Chapter 28

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After Finn, Phoebe and Marceline put their babies to bed as they head back down to the living room where they have to discuss their adventuring job, and want to discuss his brother and sister in law's open relationship with Marcy. Finn also wanted to discuss their adventuring job with Phoebe and talked about Marceline's music.

The three enter the living room and their friends and family are still there and sitting on the couch waiting for them. The group sees the three walking into the living room and seeing them sitting down on their chairs.

They all looked at each other and sat there in silence for a minute as Bonnie cleared her throat as she spoke," So like we said before, we wanted to discuss about you and Phoebe hero duty" Bonnie said as the other nodded.

Finn and Phoebe never thought about retiring so early at a young age for the two and for Marceline, she could hold her music career off for a bit as she tends to play her concert once a year, so she doesn't need to worry about it.

Phoebe then replied back" Well… me and Finn hadn't talked about that yet," Phoebe hasn't thought about retiring so early, but she and Finn and Marceline are parents now. Maybe they should cut down on their hero work and only for emergencies when it's needed.

Marceline could halt her music career-biz, so she could raise her children with Finn and Phoebe.

Flint could tell that Finn and Phoebe were still thinking about it as he and Daylene were waiting for them to reply.

Finn and Phoebe look face each other and both slowly nodded to each other and look back to the group, and Finn spoke," Well me and Phoebe could full-time parents and part-time heroes but it's for only emergencies only" Finn told his friend and Phoebe nodded in agreement as they can do part-time hero works but also being full-time parents.

Flint, Bonnie, Daylene, Jake and Lady nodded and they smiled as they were taking this parent business seriously.

Flint smiled towards the new parents and spoke up" May we see the new member of this family?" Flint asked as the three nodded.

Finn, Phoebe and Marcy lead them up to the stair so they could see their bundle of joy. They opened the door to the baby room and walked in. The group sees the adorable double twins babies sleeping in their crib.

Flint went over to Frey and Sol crib and saw his nephew and niece sleeping soundly, he smiled as they looked like a little version of Finn and Phoebe and he looked at the other crib where Marceline's babies were sleeping.

Flint sees the little boy who is now as antony and the girl is Dallan. Antony has his mother raven black hair color and Dallan has her father blonde hair color, but the hybrid Vampire/Human both had their mother skin color, but he could see why Finn loved Phoebe and Marceline.

The rest of the group couldn't help but awe at them, they were so cute and adorable. Jake on the other hand was freaking out that his bro was a dad now, but he was also hurt that Finn didn't tell him, but he knows that Finn has his reason for not telling him about Phoebe and Marceline being pregnant.

Bonnie smiled as she could tell that the babies inherited their parents' likeness. Bonnie knows that they'll just be like their parents, being heroes like Finn and Phoebe or a musician like Marceline.

Everybody continues to watch the babies sleep.

Flint looked at the time and had to go. He looked towards his sister" Phoebe, I'm so happy for you, but me and Day have to go now" Flint said to Phoebe understood as he left the room.

Moments later Bonnie had to head back to her Kingdom, she gave both Marceline and Phoebe a hug as she was so happy for them and gave Finn a handshake and left the treehouse.

Jake and Lady then soon left too, but not after giving his bro and sisters in law a big hug.

Finn, Phoebe and Marceline were the only ones in their children's room. They then continue to watch the four little babies sleep. Finn felt proud as he was now a dad, seeing his first kids were a life changer as he was happy with the women that he loves.

Phoebe also thinks the same way as Finn. Phoebe didn't know her mother that well, but right now if she was here, she would be so proud of Phoebe and happy that she's a grandmother.

Marceline watches Antony and Dallan sleep in the crib, she hovers above them and smiles at her children. Marceline alway wanted a family of her own and choosing Finn to be the father of her children was the right choice and she is happy for Phoebe becoming a mom too. Marceline wishes her mom could see her grandchildren, but deep down she knows her mom would be thrilled that Marceline decided to have children.

But Marceline knew her dad would try to convince or trick Antony or Dallan to rule the Nightosphere in his place. Marceline didn't want that to happen, she wanted her children to do whatever they want and not to rule an endless job in the Nightosphere.

The three stood there in silence not wanting to wake them up. The scene shows the outside of the window as it pan away from the treehouse as it shows the sun beaming down onto the treehouse as the clouds started to clear up as this is gonna be a new age for ooo and for the three adults.

Then the screen faded out and showed a void of space and an ocean of stars and then the planet ooo, showing it blue ocean, green field of trees and grass and the desert part of ooo.

This was gonna be the rise of the Human race in ooo and the comeback of Vampire races too.

The screen faded to black as all of ooo should know that a new age of heroes is beginning.

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