The consequences of betrayal run deep.

My version of what happened when Dylan and Kelly told Brenda, about that summer. There will be consequences to everyone involved, they will last a life time. Will they be able to recover from betrayal and the consequences it brings.

There are others who have written similar stories. This is my version, of what happens that fateful, there will be heart break, tears, lots of them. And consequences to all involved, will they over them, will they heal, can they forgive, and live again?

I'm still working in MAFS, having a few issues, with getting chapter two started. But it will get there in the end, particularly as I have written further ahead. If you are reading please review.

Chapter one

Brenda's reaction to Dylan and Kelly telling her about what they got up to during the summer.

Brenda has tears streaming down her face, she shouts, "I thought you guys were my friends, I loved you, I trusted you both". She looks shocked and broken.

She takes one last look at both of them, Kelly looks smug, Dylan can barely look at her, he looks sad and realises what's he's done and lost.

"You bastard" Brenda slaps him on the face with her left hand, hard while punching Kelly in the nose with her right fist. Dylan puts his hand to face, in shock, a crunching sound is heard, Kelly's on the floor holding her nose, with blood oozing from her hand.

Kelly, "Brenda you're a bitch" Kelly shouts with venom. Looking up at Dylan seeing him tear up looking back at Brenda, she wines at him, "Dylan help me up".

Dylan looks down at Kelly, annoyed thinking it's their fault, if they hadn't of betrayed her then this wouldn't of happened.

Brenda turns away, but stops hearing Kelly's mocking words "He's mine now, you lost him".

"In a fit of anger Brenda kicks Dylan hard in the crown jewels and screams at him saying "You are a bastard and you ruined us, all for the school bike". Sending Dylan also to the ground holding himself clearly in serve pain.

Shaking her head, tears streaming down her face, Brenda runs off crying. Dylan after two attempts managed to gets up off the ground, still holding himself. Half walking, he starts to go after her, holding his injured parts, hobbling along the path, unable to walk properly.

Brenda hearing him behind her, calling her name and coming closer, she runs faster, running out into the road not seeing the car coming down the road for the tears streaming out of her eyes.

A screech of breaks, and bang, Dylan looks on in horror, and time slows down, Brenda is hit, going up and over bonnet of the car.