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The X-Men mania bit me.

This time will be the version of the films X-Men 1, 3, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the pair will be Logan (Magnus) / Scott (Harry).

It will be no canon because Magnus has centuries of experience in human interaction, not counting his powers of telepathy and his fidelity to his soul mate. And it's hard to separate Scott and Jean without making one look stingy or desperate. And I'm going to try not to harm Jean, but I do not know much about her or Scott, from the X-Men I know Rogue, Logan, Remy and Magneto. And if no one has noticed, I have a crush on the anti-hero, and for those who do not know here is a definition: Anti-hero is the term that designates the protagonist who lacks the virtues traditionally attributed to heroes. Anti-heroes are characters who are not inherently evil and who sometimes engage in morally questionable acts. However, it is sometimes difficult to draw the line separating the anti-hero from the villain.

Someone comment that I write too fast and do not do it right, let me explain a few things; I'm unemployed, and besides distributing curriculum vitae and running after job offers, I have a lot of free time, that's why I started writing, I was starting to get depressed, that's why I'm always posting because when an idea arises in my head I start to write I do not stop until I finish, and I admit that although I have many different ideas, I'm not a creative person, I write a single chapter, I never get more than that. I put it here hoping that someone would want to adopt my ideas.

It's easy to criticize when you're done, I dare you to do better.

(telepathy between Magnus and Harry)



M: is there another universe similar to this?

-Yes Master.

H: We can go there.

-I can send them, but this time you should not interfere.

M: Why?

-because this time they will be able to save themselves.

M: Certainly, we can't interfere in this matter.

"People can change little things, but nothing too big.



In Canada of 1845, James Howlett sees his father John Howlett being assassinated by the housekeeper of the house where they lived, Thomas Logan, father of Victor Creed. Terrified, James develops and reveals his mutation: bone claws that grow between the joints of his hands, and ends up killing Thomas, who before dying, reveals to be his real father. James escapes along with Victor to the forest, and there they promise to take care of each other. The brothers spend the next several years participating in various wars to control their violent tendencies, such as the American Civil War and both World Wars. During the Vietnam War, Victor tries to rape a woman, is stopped by a superior and ends up killing him. James tries to help him, the two are "executed" by firing squad and imprisoned after the regeneration of both make them survive. Military scientist William Stryker seeks out the two to participate in Team X, a mutant group commanded by the colonel in which the Agent Zero sniper, the agile fighter and mercenary Wade Wilson, the invulnerable Fred Dukes, the teleporter John Wraith, and the manipulator of energy Chris Bradley. However, neglect and questionable actions of the group, causes that in 1979 James leaves them, leaving Victor intrigued and disappointed.

In a secret project titled "Weapon X," Stryker reinforces Logan's skeleton with adamantium, a virtually indestructible metal alloy. Before the procedure, Logan asks for a dog tag with the name of "Wolverine". After the operation, Stryker says to erase Logan's memory, but he listens and runs away from the base, going to hide in a barn, where he meets an elderly couple who provide shelter and food. The next morning, the couple is murdered by Agent Zero. Logan manages to kill Zero's men and himself after knocking down and blowing up the helicopter. Logan travels to Las Vegas and rejoins his former teammates, John and Fred, the latter now extremely obese. After a fight in the ring, Fred reveals to Logan that Victor is catching mutants for Stryker for the purpose of making experiments. Stryker is located in a secret facility known as "The Island", from which only one person escaped: Remy Lebeau, the Gambit. Logan and John go to New Orleans behind Lebeau. After finding him, Logan questions the location of the Island for Gambit, but the mutant, believing that Logan is one of Stryker's men in disguise, attacks him. Outside the bar, Logan sees Victor kill John and take a sample of his blood. The brothers fight, but are interrupted by Gambit. Victor escapes, while after a brief confrontation, Gambit is convinced, and it takes Logan until the Island.

In the fortress, Logan discovers that his friend Kayla is alive and allied with Stryker so that it frees his sister Emma, trapped in the island along with other mutants. Kayla reveals that she is also a mutant with the gift of persuasion, but insists she did not hypnotize Logan to believe he loved him. The mutant, frustrated, leaves her and leaves. When Stryker denies Victor's adamantium treatment, he becomes furious and attacks Kayla, with Logan listening to her screams and saving her then. He defeats Victor, but gives up killing him when Kayla reminds him that he is not an animal. The two will then release the trapped mutants.

Stryker then triggers Deadpool, who is actually Wade Wilson, given as dead by the coronal, but actually suffered experiences, having acquired powers of various captured mutants. Logan decides to fight Deadpool, while Kayla, his sister Emma and the rest of the released mutants escape by another way. When Logan is about to be defeated by Deadpool at the top of a cooling tower, Victor appears to help him, and the two brothers beat Deadpool by beheading him. Even with his brother's help, Logan says nothing will change in their relationship. Victor flees as the building collapses and Logan, who is almost crushed by a loose piece of concrete, is saved by Gambit. Kayla and the other mutants are attacked by the guards and Kayla is shot, deciding to stay behind. The prisoners, led by the young soldier Cyclops following a voice in his head, discover outside Professor Charles Xavier who rescues everyone and takes them to his school. Gambit sees the scene and will warn Wolverine.

Logan discovers that Kayla was shot and tries to save her, but Stryker hits him with adamantium bullets and he faints. Stryker prepares to kill Kayla, but she, before dying, uses her powers to make him drop his gun and walk until his feet bleed.


Pretending to lose memory was a bit tricky, but death said not to change anything significant and Logan is known to everyone having lost his memory, Kayla was a good friend, watching her die was sad but I know she was happy for have saved her sister. I wandered the planet alone for the next few years until Harry was old enough to have a relationship, I saved him on that island along with the other kids, but the story had to run its course, of course we had our escapes and we were hiding.

(time to go home Magnus)

Yes, I'm coming back, I wanted to surprise.

(It's a surprise, I thought you were still in England).

(I'm in northern Alberta in Canada, and I'm taking a passenger, Rogue).

(I'll prepare the rooms for you).

(I was followed the last time I went to see you for a little telepath).

(So are we a secret that everyone knows?)

(We met in a bar and we started from there, but you have your quest and I have my students, so the distance dating).

Of course we had to be rescued on our way back to school and Harry and Storm had to rescue us, he will never let me forget it. Victor left me unconscious and I woke up already in the infirmary with Jean trying to collect blood, the medical monitors whistle, accompanying the vital signs of Logan, that is in a bed in the middle of a medical laboratory. He is asleep, recovering, Jean Gray is on top of him his hand moves through her body, just as she is thrusting the needle into his arm, he jerks violently. Whipping behind the surprised Jean and grabbing her throat. She is unable to speak, suffocated by his grip. Then he is standing and walks out the door, Jean is on the floor, panting.

(if you're going to run away wearing a clothes, we have kids here).

(Are you sure it's not jealousy talking?).

(Maybe a little bit).

The teacher leads me through the corridors to where he is and ask to see Rogue.


Storm is teaching a class that includes Rogue and Bobby, a handsome kid about the age of Rogue.

One of the students, James, plays with a lighter on his back. Using the spark, he makes a small fireball in his hand.

Bobby directs a cold stream into the fireball. It freezes, falls and breaks.

STORM: James.

JAMES: Sorry.

XAVIER: Students are mostly fugitives, some of them with gifts are so extreme that they have become a danger to themselves and others.

XAVIER: Like your friend Rogue, incapable of human contact, probably for the rest of his life. And yet here she is, with others of the same age, being accepted, not feared.

Vampire catches Bobby's eye.

He puts a small ice sculpture on her desk, a welcome gift.

BOBBY: Welcome to Mutant High.

M: What's going to happen to her?

(It's better the handsome boy keep his hands to himself).

(so protective daddy bear?)

(very funny Harry).

XAVIER: Well, that's her. Either she will return to the world an educated woman, or she will remain to become one of what my students affectionately call "X-Men."

The teacher made a deal with me, I know I do not need help, but he does not know it, and this school will be good for Rogue, she'll find others here just like her. I did not realize that she had been attached to me and when I had a nightmare that night she felt it and came to try to wake me, scared I attacked her and she used my powers to heal, which made everyone scared of her.


H: Can I come in?

Ro: I did not mean to hurt your boyfriend.

H: You did not hurt him.

Ro: ...

H: Okay, maybe it hurt a little, but he already healed.

Ro: Then you'll fight me for entering his room.

H: no I will not, I came to explain to you what's going on, it was not your fault, not totally, you see, Logan and I are lightly telepathic and we have a mental bond, just as you are also mildly telepathic when your powers Logan was the first telepath you found, and he helped you, you bonded to him, as a father, a protector, and when you felt the anguish of him you tried to help.

Ro: Is that why I trust him even though I've just met him?

H: Yes, over time this bond will increase, and as Logan and I are connected, you too will cling to me, I just want to say that we have no problems with this and that what happened tonight was not your fault and neither it was an accident.

Ro: Thank you.

The next day I felt Mystic's presence at school, she was here to make Rogue flee and Magneto could catch her.

(Mysticism is here).

(I know Harry).

(do we really have to let this happen? I remember that Magnus machine, it was horrible).

(time to give the alert).


Xavier and company are in front of a machine that examines Xavier's retinas.

COMPUTER: Welcome, Professor.

The doors open and Logan and Xavier move to a large spherical room with a platform in the center. The others are waiting at the door.

XAVIER: Welcome to the Brain.

M: This is certainly a large round room.

XAVIER: The brain waves of mutants are different from those of ordinary humans. Brain allows me to find these brain waves through great distances. That's how I plan to find Rogue.

M: Why do not you just use it to find the Magneto?

XAVIER: I've been trying. But he seems to have developed some way of protecting himself from it.

M: How would he know how to do that?

XAVIER: Because he helped me build it. Now, if you'll excuse me ...

Xavier begins to put on a large metal helmet.


Logan, Scott, and Jean wait outside.

M: You already ...

JEAN: Used brain? No. It takes some degree of control and, well, for someone like me, it's ...

H: Dangerous.


Xavier navigates through a vast number of human minds until he finds Rogue.

XAVIER: I found it.

M: where?

XAVIER: at the bus station.

The rescue mission was a failure. Magneto was willing to kill and the teacher backed off, for the most powerful telepath in the world he left much to be desired, because he did not make saber teeth take off the helmet of the magnet?


Logan gets up and walks back and forth, Xavier and Storm watching him.

M: You said he was after me.

XAVIER: I made a terrible mistake. His helmet was somehow designed to block my telepathy. I could not see what he wanted until it was too late.

Logan makes the door.

STORM: Where are you going?

M: I'll find her


M: The traditional way: look!

He leaves. Storm walks behind him.

STORM: Logan, you can not do this alone.

M: Who will help me? You? You all have done an incredible job so far.

STORM: Then help us. Fight us.

M: Fight you? Join the team? Be an X-Man? Who do you think you are?

M: You're a mutant. The world is full of people who hate and fear you and are you wasting your time trying to protect them? I have better things to do.

M: You know, the Magneto is right. A war is coming. Are you sure you're on the right side?

STORM: At least I chose a side.

Logan goes through a different door than he was originally going to.

On the other side is Senator Kelly, who looks really bad.

KELLY: I'm looking for Dr. Jean Gray.

Kelly falls into Logan's arms.


Kelly's at the medical table. The X-Men surround him and Charles Xavier approaches.

XAVIER: Senator Kelly? I am Professor Charles Xavier.

KELLY: I was scared, if I went to ... Hospital ... They would have ...

XAVIER: Treat you like a mutant? We are not what you think. Not all of us at least.

KELLY: Tell this to those who did this to me.

Xavier stands behind Kelly's head.

XAVIER: Senator, I want you to relax. I will not hurt you.

Xavier puts his hands on Kelly's head ... and begins to read his mind.

We have images of Kelly's mutation ... And finally the process that caused it. We see the Magneto, after the process, completely drained. Mystique takes it off the machine and helps take it away.

MAGNETO: Welcome to the future ... Brother.


All X-Men and Logan are present.

XAVIER: The machine seems to mutate in humans.

JEAN: But the mutation is not natural. Kelly's body is rejecting this. Their cells began to break almost immediately.

H: What effect does this have on mutants?

XAVIER: There does not seem to be any. But I fear that this will seriously harm any normal person.

M: What does he want with Rogue?

XAVIER: I do not know.

Logan walks impatiently.

H: Wait. You said that this machine draws its power from Magneto and that it has weakened it.

XAVIER: Yes ... Actually, it almost killed him ...

M: Then He will transfer his power to the Rogue ... And then he will use her to turn on the machine.


A guard waves from the shore to a passing boat. The guard is then immediately stabbed behind by Sabretooth, He dies immediately, The helmsman of the boat turns into mystic, A helmsman of identical appearance lies dead on the ground, On the shore, the frog jumps on the back of a guard, the cold, Then he jumps another. From the boat Mystique is piloting, Magneto looks at the statue of freedom. Vampira is with him, handcuffed.

MAGNETO: Beautiful, is not it?

ROGUE: I've seen it.

MAGNETO: I saw her for the first time in 1949. America would be the land of tolerance. Of peace.

Vampira looks at the dead helmsman.

ROGUE: Are you going to kill me?



MAGNETO: Because there is no land of tolerance. There is no peace, neither here nor anywhere else. People around the world, women, children die simply because they are born different from those in power. Well, after tonight, those in power will be like us. They will come home as brothers.

MAGNETO: Like mutants. Your sacrifice will mean our survival. I will understand if this comes as little consolation.

Sabretooth enters the room.

MAGNETO: Put it in the machine.

The fight was intense and it seemed that it was not going to work, I was very worried about the girl to concentrate on the fight, the machine was activated and we were all hit by the magnetic field, but we were able to turn off the machine before it hit the civilians and we saved Rogue, she now has a lock of white hair on her bangs. Returning to the mansion, we waited for Magnus to recover and also the teacher, while I did something that Magnus asked me to do and I gave in to the adoption papers, I went to Rogue's parents and talked to them and they agreed that this was the best decision for her, after the teacher woke up, Magnus following a clue given to him by the teacher travels to 'find his past', using this as an excuse to hunt down Stryker and his allies, with the death warrant of course, and I stay here looking after our new daughter.



Six months have passed since Magnus left, he always sends postcards and small gifts to Marie, or as students call her Rogue, I also started wearing gloves, but it's because I want to hug my daughter or his head, I remember my previous life, how difficult it was for Rogue to lack contact, people were even afraid to hug her. So Sunday was our day, we spent all day together doing family things.

H: How about this movie?

Rogue: Is this one of the new ones we bought?

H: Yes we also have popcorn, soda and candy.

Rogue: should not you be responsible and forbid me from eating crap?

H: Your body processes calories faster, no problem.

H: How are you, today it's been six months since he left.

Rogue: I'm fine, I was insecure at first, but then I remembered that he gave me his dog tags, he's coming back and you adopted me so I know he's serious about taking care of me.

H: Glad you know that. Now I need to kill one of my students?

Rogue: No, Bobby is cool with me.

H: Are you sure I can't threaten him at all?

Rogue: You're taking this father thing very well.

H: I said, Logan and I are here to stay with you, we will not give up.


H: And your powers?

Rogue: I already have access to the skills I absorbed, briefly, an hour ago.

H: But that is progress and I am proud of you. I noticed that you have repeated your clothes many times because you did not tell me that you needed new clothes?

Rogue: I thought I could control my powers and I could buy more clothes ...

H: No problem, it took years until my healing abilities undone all that Stryker did to me in my teens and my eyes healed, it will take time baby, come on you need new clothes. And if you get full control of your powers, we can always buy new clothes, okay? Can we take advantage and buy a welcome gift for Logan?

Rogue: Is he coming?

H: Yes.

Rogue: this is not good.

H: I thought you'd be happy to have him back.

Rogue: Bobby is cheating on me.

H: I'm going to break his hands.

Rogue: No, this will not solve the problem.

H: I can put Logan in it.

Rogue: You're going to make it worse.

H: But he hurt you.

Rogue: and I'll handle it.



Vampira runs to the bedroom.

ROGUE: Is that true? Can they heal us?

XAVIER: Yes, it seems to be true, Rogue.

ORORO: No, Professor. Is not true, They can't heal us because there is nothing wrong.

HANK: I do not think you're qualified to make that claim, Ororo! There are many mutants that ...

ORORO: What do you want me to think, Hank? Our powers are part of who we are, for better or for worse! It's part of our identities!

ROGUE: Do you think I want it to be part of my identity?

Ororo turns to Rogue and sees Scott at the door.

H: You're being insensitive. Ororo, think before you talk, you have no problem with your mutation, you can date, touch the people you like, have children and walk freely on the street. And those who possess a visible mutation like Hank, or dangerous as Rogue? They may not be proud of it, and scared.

ORORO: And you're going to let her get rid of it, she's your daughter.

H: and she's always going to be my daughter, no matter what she decides, hell, she could choose to join Magneto and Logan and I would not mind that.

ORORO: I can't accept anyone accepting this 'Cure.'

ROGUE: Sorry, Miss Munroe, but if that's the case, you have to think again. I do not care what you say. My family supports me no matter what my decision, something is wrong with me, and I want to fix it. And it's my choice.

Something has happened to Jean, she has been acting more and more volatile, in that year she has had bouts of lack of control, the phoenix force is taking over her body, and the teacher is ignoring it. We're in the ward discussing your latest attack.

Magnus: Spill.

ORORO: Excuse me? Who gave you the right to talk to any of us that way?

XAVIER: Jean was the only five mutant class I've ever met. Its potential was virtually unlimited. Her mutation was set in her limbic system, unconscious. She was, in short, dangerous.

Magnus and Harry's eyes narrowed, which he did?

XAVIER: I tried to create a series of psychic barriers to separate your powers from your conscious mind, until she could learn to integrate the two correctly. And safely, But in so doing, she developed a split personality.

Magnus: What?

XAVIER: The conscious Jean, whose powers were always under control, and that sleeping side. A personality who, in our sessions, came to be called the Phoenix. A purely instinctive creature, all desire and joy and anger.

Magnus: Did Jean know that?

XAVIER: It's not clear how much she remembered. The most pressing question is that I can not be sure if the woman lying in front of us is Jean or the Phoenix.

Magnus takes a step closer to the hospital bed where Jean is lying.

Magnus: She seems pretty cool to me, Chuck.

XAVIER: That's because I'm keeping her that way.

Magnus: What did you just say?

XAVIER: If I can restore the psychic blocks, maybe I can cage the beast one more time.

Magnus grabs Charles by the collar. Ororo chokes.

ORORO: Logan!

Logan lets go. Charles looks at him.

Magnus: You know, sometimes when you trap the beast, the beast gets mad.

XAVIER: Well, forgive me, if I value the security of the world over the feelings of the beast.

Magnus: Are you thinking, Charles? This is Jean, you can not play with your mind!

XAVIER: I understand your past experience, Logan. I know why you would dislike it.

ORORO: Jean is my best friend, Charles. And you're like a father to me. But what if you did something that will hurt her?

XAVIER: I assure you, all I did was make sure you only met the woman you came to love.

Magnus: And here I was, thinking that you were some kind of saint, you're worse than Stryker, you manipulated it, how do we know if the phoenix is not the real Jean and what we see is the fake you created?

An idea passed through my head and the voice of death also, 'do.'

H: skirt.

ORORO: What?

H: Quit now.

I approached her and the phoenix woke up, her eyes were completely black and she attacked me sending a pulse of energy to me, my shield protected me, but not the room or the door and she left, I followed her and protected the students from the her attacks until we arrived outside where I arrested her in a certain area and blocked anyone from seeing or hearing what was happening.

J: Do you think you can stop me? kill me? your best friend Jean.

H: but you're not Jean is? You are the phoenix force.

J: So you know about me.

H: I cast you out of this body, you were not summoned, it is not time for the earth to be judged.

J: How do you know about it! NO YOU CAN NOT...

And it has been leaving Jean free of her influence, the Phoenix Force is an immortal, indestructible and changeable manifestation of the primeval universal force of life. "The Phoenix Trial" is Burn What Does not Work. Recent Phoenix interventions suggest that "what does not work" is what has become stagnant instead of evolving naturally. But the earth and its people continue to evolve, it has no right to be here, so I could send it away, and as the master of death I have dominion over the souls of people and Jean already has a soul, the body is not empty for the power outlet.

J: What happened?

H: You have been possessed by a being of great power, but it has passed, come, you must rest.

I undid my barrier and Ororo and the teacher came to us.


J: I'm fine now, I pray.

XAVIER: You've kept us secret from Scott.

XAVIER: You were my teacher, not my owner, we all have a right to our secrets.


Magneto tried to destroy the 'cure' but he and many of his allies were 'healed' instead, Rogue took the healing and lived quietly for a few years with his new boyfriend and then husband, Remy, but the cure was not definitive and his powers returned, but she got control over them, Magnus was not really immortal, but his healing factor made him age very slowly, I died at seventy-two and he died a hundred and thirteen years later.