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Chapter two

Dylan rushes to the back of the car, his own pain temporarily forgotten as adrenaline kicks in. She is splayed out on the road he pauses, tears streaming down his checks, scarred to see if she's breathing or not. He takes shallow breathes, kneeling down beside her.

The guy gets out of his car in shock and says "She just came out of know where" rubbing his hands over his face, agitated he moves from one foot to the other, unsure whether to move forward and help or what to do.

Dylan crying his eyes out and snot hanging off the end of his nose, looks to the sky and begs "no, no please, I'll do anything don't take my Bren away from me".

The driver goes back to his car and he uses his car phone to call for help.

Another passer by walking their dog stops to help, checks her over looking for a pulse, not finding one, he starts cardiac massage. Dylan holds on to Brenda's hand crying and begging her not to leave him, as the cardiac massage continues he becomes more frantic, "No, no please Bren, please hold on please just please".

The driver comes back, and says "The ambulance is on its way, they want to know what's wrong?"

Dog walker calmly responds, "She has an open fracture to her left thigh, a head wound, and I'm performing cardiac massage, as she's got no pulse".

Dylan's howls, "Nnnnooooooo" he kisses her hand before squeezing it, willing her to respond, "Nnnooooo, please nnooo"

The driver is heard, trying to convey the information, in between Dylan's screams.

The ambulance arrives in minutes, careering round the corner, the brakes screeching, and the two paramedics jump out, asking the dog walker what happened and how long he's been doing the CPR. They start to hook her up to machinery and they ask the dog walker to continue while they get more equipment out of the van.

Hearing the sirens and raised voices Kelly goes over to see what's happening. She sees Brenda lying on the ground at an odd angle, with her left leg pointing the wrong way, and a small pool of blood around her. With Dylan screaming and crying and begging Brenda not to leave him as the colour slowly drains from her face. As the paramedics take over from the dog walker, they put a drip into her arm, and they have to physically move Dylan out of the way to shock her back to life, the rhythm on the machine goes from a straight line to small wiggle, the paramedics confer before giving her more medication through a cannula to help stabilise her. After checking her ECG, pulse and blood pressure they fit a neck collar. One of them puts an oxygen mask over her face, while the other adds another bag of fluid.

A police car arrives, two officers step out and ask the driver and watching crowd what happened, one of them starts to take notes, while the other goes to get a breathalyser kit.

They give her some pain relief before attempting to straight her leg, Dylan tries to stop them, saying "It's to painful, you can't" sobs again "That's cruel, you need to do it at the hospital, when operating".

The female paramedic puts her hand on Dylan arm, "I'm sorry son, but this is the best chance of saving her leg, she currently has no pulse in her ankle, we need to try and maintain the blood flow as quickly as we can".

The male paramedic is holding the top of her thigh about the break. "We'll be as quick and painless as we can be"

The female paramedic, "We've give her as much pain relief as we can, why don't you hold both of her hands, and talk to her to keep her calm".

Dylan kisses her head, "I'm sorry I love you, I never stopped, come through this, I'll spend my life making it up to you, I swear".

The paramedics share a look, with the male one indicating his head towards the driver of the car, whose currently being hang cuffed, the female one shrugs in reply.

Female paramedic, "Everyone ready, ready, she looks at her colleague who nods in readiness, then at Dylan, who starts to tear up again, but leans forward and starts to talk to brenda.

Dylan kisses the right right side of her head, "I love you so much, I'm such a coward and an ass, do you remember the first time we met, the first time are eyed locked, you were the most beautiful girl, I'd even seen".

Female paramedic, mouths to her colleague "One, two three, on three", he nods in reply, "One, two three", she pulls and he holds her still, the visible bone goes back in her leg, they bother look for more blood loss, and recheck the machines. Seeing none, they relax and bandage her leg before putting a splint on it.

Once the driver is in the back of the police car, the officers separate with one speaking to the dog walker and the other to Kelly.

After another check of readouts, they put her on a spinal board before loading her in the back of the ambulance, Kelly watches Dylan tears still streaming down his face as he shakes his head clearly in shock. Dylan walks in the back and sits down gingerly, wincing, the paramedic notices "Are you ok?"

"Yeah it's nothing, or nothing I don't deserve".

Paramedic, "Ok, if you're sure?"

A police officer pops his head in the door, "Sir, we will need to take a statement from you, we can do that at the hospital?" Dylan's nods without taking his eyes off of brenda. The officer checks with the paramedic, which hospital they are going to. The last thing Kelly sees before the paramedic shuts the door is Dylan picking up her hand and bring it to his lips as he repeatedly kisses it

A second police car has arrived and the officers from it offer to drive Kelly to the hospital, after they have finished taking witness statements. The first car takes hand cuffed the driver away.

Kelly still holding a wad of material to her nose, although the bleeding has stopped, is shocked, she thought she had Dylan, that he was now hers. But thinking back to Brenda being worked on, on the floor she realised she doesn't, never did and never would. She watches as the ambulance speeds off with sirens wailing.