but only with a right price" flambo asking for coal"oh yeah sure"Finn went looking into his backpack,and pull out a coal"here you go, ok tell me what happened at the fire kingdom" Finn toss the coal into flambo mouth "ok I'll tell you what happen".

Flambo explain to finn what happened when jake trying to find a new love interest for him and the same age as him so flambo knew the perfect girl, so flambo told jake there was a princess in the fire kingdom, so jake when to the fire kingdom, but flambo told Jake he had to be royalty So Jake presented to be the Duke of the grassland and finn was the Prince of the grassland, Finn thought of himself as a Prince,but too much responsibility so flambo continue his story, Jake offers 3 gifts to the princess ,the first gift was a bottle of water witch it put out the jester, second gift was a song witch she love the song, and third gift.

(OK I'm going to skip the third gift because too much to remember, I'm not lazy. it's just too much)

When flambo got done explaining, finn started to understand why flame princess was so mad.

"Now I get why she mad at me because jake shaped part of his body to look like me" flambo nodded"yep pretty much so are you going to find the princess and win her heart" Finn pump his fist into the air"heck yeah, I was just following her trail, so see you later flambo"Finn said and following FP trail flambo wave goodbye"yeah good luck brotha".

Finn continue to follow FP trail and he can see that he getting closer, finn can smell something burning he looked up and saw smoke, finn ran towards the smoke and see a familiar face it was flame princess see was looking into her own reflection with a sad face finn walk towards her.

"Hi flame princess" FP look at finn with an angry look"I told not to mess with me!"FP threw a fireball at Finn, and he dodged it and kept dodging FP throw volley of fireball"hey! I came here to explain what happen can you hear me please Finn said, FP disperse her fireball "continue ''ok my brother jake try to hook me with a different princess because the previous princess I was in love with kept rejecting me, so I was heartbroken so Jake went to the fire kingdom and he have the power to shapeshift his body, so he pretended to be me and you get the rest." FP started to understand she walks up to finn"so you really like me?" "With all my heart Malady."Finn said and give a little bow"but there is something I have to tell you" FP tilted her head in confusion"what do you have to tell me?" "That I'm not really a prince, I'm really a hero"Finn said closing his eyes waiting for her reaction but Finn "I don't care about that Finn" "huh"Finn looking at her "I don't care if you aren't a Prince Finn, I still want to be with you"FP said "are you sure FP?" "I'm sure of it Finn, I want to have a future with you"FP said blushing,Finn also blushed too.

Finn and FP spent hours talking to each other and Finn talking about his all his adventure and all the place of ooo"alright FP Where do you want to go in the morning"Finn said"Finn you don't have to be formal all the time, you can call me by my real name" "oh so what is your name?" Finn asking"my name is phoebe" "oh that's a good name for you"phoebe smile,Finn smile too he look up to the skies"so phoebe where do you live at."Oh I don't actually have a place to live"Phoebe said'' Oh, what's wrong with the fire kingdom?" "the fire kingdom is a place I can't call home" "oh I can stay the night with you to make you feel at home"Finn said blushing,and phoebe blush also"oh ok I'll think I like that"Phoebe said laying on the ground and Finn lay right next to her"goodnight phoebe" "goodnight my Prince" Phoebe said making Finn blushed 'hmmm maybe being a Prince won't be bad at all.

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