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The bullhead landed softly on the tarmac, sending light plumes of dust and leaves into a frenzy around the vehicle. As the doors opened, two sisters stepped out laughing with each other and just enjoying each other's company. The tall blonde was shaking the younger redhead's shoulders.

"You can't try to add a flamethrower to Crescent Rose again! Not after how mad professor G got."

"But Yang!" Ruby whined, "I promise I got the ratio of blast dust to pressurized air right this time! I carried the one and everything."

"Do you need me to show you the new sign outside Beacon's forge?"

Ruby shook her head. She knew what it said by heart: No Flamethrowers, Fire-blasters or any other fire propellant weaponry can be built in this facility Especially you Ruby Rose.

It almost made her proud to know that that sign would be hanging there for all time. It was like she was already famous! Maybe she should try something else. Maybe an ice-thrower! She was partners with the ice queen herself after all. Maybe it was worth looking into. It wouldn't be breaking any rules…

Maybe it was best to only let Yang know about that after she accidentally destroyed the forge. Again.

"How do you think Blake is doing?" Ruby said, changing the topic in the most obvious way. Yang couldn't help but chuckle.

"Judging by the vids Nora keeps sending me? I think she's having a great time!"

Ruby perked up, bouncing in front of Yang. "Really?" She squealed, "you think Blake and Zwei are best buddies now? Hang on… what videos did Nora send you and why did I not see them?"

Yang tugged at her collar. "Erm, no reason. I just wanted you to see that Zwei and Blake were both okay before… before I showed you any of the good ones? Damn, cat's out of the bag. Kitty may have been ruffed up a little. You could say that Blake is feline bad about the whole situation. Let me tell you the tail-"

"Yang!" Ruby shouted, climbing up her sister's arm to cover her mouth. "That is way too many puns in a row. And don't think you were able to change the conversation, missy. I want to see those videos. Even if it means me throwing Weiss at you to do it."

Yang chuckled. "Don't worry about anything. Blake is probably hiding from Zwei. Or had Zwei locked up in the closet."

"Or the bathroom!" Ruby giggled.

"Kitty cat probably threw Zwei into the cafeteria and just let him go wild on the students."

"I really hope that Zwei left some cookies for me…" Ruby thought about it for a moment before letting loose a shudder which Yang could only deem as one of the cutest things she had ever seen. Just behind Ruby sneezing and ahead of Weiss's angry glares.

The two stepped into the dormitory, still laughing and thinking up places for Blake to hide from their little ball of happiness. Ruby placed her scroll on the Team RWBY door, unlocking it with a pleasantly familiar click.

The door squeaked as it opened. Ruby and Yang stuck their heads through the doorway and peered into their room. It was quiet. Nothing seemed too badly out of place. Except for their mattresses surrounding Blake's bed in a collapsed makeshift fort.

"Pfft." Yang laughed; hearing Blake flip a page of her book. "How ya doing kitty? Dog got your tongue?"

"Did Zwei behave like a good boy." Ruby quipped. She broke out into her own bout of laughter as she heard Blake's scowl.

"It couldn't have been that bad. Like, I know Zwei is a special guy but he just likes attention and people petting him. He calms down after a good tummy rub."

"You had to tell me that now?" Blake whined, "that could have saved my life this passed week! Do you know what I had to do to calm him down?"

"Chase him through the school?" Ruby guessed.

"More like be chased through the school." Yang's smile could not fade. Her kitty cat had spent a week with a dog. The joke opportunities! They were endless! So many possibilities it was hard to know where to begin.

"So, do you think Blake could live with Zwei in our room now?" The little redhead asked.

"Nah, Blake is definitely still purr-trefied of him. I can't even find him!"

"You do know I'm right here. You can ask me. Yang, what did we tell you about puns?"

"Blake is totally too scared to even speak about Zwei. She's shaking under the covers!" Ruby laughed playfully. "Should we ask Zwei how Blake was?"

Yang shook her head seriously. "Can't ask Zwei his opinion. Better to ask Blake. Remember Ruby as much as we love him, Zwei is still a dog. A dog is a canine, but a cat is a purr-son!"

Both Ruby and Blake groaned.

The two sisters heard a faint Zwei-like whine. Looking up at Blake for the first time, they noticed something was off. For one, Blake looked to be in a terrible mood while reading, which just never happened.

For another, Zwei was lying down, curled up into a tight ball resting on top of her head. Holding back their laughter, Yang pointed up at Zwei.

"Care to explain?"

Blake shrugged. "He won this round of chess."

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