Chapter 8

Dylan's diagnosis

All my life, my heart has sort a thing I cannot name.

Hunter S Thompson

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Dylan is gently lifted onto a trolly, with nurse Jacob Masters, asking "What happened?" He looks at each of them. With no response, he starts to push him, to the emergency room, with help from an orderly.

Jim looks at Cindy and says "I'll go with him to the emergency room, so he's not on his own and to let him know of any updates. Come find me if there's any news?"

Cindy nods shocked at Dylan's collapse and how pale he looks, "I'll try and call Iris again, leave her a message that Brenda's in surgery and Dylan's been taken ill, I'll ask her to call me".

Jim nods to her, and follows the trolly, as the unconscious Dylan is wheeled into the ER.

Mrs Beauchamp looks up as the doors open, having just finished making notes in a file, she gasps at whose on the trolley. "What happened", she asks?

"We don't know he just collapsed, he hadn't been feeling to good, but he's seems to have got worse, he was pale but went even whiter, just said he didn't feel good and passed out", Jim tells her.

They quickly started hooking him up, to different monitors and and insert a cannula in his hand, "His veins aren't good, he's quiet dehydrated", nurse Masters calls out.

"Ok, let's run some bloods, and get him in a gown, we start with basics and work our way from there", Mrs Beauchamp calls out to the others. "Look for his medical files, we need to know any relevant history, if he has allergies", she looks towards Jim

He shakes his head, "No, allergies he used to drink, but as far as I know he hasn't for a while and I believe occasionally take drugs".

Mrs Beauchamp looks, towards nurse Masters drawing blood, he nods, adding that test to the vials he was taking, and getting ready to be processed. He passes them to another nurse with the paper work of what should be checked. He pulls the curtain round the bed, to give Dylan privacy from other patients as they put him in a gown, taking off the gentleman's jeans he notices blood on his pants and how swollen the area looks.

"Connie" Jacobs calls her to where he's looking.

Dylan starts to come round pulling the oxygen mask off of his face. "Ok, take it easy", Mrs Beauchamp says to him, putting a hand on his shoulder to get him to lay down again. She also notices the mark on his face, she turns his head, "What happened to your face?", she asks him.

Dylan starts to cry, "I told Brenda I'd fooled around with Kelly, while she was in Paris she hit me, but I deserved it, please don't get her in trouble she has enough going on", he then stops to turn looking for a clock wondering how long he'd been out, "Is she ok?, is there any news?" he asked.

"Just let us treat you for now" the doctor tries to reassure him.

Jim standing the other sided the curtain listening, even in his own pain he's more concerned with Brenda, I know he's truly sorry Jim thought.

"Sir please, you need to stay laying down", Nurse Masters said.

Hearing this Jim decides to go in, opening the curtain.

Dylan looks at Jim, before he can ask, Jim puts his hands up to stop him, "She's still in surgery son, now we need to find out what's wrong with you, what use will you be to her, if you aren't well". Jim stares him down.

Dylan nods, and lays back down.

Mrs Beauchamp nods her thanks to Jim.

"Ok, can you tell us anything else, have you taken anything?"

"I", Dylan shouts shaking his head, "I don't do that anymore".

"Ok, we are running blood tests, we need to work out what's wrong, why you passed out. There must have been a reason, your blood pressure is a little low".

Nurse Masters looked at doctor Beauchamp indicating Dylan's groin.

Dylan sees this and clearly looks uncomfortable mumbles something.

"Sorry I didn't catch that", she asks.

"She also kicked me in the groin", looking down at his chest embarrassed. "But I deserved it, after what I did".

"Ok, we will start with looking at that, are you happy for me to examine you, or would you prefer a male doctor?"

"It's fine" he said wincing in pain as he shifted position.

"Do you have a parent to sign your paper work?" She looks from Dylan to Jim and back again.

"I'm emancipated. Mr Walsh can vouch for that, he's my trust manager". Dylan said looking from the doctor to Jim.

Jim nods, "It's true".

"Ok", Mrs Beauchamp says snapping her gloves on, as Dylan flinches at the sound.

Nurse Masters puts a sheet over Dylan's legs, and removes his under pants, he cries out in pain, "Sorry", the nurse whispers as he removes them.

Doctor Beauchamp sits on a stool as she examines his extremely swollen scrotum, touching each side, again he scream out in pain. "Ok, I think we need to book a scan ASAP, call Dr Levy".


"Ok", Dr Levy sat down in front of Dylan and Jim. Looking at the scan, he looks back at them, with a grim look on his face "As, we suspected one of your balls is ruptured beyond repair and one with a small tear that we hope to be able to fix". He paused to give them time to digest the news. Jim looked towards him, and squeezed his had. Dylan nodded, at the doctor to continue, "There's a lot of blood present but we should be able to extract and freeze a quantity of sperm, we will take as much as we can. Hopefully it will be fine and give you one or two shots at fathering a child via IVF, if the operation isn't successful".

Dylan nods sadly, he hadn't considered having kids, but knew that he might not have a chance now. He thought he might like to be a father one day, but only with Brenda. But if she didn't make it and the child she was carrying didn't either, he wouldn't have them anyway. He didn't want to be in a world without her.

Looking up from the chart, the doctor sensitively said, "Once the swelling has gone down, we can consider prosthetics for aesthetic reasons. If you'd like one".

Dylan nodded automatically not really listening, he didn't care what he looked like down there, just that Brenda made it. He looked at Jim from the corner of his eye, no longer worried about what he said, or how he looked, he croaked out, "Will it work, will I still be able to".

"In all likely hood yes, we don't believe that part of things was damaged".

Dylan nods. He didn't feel completely relived, but if Brenda survived then he hopped he'd still be able to make her happy in that way.

"Ok, if there are no more questions I need you to sign the paperwork".


So, we finally find out whats wrong with Dylan. As the title said, there's consequences (to Brenda and those that betrayed her), it also said they'd last a lifetime. Our favourite duo, are now both in surgery, what happens next. Please review, if you'd like more.