Welcome to Cats and Dogs! A nice little story that I hope you all enjoy!

No. No no. No no no. This could not be happening. This was proof that gods existed and were punishing her for her past crimes. There could be no other reason. Blake stared in silent horror at Ruby's words on her scroll. Her faunus ears twitched.

"Hi Blake! Yang and I are stuck in Patch for a little while longer (thanks rain for washing away the bridge), so we won't be joining you in Beacon for the rest of the break. We didn't really know we would be running late and Yang had the brilliant idea to send Zwei over through the mail so he could arrive when we did. But with this delay, Zwei will be in Beacon before we can get there. Would you please, please, please, pretty please with a chocolate chip and sprinkles cookie on top doggy-sit Zwei until we get back? Thanks Blake you're the best!"

How Ruby could text so happily at a time like this. The shear madness of that little girl had no bounds! Was this Ruby and Yang punishing her for not telling them she was a faunus earlier? Could it be a big elaborate setup to one of Yang's terrible pranks or puns?

Was there any way out of this madness?

Her eyes darted around the room. Books were everywhere. Not that she had grown too lazy to clean their room, but she had been living on her own in Beacon for the last week and if it was just her, there was no real need to pick up every book she finished. There were some clothes on the ground as well. But the books! If Zwei got a hold of even a single one, he could ruin it forever! Not only ripped pages but- Blake shuddered. Dog slobber.

Give her a fight with thousand grimm instead of dog slobber!

Blake tugged on her long hair and screamed nonsensical words into the air. Zwei was coming. That mangy monster was going to be staying in her room. There was no Weiss, no Ruby and no Yang to save her from the beast. How could she escape!

No. She smacked herself in the face. No escape. She had to think about this logically. Yes, Blake was the logical, intuitive one. So start acting like it!

Okay, first thing's first. She had to save her babies. Books! Blake scowled at herself. If Ruby got Crescent Rose as her baby, then Blake's babies were her books. There is no way in hell she would let her books get ruined. Easy enough. All she needed to do was find a hiding spot that a tiny corgi could never reach. Like the top shelf of their closet! Perfect spot Blake. Only a mastermind like you could think of such a spot.

Now, she just needed to collect the books of the ground…

And the books under her bed…

And the books holding up her bed…

This is going to be harder than she thought.

What to do. What to do…

Blake felt herself pacing around the room, enjoying the extra floor space now that the books were cleaned up and hidden on the top shelf. The ones holding up her bed had to remain in place. There was absolutely no way in hell she would attempt to use rope like Ruby and Weiss did. She was not even sure how Weiss could sleep at night knowing that at any moment a bed could fall and crush her.

Maybe it was just being partners with Ruby that made being crushed so tempting. Then again, Blake was partners with Ruby's much more disastrous sister, so maybe being crushed wouldn't be half bad.

No. Game face. This was war! She had to get ready and protect herself from the beast. What could she do. At least, she turned to her books for wisdom. Fortifications! Walls! That's what she needed to do. If Vale could keep out the monsters of grimm with walls, then she could keep out a stupid slobbery mutt with one too. Ingenious! Blake gave herself a mental high five.

She'd be ready for anything Zwei could throw at her.

As you can probably guess, this story will most likely some have fairly short chapters. Hopefully that doesn't turn too many of you away from it. Either way, thanks for reading chapter 1. This story will be 8 chapters long total, with no epilogue.